Alternative therapies

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Alternative and complementary medicine or MAC: other ways to treat yourself

Angry with traditional medicine, fans of natural products or followers of ancestral therapies? Alternative medicine is for you. Discover their names and principles in our advice sheets, and choose the one that attracts you or may suit you.

Detailed review of alternative medicine

Nearly 300 MACs, or alternative and complementary medicines, are listed in France. Also called "alternative medicine", they offer an interesting alternative to medicinal or conventional treatments, reconciling the body and the mind.

Phytotherapy and naturopathy use plants, acupuncture restores energy balance, osteopathy works on the mind and body, Ayurveda is a way of life.

From Reiki to shiatsu, from chromotherapy to sophrology, one goal: to relieve pain, to consider the body with benevolence, to repair it, by taking priority action on the psychic.

Alternative therapies, for whom why?

Alternative medicine is for everyone, from birth to old age. From the most benign pathologies, fatigue, stress, poor sleep or bad postures, to serious psychological problems, behavioral disorders, anorexia, depression, somatization ... they can succeed, where traditional medicine had failed.

Some are even used to support people at the end of their life. You can deepen the subject that concerns or interests you, by downloading our thematic sheets in a few clicks.

The revival of psychotherapy

With alternative medicine, we are witnessing a revival of psychotherapy, the emergence of new methods to treat mental problems. Essential oils, aromatherapy, music therapy ... invest in medical offices to take over from a therapeutic approach or complete it.

From relaxation to hypnosis, our files offer you to explore these new alternative therapies: you will find many tips and solutions to calmly approach the stages and trials of life.