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Sustainable bridges through innovative advances 2 May 2007 Presented by Professor Adrian E Long at the Joint ICE and TRF Fellows Lecture 1 Abstract 2 2 Introduction 3 3 Sustainability issues affecting bridges 5 4 Development of novel in-situ test methods 8 5 Sustainable concrete bridge decks by design 13 6 A novel flexible concrete arch system for sustainable bridges 17 7 Concluding remarks 21 8 Acknowledgments 22 9 References 22 Institution of Civil Engineers Registered charity number 210252 - 1 -
  • strong correlation with high levels of freeze-thaw damage
  • innovative approaches
  • mechanisms of deterioration
  • development of a holistic model for concrete deterioration
  • viaduct girder arch cable-stay
  • bridges
  • bridge
  • compressive strength
  • concrete
  • construction



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Technology Integrated Lesson Plan Template1
Name________________________________________ Grade ____________________
Date____________________________________ Subject/Topic___________________
Brief description of lesson/unit.
Use Ohio State Content and Technology StandardsInclude only the standards and concepts that will be assessed using the standard # and description. Ohio content standards can be found at
Use the Ohio Technology Content Standards for Students.The standards can be found at
Use the National Educational Technology Standards for Students.The standards can be found at
Technology Integrated Lesson Plan Template2
Focus on what you want the students to learn. Include objectives that will be assessed during this lesson. Use action words to describe skills and abilities that students will develop.
Student will be able to .
List all technology skills and content knowledge needed prior to teaching this lesson.
Tools and Resources Include the title of the website, a short description, and the URL.
Include any teacher and student handouts, textbooks, children books, etc.
Include audio-visual equipment, videos, makers, paper, etc.
Technology Integrated Lesson Plan Template3
Procedures Provide all information necessary for another teacher to replicate your lesson/unit.Also, reference your tools and resources in this section.
1. Readiness/Motivation
2. Focus of Lesson
3.Clsure to Lesson
Instructors Notes
What will you do to activate students prior knowledge to help make connections? How does this lesson connect to previous lesssons? What will you do to get student interested in this lesson?
Describe the learning step by step
How will you tie this lesson together at the end?
Estimated Time
Technology Integrated Lesson Plan Template4
Explain the adjustments to the lesson plan for the following environments:
1 computer classroom
2-6 computers in the classroom
Computer lab
Handhelds or other technology
Modification for Differentiated Instruction
How will student learning be assessed?What criteria or rubric will be used to evaluate the lesson/unit? Assignmentsshould align with standards listed above.