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Title: Static and dynamic characteristics of a hydraulic Wheatstone ...


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Title: Static and dynamic characteristics of a hydraulic Wheatstone bridge mass flowmeter Authors: A. Svetea,*, J. Kutina, I. Bajsića a Laboratory of Measurements in Process Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Andrej Svete, B.Sc., researcher (*Corresponding author): T: +386-1-4771-131 F: +386-1-4771-118 E: andrej.svete@fs.
  • results of the experimental analysis
  • hydraulic bridge
  • measuring range
  • mass flow rate
  • differential pressure
  • flowmeter
  • potential linear-flowmeter solution for direct mass flow measurements
  • electromagnetic flowmeter output
  • model
  • flow



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