Fapturbo Scam__
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Fapturbo Scam__


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I simply acquired a duplicate from the latest foreign exchange buying and selling robot, FAPturbo!


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Published 29 September 2012
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So...I bought FAPturboyesterday. I made the decision to choose the Virtual (offsite) version,and so i don't have to let my computer run constantly. I had been honestly just a little annoyed they stated it might take as much as 48 hrs to create! Rats.
So, as i anxiously waited, I made the decision to setupFAPturbo to operate on my small local machine. Cellular phone was verystraightforward plus they even had some cute little videos that will help you. I opted for their suggestion of ForexMeta for thatbroker.
After reading through the manual and watching all the videos you'll rapidly see they have twomethods for buying and selling. Scalping and Lengthyterm. The scalping takessmall trades and attempts to profit merely a couple of pips and also the lengthytermtries to choose bigger actions.
I made the decision to make use of the littlest demoaccount, $3,000 to check the machine. I opened up up four currencyhome windows, and loaded the scalper into three of these and also the lengthy termin to the other one.
It soon grew to become a situation of be quick andwait. I viewed my screens carefully, but nothing happened. So, Icontinued with existence.
After I checked it at night Irecognized that EURGPB been on fact made three trades!! Woohoo, nowwe are running a business! All of them closed lucrative, and today I've got awhopping $3,021.41 within my virtual account...but I am definitely not auniform yet.
Should you choose the mathematics you'll realizethat it's a.7% increase...so it concerning the amount that mychecking account it having to pay yearly!
A friend who also bought hada rather different result. His tests with scalping lost money, buthis long term with EURUSD made money.
I believe the moral of the storyis...will still be a tad too early to inform how good this is going to do inthe lengthyrun.
Should you bought the program, pleaseyou can tell me your test results. I'm now ten days into my demo test from the latest foreign exchange robot, FAPturboand I'm FRUSTRATED!! I haven't designed a SINGLE Redcolored CENT on FAPturbo!! I'm so ticked I might be a swiss watchOKI admit which was lame. So, why am I SO upset?
I'm ticked because after i posted all of the forms towards the Forex broker I selected (IBFX) my
documents was misplaced, and so i am still not buying and selling with Real cash!To I made the decision to make use of IBFX rather than ForexMeta (the main one FAPturbo indicates) simply because they were built with a better spread And since it had been the primary broker the men at FAPturbo used.
SoI am NOT upset using the FAPturbo, but merely the only money I'm making is fake!
You might be thinking, So, how's your demo going?
I'm glad you requested.
My current balance on my small initial $3,000 USD demo account has become an astonishing $3,962.11 USD! That's a svelte 32% in just ten days!
Within the spirit of honesty I've latelyhad some trades that lost money. One trade lost $3.33 yesterday andtoday I lost $1.60. I acquired within the loss pretty rapidly though!
OK. This is actually the Large problem that Everybodyhave been speaking about. Drawdown. As numerous have complained, I've alsohad some trades that went negative before closing. FAPturbohas this excellent factor of going lengthy and short on EUR/USD in lengthytermmode, also it can cause heart heart palpitations since you see one traderising and also the other heading down.
That being stated, I still haven't had any major losing trades. Heres why. FAPturboautomatically will close out all outstanding lengthyterm trades in the finishfrom the month. Basically had that setting ON I'd most likely happen to be backto where you started with my account. But, I shut them back, so my trades thatwere in drawdown didn't close in the finish of November! Actually, a couple ofindividuals trades already returned back and closed at $140 each.
If you are looking at finetuning thatsetting it's:
FAPturbo_CloseAfterXMonths. Should you place it to at least one it'llclose each month, should you place it to two it'll close almost every other monthand so on. Should you place it to 0it turns off. Windows 8 wallpapers