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ALGEBRA I Course Description: This class is a study of the language, concepts, and techniques of Algebra that will prepare students to approach and solve problems following a logical succession of steps. Skills taught in the course lay groundwork for upper level math and th th science courses and have practical uses. Algebra I is offered 8 through 12 grade. The th majority of students take Algebra I as 9 graders. RESOURCES: text Glencoe: Algebra 1 Integration, Applications, Connections I. Algebra I – First Nine Weeks  A. Introductory Concepts  1. Simplify and evaluate expressions  a. variables and expressions b.apply order of operations c.stem and leaf plots  2. Recognize field properties  3. Translate from word phrases to algebraic expressions  4. Vocabulary B.Exploring Rational numbers 1.integers a.add b.subtract 2.rational numbers a.add, subtract, multiply, divide b.square roots 3.Square roots and real numbers 4.Write equations and formulas  C. Solving linear Equations  1. Write and solve equations  2. Write and solve equations concerning consecutive numbers, consecutive odd numbers, consecutive even number 3.Angles and triangles (Geometry) 4.Solve equations a.variable on both sides b.using standard formulas 5.Measures of central tendency a.Mean b.Median c.Mode