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Sexual harmony for all and without taboos:

A fulfilled sexuality is nurtured on a daily basis. To live yours well, whatever your age and your profile, Youscribe answers all your questions: from flirting, to contraception or sexology, from small sexual problems to more complex situations.

Live your sexuality well, according to your preferences

Because the search for harmony and well-being on a daily basis also involves successful sexuality, Youscribe offers you, for free or paid download, many files to consult according to your sexual profile.

Straight or gay people will find advice on how to give or receive pleasure. From flirting, to the art of fellatio and cunnilingus, from masturbation to sodomy, all subjects are tackled with simplicity and without taboos!

Solving a sexual problem: from ailments to remedies

A sexual problem, temporary or permanent, can ruin life and turn these moments of intimacy into ordeal. Solutions or specialists (doctors, psychologists, gynecologists, sexologists, etc.) can help you find harmonious sexuality.

Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness or STD ... don't let the situation settle in and spoil your pleasure, protect yourself. Our files also deal with more sensitive subjects, such as AIDS, drugs, and the evolution of desire towards a person of the same sex.

Sexuality fulfilled at all stages of life

Sexuality of teenagers, seniors ... each stage of life changes the sexuality of men and women.

At the time of the first contraception, it is necessary to be well informed: our files help teenagers and parents to approach this important stage of the sexual life. Seniors will find solutions for regular and serene sexuality, future mothers advice on how to combine pregnancy and sexuality.