Professor Lisa Rafanelli Baroque Art and Architecture in Italy, 16001750 (ARH 2038) (Spring 2008) (3 cr.)
This lecture course introduces students to the painting, sculpture, and architecture produced in Italy during the late sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Lectures will examine cultural, political, religious, and intellectual changes in Europe that make the art of this period distinctive. Topics to be explored the impact of the Counter Reformation and Council of Trent on the arts; changing patterns of patronage; antiquarianism and art collecting; urban planning in Rome; and the emerging prominence of female artists. In addition, we will examine the careers of a number of individual artists in depth, including Bernini, Caravaggio, the Carracci, and Artemisia Gentileschi. Students will be asked to read a number of primary texts, from the Decrees on art issued in the wake of the Council of Trent to Ignatius of Loyola’sSpiritual Exercises. There will be a midterm, final, and two essays (23 pages each, with an oral component).
Lectures: Tues and Fri 10:4512:00
Class Policies:
Attendance. Regular attendance is required for successful completion of course requirements. Attendance will be taken during each class. Unexcused absences will be factored into final grades.
Reading Assignments. After the first week, readings should be completed prior to class. Readings have been carefully chosen to enhance your understanding of the material. Reading assignments are mandatory; I will expect you to be able to ask and answer meaningful questions during class about the assigned readings.
Grades. Grades will be based on the average of your midterm (25%), final exam (30%), and written assignments (35%). Gradual improvement in performance will be weighted in your favor. Regular attendance and familiarity with the reading materials will also be counted toward your final grade (10%).
Office Hours. Posted on the door of the Art History Office, Brownson 214. My oncampus extension is 7182. I can also be reached via email at:
Other Rules.
Missed Exams. Under no circumstances will makeup exams be offered to students who miss scheduled examinations. If you miss a scheduled exam, you will receive a grade of “F.” If you miss a scheduled exam due to illness or a personal emergency, you are required to obtain a written excuse from the Office of Academic