EUROPEAN ECONOMY Number 1. Annual Economic Report 1978-79 Annual Economic Review 1978-79


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ISSN 0379-0991 Commission of the European Communities Β "CU s > LT ra Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs Η Ed UD Annual Economic Report 1978-79 Annual Economic Review 1978-79 November 1978 Number 1 'EUROPEAN ECONOMY' appears three times a year, in March, July and November, this being the first issue. The November issue contains the Commission's proposal for the annual report on the economic situation in the Community. This report, which the Council adopts in the fourth quarter of each year, establishes the economic policy guidelines to be followed by the Member States in the year that follows. The November issue also contains the Commission's Annual Economic Review, the background analysis to the proposed Annual Report. In March and July of each year, 'European Economy' will present a review of the current economic situation in the Community, together with reports and studies on problems of current interest for economic policy. A statistical annex containing the main economic indicators on an annual basis since 1958 together with Community budgetary data will be attached to each issue. Three series of supplements accompany the main periodical: Series A — 'Economic trends' will appear monthly except in August and will describe with the aid of tables and graphs the most recent trends of industrial production, consumer prices, unemployment, the balance of trade and exchange rates.


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