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Published 31 August 2016
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The method to receive your bonuses is explained
at the bottom of this pageI was standing naked, bent over my kitchen counter, and out of pure passion my hubby did the most unusual thing, he
slipped an unusual erotic fruit between my lips.
that led me to discover the unusual erotic Brazilian bedtime recipe that helped my best friend Stephanie, a 42-year- old,
overweight, pre-diabetic mom loses over 100 lbs. without taking any weight loss pills or spending hours doing insane
workouts but that wasn't the most amazing part.
Shortly after her third pregnancy,this erotic recipe, not only caused Stephanie's body to shed 21 lbs. of fat but her hubby was
so sexually aroused by the sheer sight of her new body, he no longer needed his Viagra pills to get a jumpstart to save his
own heart.
My Name is Olivia and I have some important information to share with you about my best friend Stephanie and the amazing
woman below who shared all her weight loss secrets wih me.

But Yes, you heard me right. Stephanie lost over 100 lbs. with 30 of those pounds coming off her stomach, legs and thighs
and that sent her confidence, self-esteem and sex life soaring to the moon.
going from this to this.. (pics below)
Even after she cried and tried for years to lose the weight following the usual advice from doctors and trainers including
many "experts." For her, the breakthrough came from a late night phone call telling her to place this erotic fruit under her
tongue before midnight, which may sound outlandish.
In fact, I'm sort of embarrassed to share the story on how me and my hubby were butt naked in the kitchen to minutes later
discovering the erotic fat loss secret that has changed the lives of men and women in my little town in Texas and an
additional 75,989 people who had already tried everything.
And you're going to be blown away because this is nothing like any fat loss technique you have ever seen before.
But let me warn you... you might hear a few things that may cause you to cringe a bit and hell, you might get a bit excited
when I expose the trick on how sleeping naked tonight will make you look more thin and lean right away.
But The truth is this. You have been led astray for many years by mainstream media and infomercials such as Beachbody,
Plexus, Zumba and the 21 Day Fix and many of the leading "weight loss" marketers.
Many of these programs actually CAUSE weight gain as well as other negative side effects. I am going to show you the
undocumented reason why all these programs you see now on your screen. will never work and if they do. only for a short
period of time.

However, before I expose this exotic fruit that saved Stephanie's marriage and boosted her fat burning hormone and
increased her energy and oxytocin to ultimate levels. I would like you to take a hard look at your screen right now and if you
have used at least one of these products OR DIETS and failed.

You NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO TO THE VERY END. Because you may be consuming a few deadly ingredients that are making
you fat.
This might be scary to hear... but you are going to see the rotten chemicals used to preserve vegetables, that no one knows
about, that weakens your metabolism and causes your blood pressure and cholesterol to spike to alarming levels, which is
why even if you eat healthy and work out the night before. The following morning the scale will continue to disappoint you
and show you plus 1 or 5 pounds.
Unfortunately, that has happened to many of us more
times than we can count..
But that's not all... Recent research now tells us that most people should not totally deprive themselves of salts and sugars as
reported in the New York Times article titled No Benefit Seen in Sharp Limits on Salt in Diet.
Salt and sugar are very essential to achieve a fat burning metabolism and you will see what you have been doing wrong for
the last 10 years all in this short presentation
And there's more.
Recent research now tells us that it's not necessary to over work ourselves during exercise. The Mayo Clinic, a not-for-profit
medical research establishment in the US, reports that, in general, studies "have demonstrated no or modest weight loss with
exercise alone" and that "an exercise regimen... is unlikely to result in short-term weight loss beyond what is achieved with
dietary change."But the unusual thing about Stephanie's tremendous weight loss would be revealed when a dynamic 80-year- old woman from
Columbia who looked like she was 40 entered my gym 23 years ago and told me about the unusual trick of sleeping in the
buff and how it ignites and boosts your anti-aging hormones and lowers cortisol and belly fat fast. That's right, just by
sleeping naked and I'm going to give you a few tips on how to do that tonight.
Just stay with me until the end of this FREE video and I guarantee to show you just how astounding my erotic system really
Whatever you do...please don't click away now because you will miss out on important information about the erotic fruit that
could change your life just like it did Stephanie's
The erotic fat loss technique requires no supplements, no dreadful workouts, no weird and hard to follow diet plans and no
overpriced diet products. It doesn't even require much motivation. It is simple to follow and will work for people of all ages
and body types. There is no downside.
As early as tomorrow you could feel more energy as soon as you pop out of bed just like you did years ago. This erotic
technique works for all ages and will get rid of that stubborn belly fat that seems to be hanging around no matter what you
do. Do you want to look and feel better than you have in many years? Do you want to feel better? You seriously can't imagine
how simple it really is.
Now the secret that I am about to share with you is so simple, so easy, that even in the next few days, the results you will
find in the mirror are going to be indescribable, and so outlandish and unexpected, that it probably sounds almost unreal
when you first hear about it.
To be truthful, after years of studying nutrition and even going to college at a top university, I was pissed when I met my
80year- old friend Marcela and found out that everything I had studied was a waste of time and money. It was all a big, fat lie!
Like you, I felt that I had been lied to and betrayed when it comes to something as critical as my body and health.
But I just couldn't argue with what Marcela was teaching me. All I had to do was take a look at her sexy, toned and lean body
and I knew she was right.
Then, seeing my best friend Stephanie's body changing, marriage improving and sex life soaring right before my very eyes
along with all the other people I shared this 19 page pamphlet with. I was now a believer.
I was absolutely convinced that what I'm about to share with you will give you the lean, healthy body that you have always
dreamed of and the confidence you need... no matter if you are out in the streets or snug in between the sheets.
So, I must caution you again; The story you are about to hear may get a little mature and right down sleazy, so brace yourself
because this discovery will uncover the erotic fat loss secret of why men and women in South America, over the age of 60,
still look young lean, thin and sexy without any pills, liposuction or working out excessively at the gym
Like I mentioned earlier, my name is Olivia and here is my family pic.

I have spent 25 years in the fitness industry. I'm embarrassed to admit that just before meeting Marcela, I had been
diagnosed with extreme stage 2 hypertension. I just didn't know how this was possible considering the many hours I spent
sweating my butt off in the gym each day and I ate what I thought was a perfect diet...according to all the books I had read
and all the studying I had done in college. I was devastated and didn't know how to get better. I was young, sick, and scared.
I was humiliated because I was known in my town as the "fitness girl." I couldn't let anyone know what I was going through
because I knew they would no longer trust me as their trainer. I tried every supplement and natural cure I could find and I
told noone about my condition....not even my family. I was living a lie.
I was considering quitting the profession I loved so much. I was feeling like a complete fraud and a failure until Marcela
strutted her stuff into my gym and into my depressing life and showed me a better way using her secret, proven, erotic
methods that seemed so simple but were so effective. She took me from my lowest point to wanting to scream these secrets
from a mountain top. I was going through a terrible divorce at the time and her methods not only helped get my health
straightened out but also my entire life back on track. Her methods were so simple but yet so new and erotic. I get
emotional and can't hold back the tears when I think about what a blessing to me she was and I want to be a blessing to youas well by sharing her sexy, erotic method with you. Trust me when I tell you that it will truly be life changing for you on so
many levels. She helped me turn my health around for good and I want to help you do the same. You deserve the body that
you have always dreamed of as well as perfect health. I am forever grateful to Marcela as even now, many years later my
blood pressure remains perfect and I experience youthful energy and vitality every single day.
I have spent the past 23 years transforming bodies as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. It's a humbling feeling knowing I
have personally helped people lose thousands, yes thousands of pounds eating this 1 unusual erotic fruit and sleeping in the
But I'm just a regular person who stumbled across an amazing formula thanks to my special friend, Marcela over 20 years ago.
Using what she taught me, I changed the life of my best friend Stephanie as well as hundreds of people just like her. I was
even able to change my own life insuring I would be around to raise my 3 children. To this day, I follow this plan to a T and I
get to live an energetic life with my 3 teenagers and my husband and I act like teenagers in the bedroom!
It all began with a late night phone call from my sobbing best friend who was just told by her husband that he was cheating
on her because he no longer found her body attractive.
As she told me her sad story through flowing tears I couldn't help feeling guilty about the amazing sex I just had in my
kitchen and how fit and hot and energetic I felt after eating this unusual exotic fruit.
Stephanie, a 42-year-old, out of shape, busy mom, who after having her third daughter found herself laying in a pool of tears
crying uncontrollably on her bedroom floor. Her marriage was falling apart. She was fat, lazy, pre diabetic and had no
energy. And to make things worse.. her husband would sneak out of the bed and head to the couch when she would fall
asleep.. At this point she was at her very lowest and she hated herself and felt like she was dying a slow death. She knew
something had to change and fast!The night before she called me, she laid in bed crying because her husband hadn't touched her in over a year. He saw her
crying and admitted that he was no longer attracted to her and hadn't been for a very long time. Although she already knew
it, She couldn't describe the pain she felt hearing him say the words. It was painful. She hated herself and what she had let
happen to her and to her marriage. She was devastated and humiliated. She was heart broken. She was ashamed,
embarrassed, furious, sick, disgusted with herself. There had been a time in her marriage when he couldn't keep his hands
off her and loved taking her out and showing her off to his friends. She wanted those days back. She wanted him to want her.
She loved him and her daughters adored him. She knew she had to do something not only to save her marriage but also to be
able to live in her own skin. Things had to change.
She was also concerned about her health because just before getting pregnant with her third child her doctor had told her
she was pre diabetic. Her pregnancy was hard and she had been monitored closely. Immediately following the birth of her
beautiful daughter she had been put of multiple medications but nothing made her feel better. She knew she needed to
change her diet but like many others she didn't know how.
She went from that depressing life to mysteriously losing 100 lbs in less than a year and saving her marriage and her life all
by following my simple, secret erotic weight loss techniques.
I tell you her story because everything happened so quickly. When she got married she felt healthy and beautiful and in a few
short years everything had gone downhill. She was unhealthy and unhappy and now had a cheating husband. Things like this
can happen so fast but the unusual erotic method she used to transform her body into the sexy, confident women you see
here, will literally blow your mind.
And I promise to share this erotic technique. right in this presentation.
I was blessed to meet my nutrition hero 2 years ago in a very unlikely way. At the age of 40 I considered myself quite the
expert when it came to fitness and nutrition. After all, I had been studying these areas since I was 18 years old. I had even
earning a degree in exercise and sports science from a top university at the time. I had become a nationally recognized
fitness presenter as well.I was shocked to learn that all the time I had spent studying and absorbing all the information I could find was nothing but
bought and paid for by the USDA.
I was brought back to reality while teaching a senior fitness class at my local gym.
This is what changed my life forever and will change yours too....just stay with me... I remember it like it was yesterday.
It was Valentine's day. I was going through a quite boring warm up with my senior fitness class that included about 20 people
in their 80s. For the most part, they could hardly move their unfit, tired bodies. Then, in struts Marcela and somehow I knew
my life would never be the same. This energetic, spunky woman was 80 years old going on 40...seriously!
She was 5 feet even, with beautiful skin, and had flawless sexy thighs and butt with a bundle of pure energy. She had the
body and attitude of someone my age. I was amazed by her enthusiasm but mainly by the amount of energy and vitality she
Everyone in my class that day was mesmerized by her and the way she moved so effortlessly around the gym. The old men
couldn't take their eyes off her! This woman had truly done it all!
After class.. She opened my eyes to an unusual bedroom trick, she would do while sleeping that burned fat from her belly,
thighs and even smooth out the cellulite on the back of her legs.. After whispering this erotic secret in my ear, I thought she
was crazy.. Thinking my class would report me to the better business bureau if I dared shared the erotic technique she
whispered in my ear.. But holy hell!!
After one night of using this 3 step simple erotic technique the following day my jeans were loose around my waist and hips..
And my cellulite started to fade..
She was living proof that there are some simple things we should all be doing that will keep us thin, fit and healthy into our
older years.
Many years later at the time of her death I found out she had left something to me in her will… It was a pamphlet she had
created that would change the bodies and lives of tens of thousands of people for the better.
It was the holy grail of nutrition...right at my fingertips. I now had access to the exact system that made this woman so
amazing. She was my inspiration for the next 2 years using her method with my clients in the gym. And now I am ready to
share this method on a much larger scale. Marcela would be so proud if she could see all the smiling faces and the people her
method has already helped.
As I have stated, I have spent over 24 years in the fitness and nutrition industry and I longed for the day that I would be able
to get the real truth out. Having my best friend, Stephanie finally come to me for help was just the nudge I needed to push
me to get this information to as many people as possible.
It is time for me to put my knowledge and real life experience as a personal trainer out there for people like you who
deserve to know the truth.Now back to my best friend, Stephanie. Not only does she look and feel physically better, but she even used this exact
method to save her marriage and her self-esteem along the way.
But like most of us, including myself, Stephanie wanted real proof about what had happened to her health and wellbeing...
Even though she looked physically amazing and had the energy of a 25-year old, she wanted to know if her overall health had
improved. She went back to her doctor to find out she was no longer pre diabetic. In fact, her blood sugar, blood pressure,
cholesterol, and triglycerides had all improved. She even did a stress test to find out her heart was as healthy as someone in
their twenties.
It's a pretty amazing thing to be told by some of the most well thought of doctors in the world that your health has improved
by leaps and bounds!
but it's even more awesome when you consider that just a year ago, Stephanie was an out of shape, sad woman who was
about to lose her husband and feeling tired and sluggish all the time. She had absolutely hated herself for letting herself go
so badly.
It wasn't that she didn't want to improve her life and health. She just felt so tired and lazy all the time. She had no energy to
go to the gym and no time or knowledge of what she should be doing in the kitchen. It all got out of control so quickly.
This is why she loved the fact that her new plan consisted of a single unusual fruit which she actually enjoyed eating every
night right before going to bed.
The weight began to drop off and what was most amazing to her was the amount of energy she had. Her skin was clearer
than ever, her hair and nails grew like never before and she loved the smile on her face which she hadn't seen in years. Her
husband and children loved seeing her smile again too. She was a new and improved woman in many ways.

It now brings tears to her eyes when she talks about her life, her marriage, seeing her kids grow up alongside her


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