W4443x Baroque and Rococ0 Architecture
5: February 3, 2004
The Architecture of War: Mapping, Vauban’s Citadels, and Military Urbanism
Leonardo da Vinci, plan of Imola, 1502
Jacopo de’Barbari, map of Venice, 1500
Leonardo Bufalini, map of Rome, 1551
Giovanni Battista Falda, map of Rome, 1676
Jacques Gomboust, map of Paris, 1662
Giovanni Battista Nolli (1701-56), map of Rome, 1748
Jacques Callot, Siege of La Rochelle, 1629-30
Ichnographic projection
Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban (1633-1707)
Superintendant of fortifications
Vauban’s French Citadels
Lille, 1669
Longwy, 1679
Neuf-Brisach, 1698
Richelieu, France,1630-42
Cardinal Richelieu
Jacques Le Mercier, château and new town
Rochefort, France, 1666
Turin, Italy
Cristina, Madama Reale (reigned 1637-63), daughter of Henri IV
Carlo di Castellamonte, Expansion project, c. 1615
Città Nouva
Siege of Turin, 1639-40
Piazza Reale, 1642
Bastion: served as gun platform that provided flanking cannon fire
Flanking: every part of the fortification is visible from another part
Length of curtain wall between two bastions determined by the shooting range of the
adjacent bastion
Outworks: ravelins; half-moons; tenailles; hornworks; crownworks