Epitome: Yearbook 2003
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Epitome: Yearbook 2003


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m^^-,iC-^\'I y%^n•^^^'>r>:'^Xv^.-'[id' » .•;*«.N*^.l$^yA)^A V"TT"^,.%r^;. , .( . ^P IT©!'.''''.. '':\\''>u'ii'}.yv-t!--fW<,r>;.'.'ii^AcademicsFeatures12 56"m>^y'-Athletics Organizations Greek life14490 198Living Graduates268 314UNIVERSITYLEHIGHEpitome 2003DriveCoppEE33Pa 18015Bethlehem,r»2opening3*openingopeningt»6openingopening>«10opening•<:'p-/.As we graduate, it is easy to reflect on our undergraduate spent at Lehigh.yearsLooking back, we often wonder how we managed make it through; whattocharacteristics helped to shape us into the men andwomen we werewhen we walkeddown the aisle at Goodman Stadium on May 1 9, 2003?:' »During our time here, we were faced with a wide array of challenges: four o'clockquizzes, term papers, relationship problems, or simply trying to walk backhome aftera Saturday night on the Hill. But as Lehigh students, we faced all ofthese challengesreceived mail, was becausehead on. When we first that letter ofacceptance in the ituniversity recognized thatwecould wouldSUCCEED. Bygraduating,we provedthe andthis correct.in the SPOTLIGHT. Some of us wereIn one way or another, all of us had our momentwere star students. Forothers, thismoment in the spotlightmaystarathletes,andsomeperforming in a play at Zoellner or simply by participating inhave been attained bystudent organization on campus.Wemayhave been recognized tor ouraccomplish-awere able to make aments, and even ifwe weren't, we could be ...


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m^^-, iC-^\ 'I y%^n •^ ^^'>r>:'^Xv^.-' [id' » . •;*«.N*^. l$^y A)^A V "TT"^ ,.%r^; . , .( . ^ P IT©! '.''' '. . '':\\''>u'ii'}.yv-t!--fW<,r>; .'.'ii^ AcademicsFeatures 12 56 "m>^y'- Athletics Organizations Greek life 14490 198 Living Graduates 268 314 UNIVERSITYLEHIGH Epitome 2003 DriveCoppEE33 Pa 18015Bethlehem, r»2 opening 3* opening opening t»6 opening