Proposed Collection of Information; Comment Request … Baby Bouncers,  Walker-Jumpers, and Baby-Walkers

Proposed Collection of Information; Comment Request … Baby Bouncers, Walker-Jumpers, and Baby-Walkers


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Federal Register/Vol. 70, No. 232/Monday, December 5, 2005/Notices 72429 A. Requirements for Baby-Bouncers, perform the required testing and to CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY Walker-Jumpers, and Baby-Walkers maintain the required records is about COMMISSION $28.75 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, June One CPSC regulation bans any Proposed Collection of Information; 2005), and that the annual total cost to product known as a baby-bouncer, Comment Request—Baby-Bouncers, the industry is approximately $1,600. walker-jumper, baby-walker or similar Walker-Jumpers, and Baby-Walkers During a typical year, the CPSC will article if it is designed in such a way expend approximately two days of AGENCY: Consumer Product Safety that exposed parts present hazards of professional staff time reviewing records Commission. amputations, crushing, lacerations, required to be maintained by the fractures, hematomas, bruises or other ACTION: Notice. regulations for baby-bouncers, walker- injuries to children’s fingers, toes, or jumpers, and baby-walkers. The annual SUMMARY: As required by the Paperwork other parts of the body. 16 CFR cost to the Federal government of the Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. 1500.18(a)(6). collection of information in these Chapter 35), the Consumer Product A second CPSC regulation establishes regulations is estimated to be $853 Safety Commission (CPSC) requests criteria for exempting baby-bouncers, (based on $53.29/hour staff time). comments on a proposed ...



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Federal Register / Notices December 5, 2005 / Monday, 70, No. 232/ Vol.
CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETYA. Requirements for Baby-Bouncers,perform the required testing and to COMMISSIONWalker-Jumpers, and Baby-Walkersmaintain the required records is about Proposed Collection of Information;One CPSC regulation bans any (Bureau of Labor Statistics, June $28.75 Comment Requestecnu ,srbaBoB-yproduct known as a baby-bouncer, 2005), and that the annual total cost to Walker-Jumpers, and Baby-Walkers$1y elatDu. 00,6 si yrtsmixorppa theear,C wi CPSjau tmp eirr,g nlawya lpkyecri-s ro reklaw-ybab illleicrt aarilimngdeedisi  s ftiay  a wsuch in  ehtudni  AGENCY: thatConsumer Product Safety approximately two days of expend exposed parts present hazards of Commission. amputations, crushing, lacerations, rperqofueisrseido tnoa lb set amffa tiinmtaei nreevdi ebyw itnhge  records ACTION: hematomas, bruises or otherNotice. fractures,  SUMMARY:As required by the Paperwork to children injuriesFR C16. rob snf ,t aooritgoeelsusr ,rniegsf rekl -rscewa, y-abunbo  Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. 1ot5h0e0r. 1p8a(rat)s( 6o)f.  the bodyjccuoolmslte ptceot ritsoh, nea  onFfd ei dbnefarobaryl m-gwaotaviloekrnen rismn.  etThnhte eso efa tnhneu al Chapter 35), the Consumer Product A second CPSC regulation establishes regulations is estimated to be $853 Safety Commission (CPSC) requests criteria for exempting baby-bouncers, (based on $53.29/hour staff time). comments on a proposed extension of walker-jumpers, and baby-walkers from approval, for a period of three years the banning rule under specifiedC. Request for Comments from the date of approval by the Office conditions. 16 CFR 1500.86(a)(4). The The Commission solicits written of Management and Budget (OMB), of exemption regulation requires certain comments from all interested persons information collection requirements for labeling on these products and their manufacturers and importers of childrentnaveler noitamrits infoly solicceficilassoia  npss Chemiomioat fmrofitceo no nsankwoel strciy-  babr or ufacture ena ddat ehn ma the mandress ofpakcaenidfytinggio  t tutboaoporp ehlloc des bouncers, walker-jumpers, or baby- distributor and the model number of the to the following topics: walkers. The collection of information product. Additionally, the exemptionWhether the collection of information consists of requirements that regulation requires that records must be described above is necessary for the manufacturers and importers of these established and maintained for three proper perfo of the products must make, keep and maintain years relating to testing, inspection, Commissiongns, ctioudininclnuf sceanrm records of inspections, testing, sales, sales and distributions of these and distributions consistent with the , provisions of the Federal Hazardous sprpoedciufcyt sa.  pTahrtei creuglaurl aftoiromn  odro feos rnmoat t for tt eeehh hwr ueendi  nrfhotlu d nowtaoiofmral uctic prahaverehtehW ;ytilit bedatimst ehe t Substances Act, 15 U.S.C. 1261, 1262, the records. Manufacturers and proposed collection of information and 16 CFR part 1500. importers may rely on records kept in is accurate; The CPSC will consider all comments th ordinary course of business toWhether the quality, utility, and received in response to this notice e before requesting approval of this satisfy the recordkeeping requirements collection of information from OMB. if those records contain the required clarity of the information to be DATES:rmatinfo If ion.hTe Office of the rceSrreat eoupmt ry r mtiser octurnufaa macontimaornf iof noitcelloc eht b  euodlcollected couldb  eneahcnde ;naWd thhe ter bheedrumi nesopyb d receive written comments not later than February 3, 2006. distributes products that violate the mate ADDRESSES:Written comments should§ terhnecorc th otcelinore,dniques, ion techc loeltclogocilaauto of  used byti meehz idmyibn eb nesu 4()aac )00156(.8d re bysdr qeiuehr cero rule, tbanningerth oor be captioned‘‘B-ybaBouncers’’ or importer and the CPSC forms of information te loand sent manufacturer by e-mail Written comments may also be sent to the Office (pir) otdo uicdtes ntthifayt  fsapiel ctiof icc ommopdlye lsw iotfh  ToDdadt eAd.:  SNteovvember 29, 2005.chno gy. of the Secretary by facsimile at (301) 504plapabic rlee thfO eht o fo ecife  andtorsribudist fhtsri iaelr te2n7d,  aosr, nbtym emraeiuli etq yfiton ot )ii(1 0SercCeymmrasti,i snCoo .ennssuomne,r Product Safety Secretary, Consumer Product Safety products are subject to recall[FoR Doc. E56800 Filed 12m] Commission, Washington, DC 20207, or The O MB approved the col. lection of205; 8:45 a delivered to the Office of the Secretary, Room 502, 4330 East-West Highway, information requirements in theBILLING CODE 635501P Bethesda, Maryland 20814. r0e0g1u9l.a tOioMnBs ne txeetsnoi nfo ebmu03 r14s stmoec rer cundol nontr FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: expires on January 31, 2006.For approvalCONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY information about the proposed The CPSC now proposes to request anCOMMISSION extension of approval of the collection extension of oval of information, or to obtain a copy of 16 appr without change for the collection of informationecllCod otiesoporPeutsemtnR qeComf  onf  orecuntmePorion; Informat CFR part 1500, call or write Linda L. re ements. Glatz, Office of Planning andB.qEusitrimated BurdeGoods and Services Evaluation, Consumer Product Safetyn Commission, Washington, DC 20207; The CPSC staff estimates that about 28ACoGEmNmCiYs:n.iosyt aSefcu trPdomer onsuC telephone (301) 5047671. firms are subject to the testing and SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:Products recordkeeping requirements of theACTION:Notice. called‘‘rs,bba-yobnuec’’ ‘‘walker- regulations. The CPSC staff estimatesSUMMARY:As required by the Paperwork jumpers,’’or‘‘abybw-laeksr’’ Act (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35), are further Reductionthat the burden imposed by the intended to support very young children regulations on each of these firms is the Consumer Product Safety while they sit, bounce, jump, walk, or approximately 2 hours per year. Thus, Commission requests comments on a recline. Regulations issued under the total annual burden imposed by the proposed extension of approval for a provisions of the Federal Hazardous regulations on all manufacturers and period of three years from the date of Substances Act (15 U.S.C. 1261, 1262), importers is about 56 hours. approval of a collection of information codified at 16 CFR part 1500, establish The CPSC staff estimates that the associated with the procurement of safety requirements for these products. hourly wage for the time required to goods and services. Forms used by the
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