International PhD course on Economic Geography


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International PhD course on Economic Geography Main theme of this year's course: Proximity, networks and regional development Place Utrecht, the Netherlands Period 9 September 14.00 pm – 12 September 13.00 pm 4 November 14.00 pm – 7 November 13.00 pm Local organizer: Ron Boschma (Utrecht University) r.boschma @ Co-organizers: Bjorn Asheim (Lund University) Phil Cooke (Cardiff University) Anders Malmberg (Uppsala University) Guest lecturers: Bjorn Asheim (Lund University) Stefano Breschi (Bocconi University) Phil Cooke (Cardiff University Koen Frenken (Utrecht University) Meric Gertler (Toronto University) Elisa Giuliani (Pisa University
  • innovation processes
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  • localization of scientific knowledge claims
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Analysis of Discrete Entities in Space
Analysis of Discrete Entities in Space
Data retrieval & analysis
?User has a problem or query ?Database contains information that can be used to answer the problem ?Maps, tables or figures ?Data base?Presentation ?Recall the data ?Compute new information ?Display the results – visualize the information
Basic data models
?Entities in space ?Attributes, location & connectivity of the entities ?Measures way they are distributed in space ?Continuous variation of an attribute over space ?Spatial properties of the fields ?Complicated as use triangles or grids to discretize the continuous data
SP02 – CE608
29 April 2002