Lecture 7: The Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm

Lecture 7: The Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm


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Lecture 7: The Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm Nick Whiteley Lecture 7: The Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm Nick Whiteley 5.1 Algorithm 5.2 Convergence properties 5.3 & 5.4 RW Metropolis & Choice of proposal
  • choice of proposal
  • 5.4 rw metropolis
  • transition kernel lemma
  • metropolis-hastings
  • markov chain
  • proposal distribution
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December 2005

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1 What’s New in This Release
2 MCA Services Overview
Channel Management 17
Clients 17
Channels 17
Protocols 17
Channel Manager 17
DataPacket 17
XML 18
Financial Component Framework 18
Client to Financial Component Communication 19
Transforming the DataPacket into the Protocol format 19
Specifying the Financial Component 20
Invoking the Financial Component 20
Example of Client to Financial Component Communication 20
Requester Router to EJB Sequence Diagram 22
EJB to Financial Process Integrator Sequence Diagram 23
Financial Process Integration 24
TxnHandler Find() Sequence Diagram 26
TxnHandler Amend() Sequence Diagram 28
Security Provider Framework 28
User Authentication 29
Session Management 29
Access Control 29
MCA Services Developer Guide Version 2005, Rev. B 3 „
Enterprise Services 29
Required Services 30
Optional Enterprise Services 30
Front-End Framework 32
Administration Tools 32
3 Channel Management
RMI and HTTP 33
Class Descriptions 35
Communicating over HTTP 38
Thin clients using HTML forms 38
Configuring BankframeResource.properties 40
Developing Custom Channel Clients and Servers 42
Thin and Fat Client Examples 42
XML B2B 49
Package: com.bankframe.ei.xml 50
Configuring BankframeResource.properties 53
Developing Custom XML and XSL Codecs 54
The DPTPCodec transmission format 55
XML and XSL Examples 56
Web Services 59
MCA Services Web Services 59
Web Services Application Servers 61
Class Descriptions 61
Session Affinity 63
Configuring Session Affinity 63
4 Financial Process Integration
About Financial Process Integration 65
Overview of Interfacing with a Host System 66
4 MCA Services Developer Guide Version 2005, Rev. B „

What’s New in This Release Channel Management

Components of the Financial Process Integrator 66
Interaction of Financial Process Integrator Components 68
Financial Process Integrator Meta-Data 69
Request Transaction Fields 70
Example Transaction Request 72
Processing Host System Response 73
Response Meta Data Mapping 73
Response Transaction Fields 75
Caching the Meta-Data (Transaction Fields) 76
TransactionField Interface 76
Example Response Mapping 77
Support for Tier Fields 79
Deeply Nested Cobol Copybooks 80
Mapping a Subset of Transaction Fields 82
Recurring Fields 83
Handling Error Conditions 84
Example Error Condition 86
Transaction Field Naming 88
Mapping Entity Beans to Transactions 89
One Transaction to One Entity 90 ction to Many Entities 90
Entity Bean Persistence and the FPI 90
com.bankframe.ejb.bmp 90
Writing a Persister 93
PersisterTxnMap 100
Configuring BankframeResource.properties 102
Financial Process Integrator Caching 103
Host Cache Examples 103
MCA Services Developer Guide Version 2005, Rev. B 5 „
Configuring BankframeResource.properties 103
Financial Process Integrator Engine 104
Financial Process Integrator Engine Interface 104
Transaction Request DataPacket 105
Transaction Request Processing Steps 106
Transaction Data-Format Class 106
TransactionHandlerUtils helper class 112
DataFormatUtils helper class 113
Transaction Route Entity Bean 114
Destination Entity Bean 115
Posting the Transaction Request data Object to the Host Connector 117
Configuring BankframeResource.properties 117
Financial Process Integrator Testing using Test Servlet 118
EIS Connectors 122
MCA Services Connector Architecture 122
JCA Support 131
Store and Forward 133
Overview 134
Destination Entity Bean 135
DestinationEjbMap Entity Bean 135
Store and Forward Classes and Package Structure 136
Forcing the host online or offline 143
Exceptions 143
BankframeResource.properties settings 144
Implementing Store and Forward 145
Teller Example of Store and Forward 149
About Branch Teller Offline Transaction Processing 153
Financial Process Integrator Examples 153
6 MCA Services Developer Guide Version 2005, Rev. B „

What’s New in This Release Channel Management

Extracting the Source Code for the FPI Examples 153
Launching the FPI Examples 154
The CustomerSearch Example 154
The AccountSearch Example 173
Financial Process Integrator Advanced Topics 179
Handling Complex Amend and Find Operations 179
Handling Create and Remove Operations 180
An example data formatter class 181
5 Enterprise Services
Security Provider Framework 185
Security Provider Framework Classes and Package Structure 185
Configuration of the Security Provider 185
Security Providers included with MCA Services 186
Implementing a Security Provider 187
User Authentication 188
The logon process 188
The logoff process 189
com.bankframe.services.authentication package 189
Implementing a custom authentication mechanism 191
Registering Authentication Mechanisms with MCA Services 195
Implementing a client application that can authenticate against MCA 195
LDAP Authentication 198
Introduction to LDAP Authentication 198
RDBMS Authentication 199
Encrypting Sensitive Data 200
Session Management 200
Use Cases 201
com.bankframe.services.sessionmgmt 202
MCA Services Developer Guide Version 2005, Rev. B 7 „
Implementing a session management aware client application 203
Implementing a custom session management implementation 204
Configuring and Administering Session Management 204
Standard Session Management Implementations 205
Access Control 205
com.bankframe.services.accesscontrol 207
Implementing a custom access control mechanism 208
LDAP Access Control Mechanism 210
EJB Access Control Implementation 212
User and Group Administration Session Beans 216
Routing 226
How MCA Services Routing works 227
The com.bankframe.services.requestrouter package 228
The com.bankframe.services.route package 229
Route Administration Session Bean 230
Request Contexts 233 ontext Example 236
Remote Notification 237
How Siebel Notification Works 237
Remote Notification API 241
The com.bankframe.services.notification.targetselection package 243
Internationalization 244
MCA Internationalization Framework 245
Examples 249
References 250
Logging 251
Classes and Package Structure 251
Using the Logging Service 253
The Logging context 255
8 MCA Services Developer Guide Version 2005, Rev. B „

What’s New in This Release Channel Management

Techniques for problem resolution using the logging framework 256
Configuring the Logging Service 258
Integrating with other Logging Frameworks 259
Deprecations 261
References 261
Audit 261
Audit Classes and Package Structure 261
Configuring the Audit Service 262
Configuring Routes to the Audit Service 263
Calling the Audit Service from within custom code 263
Exceptions in the Audit Service 264
Timing Points 264
The com.bankframe.services.trace package 264
Configuring Timing Points 269
Mail 272
Classes and Package Structure 272
DataPacket Structure 273
Using the Mail Service 274
Ping 275
Classes and Package Structure 275
DataPacket Structure 275
Using the Ping Service 276
LDAP Connectivity 277
com.bankframe.ei.ldap 278
Sample Bean Managed LDAP based Entity Bean 280
Advanced Topics 286
Data Validation 289
Classes and Package Structure 289
Examples 293
MCA Services Developer Guide Version 2005, Rev. B 9 „
Peripherals Support 299
MCA Device Base Classes 300
MCA device implementations 303
Implementing a new type of MCA Device 317
Hardware Requirements 318
Software Requirements 319
Installation and configuration of required hardware 319
Installation and configuration of required software 328
Topology 331
Future development 333
References 333
Printing Framework 334
com.bankframe.services.print 334
Generating the Service 334
Calling the Service from another Session 335
Accelio Architecture 336
Caching Framework 339
com.bankframe.services.cache 341
Cache and Cache Index Interaction 349
Cache and CachePolicy Interaction 350
Creating persistent caches 351
Configuring the Caching Framework 351
Dynamic Configuration 352
com.bankframe.services.resource 353
Using the dynamic configuration framework 359
6 Appendix: Glossary

10 MCA Services Developer Guide Version 2005, Rev. B