1Generation and characterization of mid infrared femtosecond pulses


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1Generation and characterization of mid-infrared femtosecond pulses C. Ventalon(1), K. J. Kubarych(2), J. M. Fraser(3), A. Bonvaletet M. Joffre Laboratoire d'Optique et Biosciences INSERM U451 – CNRS UMR 7645 Ecole Polytechnique – ENSTA 91128 Palaiseau cedex (1) Boston University (2) University of Michigan (3) Queen's University Time-resolved infrared spectroscopy Multidimensional spectroscopy Vibrational coherent control Motivations

  • infrared generation

  • multidimensional spectroscopy

  • optical rectification

  • frequency mixing

  • using optical

  • time-resolved infrared spectroscopy

  • difference frequency

  • phase matching



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Generationand characterizationof mid-infraredfemtosecondpulsesC. Ventalon(1), K. J. Kubarych(2), J. M. Fraser(3), A. Bonvaletet M. JoffreLIaNbSorEaRtoMir eU 4d5’1 O–ptCiNquReS  etU BMioRs c7i6e4n5cesEcol9e 1P1o2l8y tPeaclhanisiqeauue  c–eEdeNxSTA(1)Boston University(2)Universityof Michigan(3)Queen’s Universityhttp://www.lob.polytechnique.frMotivationsTime-resolvedinfraredspectroscopyMultidimensionalspectroscopyVibrationalcoherentcontrol1