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Synergy Spanish Informal Conversation Lesson 1 Part ASo far, you have learned to speak Spanish formally. However, to call it formal Spanish is a misnomer, you really have learned to speak with respect, or to speak politely. As a tourist, traveller or business person, 90% of the time, formal Spanish is the best way for you to talk with people. In most situations, when you first meet someone, formal Spanish is the best option. Otherwise, you can sound arrogant or condescending. As you get better at Spanish and you start making a lot of new friends, youll want to speak intimately, then it will be time to use the informal form. Also, when you are speaking to children youll use the informal form. With the Synergy verbs from part 2 of Synergy Spanish, making informal conversation in Spanish is very, very easy. For example, to ask the informal question; Do you want? You simply ask, ¿Quieres? The only differences between the formal verb and informal verb, in the present tense, is an extraSat the end of the verb. Quiere  you want? (formal) Quieres you want? (informal) Necesita  you need (formal) Necesitas  you need (informal)Its that easy! Just use theSand you are speaking informally. There are just a few more easy steps to speaking informally. Well take it a step at a time because knowing theory is only a piece of the puzzle. The real communication comes when you dont have to think about the theory and you just speak. Thats why, I have created these audio lessons. You make Spanish conversation in the comfort of your home or car. Now, its time for you to speak some Spanish. Following is the script of the audio. Use it as a guide only. Instead try to participate in the dialogs without using the script. That way, when you have the opportunity to interact with your Spanish speaking amigos you will feel confident enough to be the one who starts the conversation.
Synergy Spanish Informal Conversation Audio Lesson 1 Part AAsk, do you want? ¿Quieres? Ask, do you want more? ¿Quieres más? Reply, no, I don't want anymore. No, no quiero más, thank you gracias. Ask, do you want more tequila? ¿Quieres más tequila? No, I don't want anymore, thank you No, no quiero más, gracias. Ask, when do you want to eat? ¿Cuándo quieres comer? Reply, I want to eat now. Quiero comer ahora. How would you ask informally, do you need? ¿Necesitas? Ask, what do you need? ¿Qué necesitas? In Spanish to say I dont need anything, you say, I dont need nothing. No necesito nada. Ask what do you need? ¿Qué necesitas? Reply, I dont need anything. No necesito nada And to ask do you need anything, you ask, do you need something? ¿Necesitas algo? Ask, do you need something? ¿Necesitas algo? Reply, no, I dont need anything, thank you. No necesito nada, gracias. Ask, do you need to eat? ¿Necesitas comer?
Reply, yes I would like to eat something. Sí, me gustaría comer algo. Ask, when do you need to go? ¿Cuándo necesitas ir? Say, I need to go tomorrow Necesito ir mañana.Ask, when do I need to go? ¿Cuándo necesito ir? Reply, you need to go now. Necesitas ir ahora. Ask, when do you need to go back? ¿Cuándo necesitas regresar? Reply, I need to go back Necesito regresar before the weekend. antes del fin de semana. Ask, when do you need to go back? ¿Cuándo necesitas regresar? Reply, I need to go back before the weekend. Necesito regresar antes del fin de semana. Thats it for today. The complete Synergy Spanish Course is available from www.getbyinspanish.comand this audio course when completed will be available from www.informalspanish.com