Handbook of the United States of America and guide to emigration...
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Handbook of the United States of America and guide to emigration...


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fc o H H W 3 S S o U S g<2 M ** J? B| | 19ofApportionment Representatives of 19the GovernmentExpense Maintaining Valuation of in 20etc., the United StatesProperty, The Public Debt of the United States 21 National March 1879 Liabilities 22Debt, 1, Public Debt at ita Maximum Coin and Values 23Currency Reduction of the National Debt from to 1881 24March, 1869, January, 24Debt of each Administration of 25the United StatesPaper Money Governments 26Gold and Silver Coins PetroleumProduction Territorial Banks and in the United States 27Banking Statesand Banks in the United States 28Savings and Returns 29 Interest in the States and Territories 30Legal 31Business Failures in the United States 32Rates of Postage 36Railroad of the United StatesSystem Difference in Time Cities of the World 37Largo 38andImports Exports 39Silk Manufacture and of Silk GoodsImportation CONTENTS.Vi. PACT Educational 40 46StatisticsReligions The Census Census of the United taken in 1870 47States, of all the Cities of the United States 48Population atOrder of the in of several 60States, point Population, periods of Territories 60 Increase ofof States Races 51by Comparative PopulationPopulation of the United States 62Area The Individual States of the Union 63 55Immigration New Naturalization Law 67 Presidential Vote CO 66of the Presidential Election andHistory Inauguration 71Declaration of Independence. 73Constitution of the.United States. Statistics 88Agricultural Indian Corn Oats 89Wheat Buckwheat Potatoes 89-Barley Rye Cotton Tobacco 90Hay and Molasses 92Rice, Sugar Live Stock 93 of a Bushel 94Weight, The Labor 96Question 100Average Weekly Wages Price of Commodities 105 Advice to those New Homes 106seeking Homestead for Soldiers 119 Internal Revenue 120 Duties 122Stamp The Finance Bill.. . : 124 Custom 125House Fees The 126West 146Historical Chronology 162Police Statistics in Various Cities andThe of 166Queen Royal Family England 167NationsForeign 168Commerce with BritainGreat 171BritishAmerica 175andExports Imports 17&Tiade of the DominionCarrying 176Postal Facilities and etcPost-Offices, THE GENERAL GOVERNMENT. MUNCIPAL OFFICEBS OP THEXT DEPABTMENTS, THE ABMY ANDCABINET, AND THEER SUBORDINATES DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS OtJB MINISTERS AND TOCONSULS FOREIGN AND THEIRS TO THISCOUNTRIES, COUNTRY. UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. PKE3IDENT. B. of Ohio. TermHUTHERFORD March 1881.HAYES, 4,expires The President is chosen -who are elected thePeo-Electors,by by each State as as it has Senators andple, having many Representa- tives in He holds office four is Commander-in-Congress. years; Chief of the and of the United has toStates;Army Navy power and for offenses the Unitedgrant reprieves against States;pardons makes and with the advice and consent of thetreaties, by Senate; with the consent of the allnominates, and, Senate, appoints, Cabinet, Judicial and Executive has to conveneofficers;Diplomatic, power or Senate withthe communicates mes-;Congress, only Congress by at receives all takes*arethatsession; Ministers;sage every Foreign the laws are and the business transacted.faithfully executed, public a$50,000Salary year. VICE-PRESIDENT. TermWILLIAM A. of New York. March 1881WHEELER, 4,expires the Electors at the same and in theIs chosen sametime,by the is President of the and has*hemanner as President; Senate, vote therein. In case of the death, resignation, disability-orcasting removal of the his and duties devolve thePresident, powers upon the residue of his term. In cases ofVice-President for vacancy, Vice-President succeeds to the Presidential thewhere the office, President of tho Senate becomes Vice-President.ex-officio Salary a$10,000 year. THE STATE DEPARTMENT. Preserves the documentsand trea-records, laws,public archives, andcor-and their conducts all businessties, ;supervises publication outandout of makesForeign Relations; recordsrespondence arising etc.commissions,passports, Department Officers, Salary. of State WM. M. of New York $8,000EVARTS,Secretary W. ofAssistant Fred. New York 3,500Secretary Seward, Wm. of IslandSecond Assistant Hunter, Rhode 3,500Secretary " " Charles oi Mas*Parson, 3,50 Officers.Diplomatic