Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - FedReg E7-20237- Proposed Information Collection Request
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Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - FedReg E7-20237- Proposed Information Collection Request


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58336 Federal Register/Vol. 72, No. 198/Monday, October 15, 2007/Notices (3) For the investigation so instituted, data is provided in the desired format, incorporated requirements mandate that the Honorable Carl C. Charneski is reporting burden (time and financial miners who must wear respirators be fit- designated as the presiding resources) is minimized, collection tested to the respirators that they will administrative law judge. instruments are clearly understood, and use. Certain records are also required to Responses to the complaint and the the impact of collection requirements on be kept in connection with respirators, notice of investigation must be respondents can be properly assessed. including records of the date of issuance submitted by the named respondents in of the respirator, and fit-test results. The DATES: Submit comments on or before accordance with section 210.13 of the fit-testing records are essential for December 14, 2007. Commission’s Rules of Practice and determining that the worker is wearing ADDRESSES: Send comments to, Debbie Procedure, 19 CFR 210.13. Pursuant to the proper respirator. Ferraro, Management Services Division, 19 CFR 201.16(d) and 210.13(a), such 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Room 2171, II. Desired Focus of Comments responses will be considered by the Arlington, VA 22209–3939. Commenters Currently, the Mine Safety and Health Commission if received not later than 20 are encouraged to send their comments Administration ...



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Federal Register / Monday, 72, No. 198/ Vol. / Notices October 15, 2007
(3) For the investigation so instituted, data is provided in the desired format, incorporated requirements mandate that the Honorable Carl C. Charneski is reporting burden (time and financial miners who must wear respirators be fit-designated as the presiding resources) is minimized, collection tested to the respirators that they will administrative law judge. instruments are clearly understood, and use. Certain records are also required to Responses to the complaint and the the impact of collection requirements on be kept in connection with respirators, notice of investigation must be respondents can be properly assessed. including records of the date of issuance submitted by the named respondents inDATES:Submit comments on or before of the respirator, and fit-test results. The accordance with section 210.13 of the December 14, 2007. fit-testing records are essential for Commissions Rules of Practice andADDRESSES:r keor wriea wis gninimreht tahtir. memhepn gtns t t Sreenrdo rceop eibbeD ,oeted Procedure, 19 CFR 210.13. Pursuant to Ferrar a ement Se 19 CFR 201.16(d) and 210.13(a), such o, Man g rvices Division, sp ator 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Room 2171,II. Desired Focus of Comments responses will be considered by the Arlington, VA 222093939. Commenters Commission if received not later than 20 are encoura heir comments days after the date of service by the  comteged to soer nvdi at E-mail toCurrently, the Mine Safety and Health  Commission of the complaint and theFoenrraro.pDuebrb idei@skD,OL.GOV.niticilos si )AHMS (ontirastnoirmairp oFseor eMrsp. ghtnrnioncets cmmeng co edAd  notice of investigation. Extensions of 2 693 time for submitting responses to the (cvaoni cbee) ,r eoar c(h2e0d2 )a t6 (923098)01f( tamr noi ehtofni)oenlsiif   .oaeemnixstcplsertiatdaerto  eorhetm tenerR on requi c9ol2l8e c1ti complaint and the notice of investigation will not be granted unlessFOR FURTHER INFORMATION:Contact the Program Records. MSHA is particularly good cause therefor is shown. employee listed in theADDRESSES interested in comments that: Failure of a respondent to file a timely sSeUcPtiPoLnE MoEfNtThAisR YnoINtiFcOe.R MATION:oolfrcsoporp eht rehteofn ioctle ede whluatEvapre eroper prmfoecna fo  eht information is enecssra y ht response to each allegation in the complaint and in this notice may beI. Backgroundfunctions of the agency, including deemed to constitute a waiver of the right to appear and contest the Section 101(a)(7) of the Mine Act whether the information will have allegations of the complaint and this smtaannddaartdess  ipnr epsacrrti tbhe att hem aunsed aotfo rpyr otective apgreacvinctyEche tofn edrub eht fo etas estime yco  fht ecaucaratluthe ; tyau lailit notice, and to authorize the equipment where appropriate to protect administrative law judge and the Commission, without further notice to miners against hazards. Where proposed collection of information, the respondent, to find the facts to be as rperqouteircetidv eb eecqauuispe moef netx opro rseusrpei rtaot ohrasr amrfeu l imnceilitu ,y dna ,ytthe nchaitalque tpoisnu es;d nEdology and assum ytit fo ehohtdilu tng vheidal alleged in the complaint and this notice and to enter an initial determination ssuucbhst eaqnucieps, mMeSntH oAf femrsu sat deenqsuuartee  that clarity of thne information to be and a final determination containing such findings, and may result in the rpersoptiercattioorn  pfroor gwraormk tehrsa.t  Aa dwdrrietstseens  such ccoolt ohesw taoi nnoho a dde ;eltce bue thimizMinll eht fo nedrrmfoinf  oontiec issuance of an exclusion order or cease and desist order or both directed against issues as selection, fitting, use, and o res a respondent. fmora ienntseunrainncg et hofa tr ewsoprirkaetrosr sa ries  epsrsoepnetrilayl  auerlseee c ttorf oanpicppr oomnpder,ci iahtnaec lauudtionmg attherdo, ugh the By order of the Commission.gical collectiont cenhqieu sro itevffcedne au ylgniseht uqe meip. nt, ol,cani rehto rolonhcet Issued: October 9, 2007Records of fit-testing are essential for  William R. Bishop,imretedaht gninwoe tht s  ierrkni gewraht eespier rr. ratoniroctle engtiitmrep ,.g.e,ygoles. pons res sfoisnombsi cusoerthor f omsinf mrofoitaet nonhc Acting Secretary to the Commission.rppoT [FR Doc. E720199 Filed 101207; 8:45 am]tima con iedornfrp esopoo ypht f obtainet can be neruqseloeltcoiA cotal emnon dna latem re uibeyqd  r05507.5a dn05505 .6oisnSectCFR  30 itle BILLING CODE 702002P contacting the employee listed in themine operators to institute a respirator program governing selection,ADDRESSESsection of this notice or DEPARTMENT OF LABORna dsu efo  cn,ioisg inanlegnittif vrepus ,e, tnancing,rainnietamdewe no  ehtetnIvi ght eSMAHh mo earnet by accessin Mine Safety and Health Administrationnaaiodil asse cest loesohcco tapurators. To contrrseip byd seauwnwdwR.emgssh’’a,.tghopevn/) aneseegl(  h cdtttsiplen:/eg/c tFied  gn‘‘ Reegs luR Proposed Information Collection Docs.breathing air contaminated with’’ Request Submitted for Publicctive isary objet  os,ser  otsisga,  ehtmirpopav ,srmfulhar,sm ufemst ,d suIII. Current Actions Comment and Recommendations; The mine operator uses theprevent atmospheri contamination. Respirator Program RecordsMSHAtoprrne ,sailycssucirsi per eby bed  ccus  ACTION:sripb  y ceetoripsrotareperoy rllouig enooittpa ini ,onfomtr tsaeq rreuiha ttht reh nrs wmine to tionNotice. accomplished by feasible engineering n and/or SUMMARY: evitnocslorera  maeusres. When effectc evitartsinimdagrieeine gnbielefsa asTD ehrapeentmoft ab L, orrtno slon odr toucede part of its continuing effort to reduce not feasible, or while they are being the exposure to permissible levels. Fit-paperwork and respondent burden, instituted, or during occasional entry t r e that conducts a preclearance consultation into hazardous atmospheres to perform a ersetisnpgiraetcoro rwdso ranr eb yu saend  itnod eivnisduural is in program to provide the general public maintenance or investigations, fact the one for which that individual and Federal agencies with an appropriate respirators are to be used in received a tight fit. MSHA uses the opportunity to comment on proposed accordance with established procedures information to determine compliance and/or continuing collections of protecting the miners. with the standard. information in accordance with the Sections 56.5005 and 57.5005 Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 incorporate by reference requirements ofpe  oy:Tnycf RegAMeivineewS:a dnH aetl htyfeasnetxE .noi (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)]. This the American National Standards Administration. program helps ensure that requested Institute (ANSI Z88.21969). TheseTitle:Respirator Program Records.
VerDate Aug<31>2005 21:55 Oct 12, 2007 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00054 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\15OCN1.SGM 15OCN1
Federal Register/ Vol. 72, No. 198 / Monday, October 15, 2007 / Notices
OMB Number:12190048.SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:contacting the employee listed in the Recordkeeping:None. Affected Public:Business or other for-I. BackgroundvAiDeDwReEdS SoEnS  erot nterhe ibitcesthf  oonicot nis profit. Title 30 CFR Sections 56.19057 and net y accessing the Cite/Reference: home page (30 CFR 56.5005 and 57.19057 require the annual MSHAhttp://‘‘Rules 57.5005. examination and certification of a hoistwww.msha.gov/) and selecting e Total Respondents: tness. The safet300. era Total Responses:.0p o5r,o4t0 sDtreniir sif sco.sRd an yfoa llm tela ’’egs’’, then selecting‘‘Fed R g Estimated Total Burden Hours:ehct veo nncya ies1d,e2s n d4p7egtn iendioonhu pnd nonmetallic maIII. Current Actions hours. attentivene ca a Burden Cost:65 s091.a 75 dne 3p0i bCiFlRi tSesc$et9i0 o,n00s0s  .and physiciaTll t Comments submitted in response to of the hoist operator, in routine and 57.19057 require the annual this notice will be summarized and/or emmoevregmeenncty,  eovvaecrsupateieodn, sa. nIdm porvoeprterra vel of oexpaermaitnorat is fsnoitacifoh a fo on atiertind c lemat lyto  flaThe safeitness. included in the request for Office of Management and Budget approval of the sae hriooiustsi npgh ycsoincvaleyhaanrcme  coar nd reeasthu ltt oi na ll caonnd vneoynanmceetsa lilsi cd empiennedrse nrit duipngo nh tohiset  information collection request; they will also become a matter of public record. passengers. While small mine operators attentiveness and physical capabilities are likely to have fewer hoists and hoist of the hoist operators, in routine and Dated at Arlington, Virginia, this 10th day roperators, Congress intended that the vacuations. of October, 2007.pmIeropov menem, tsvorepsee,ed ai ndnMo vee retbr atvceAl  decrofnnini gtaa llm emecy ergen David L. Meyer,operations within its jurisdiction a hoisting conveyance can result in of Director, Office of Administration andregardless of size and that information serious physical harm or death to all Management. collection and record keeping passengers. Small mine operators are [FR Doc. E720237 Filed 101207; 8:45 am]requirements be consistent with likely to have fewer hoists and hoist BILLING CODE 451043Pefficient and effective enforcement of operators. the Mine Act. However, Congress didType of Review:Extension. recognize that small operations may faceAgency:Mine Safety and Health DEPARTMENT OF LABORproblems in complying with some Mine Administration. Act provisions. Section 103(e) of theTitle:Hoist Operatorscal h yPsi Mine Safety and Health Administration Fitness.Mine Act directs the Secretary of Labor Proposed Information Collectionnot to impose an unreasonable burdenOMB Number:12190049. Request Submitted for PublicneMict ArTph.o  isining any informtaoi nnued rht esmn osibul alw sessenatbo nehAffift.e cted Public:Business or other for-Comment and Recommendations; Hoist OperatorsPhysical Fitnessirofnitamc noellous a no tcapmi tl ianttabstoh sen  nodtcoiicangnifa siave oTat leRsnop :selatoseR Tonspntde3s:2 6 4..0 ACTION: of small entities.Notice. numberlaA :s d CapitannualizetamiT detsEn deurHoalotur ButratS/l1p0 .7. SUMMARY:The Department of Labor, asII. Desired Focus of Comments:TsttosoC $0. part of its continuing effort to reduce Currently, the Mine Safety and Health Maintenti and paperwork and respondent burden, Admineinsttrs actioonnc e(rMniSnHg At)h ies  psroolipcoitsiendg CoTCtosos:tma$l9mO8,ep5ntesr6a0. sunbgmitted in respoannscee  to conducts a preclearance consultation ceoxtmenmsion of the information collecti  this notice will be summarized and/or program to provide the general public on and Federal agencies with an requirement related to the Hoist included in uest for Office of opportunity to comment on proposed pOapretircatuolrashe twiy quret;estcel noinoitloc   Pihnyfsoircmaall  oFfi ttnheesa pporav duBgdtelstretein AHSM .s si nocdei st lmlmn enagaM tnameneqer eht and/or continuing collections of that: r y of ublic record information in accordance with the . Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 pEvaluate whether the proposed also become a matter (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)]. This collection of information is necessaryDated at Arlington, Virginia, this 10th day program helps ensure that requested for the proper performance of MSHAsof October, 2007. data is provided in the desired format, ifnufnocrtimoantis,o inn hclaus dpirnagc tiwchael tuhteirl itthy;e  DDiMaarvneiacdt goLer., m OMenfefityc .eer ,o f Administration and reporting burden (time and financial resources) is minimized, collection stavEtaulht eace racu ocyMSf AH efomita bur theof tden oporp ehs s de[FR Doc. E720238 Filed 101207; 8:45 am] instruments are clearly understood, and e the impact of collection requirements on cvoallliedcittiyo onf  otfh ien fmoertmhoatdioolno,g iynclnudding the BILLING CODE 451043P respondents can be properly assessed. a DATES: assSubmit comments on or beforeoisnmutpthe e otnahnhtem sdoggSut esse u d;DEPARTMENT OF LABOR December 14, 2007. ce quality, utility, and clarity of theMine Safety and Health Administration ADDRESSES:Send comments to Debbie information to be collected; and Ferraro, Management Services Division,Address the use of 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Room 2171, automated, electronic,  maepcphroanpiricaatl,e  or  Rontiec SstueeqdettimbubuP rof lic oropes dPion CollInformat Arlington, VA 222093939. Commenters other technological collectionComment and Recommendations; are encouraged to send their comments u or other forms of information on computer disk, or via E-mail to tteecchhnnioqloegsy, (e.g., permitting electronic Rock Burst Control Plan Ferraro.Debbie@DOL.GOV. Ms. Ferraro minimize to nses submissions can be reached at (202) 693o noitce f)r foopse1289 eubht  of rdencollthe ACTION:Notice. (voice), or (202) 693 on those who are to information9801 (facsimile).SUMMARY:The Department of Labor, as FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: of its continuing effort to reducerespond. part Contact the employee listed in the A copy of the proposed information paperwork and respondent burden, ADDRESSES a preclearance consultation conducts request can be obtained by collectionsection of this notice.
VerDate Aug<31>2005 21:55 Oct 12, 2007 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00055 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\15OCN1.SGM 15OCN1