Helpful Keyboard Cutting Corners_

Helpful Keyboard Cutting Corners_


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= SearchHome windows key + D = Hide/Display all home windowsControl + C = copyControl + X =


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Published 29 September 2012
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windows Media Playerrstrui = System Restorenetscp6 = Netscape 6.xnetscp = Netscape 7.xnetscape = Netscape 4.xwaol = America Onlinecontrol = Opens the User Interfaceconfiltered= Opens the Ink jet printers DialogInternetbrowserkey in u're adress "google", then press [Right Control] and [Enter] add world wide web. to word and visit itFor Home windows XP:Copy. Control+CCut. Control+XPaste. Control+VUndo. Control+ZRemove. RemoveRemove selected item permanently without placing the product within the Trash Can. Change+RemoveCopy selected item. Control while dragging a productCreate shortcut to chose item. Control+Change while dragging a productRelabel selected item. F2Move the insertion indicate the start of the following word. Control+RIGHT ARROWMove the insertion indicate the start of the prior word. Control+LEFT ARROWMove the insertion indicate the start of the following paragraph. Control+Lower ARROWMove the insertion indicate the start of the prior paragraph. Control+UP ARROWHighlight a block of text. Control+Change with the arrow secretsChoose several item inside a window or around the desktop, or choose text inside a document. Change with the arrow secretsChoose all. Control+ALook for a file or folder. F3View qualities for that selected item. ALT+ENTERClose the active item, or quit the active program. ALT+F4Opens the shortcut menu for that active window. ALT+SPACEBARClose the active document in programs where you can have multiple documents open concurrently. Control+F4Switch between open products. ALT+TABCycle through products within the order these were opened up. ALT+ESCCycle through screen elements inside a window or around the desktop. F6Display the Address bar list within my Computer or Home windows Explorer. F4Display the shortcut menu for that selected item. Change+F10Display the machine menu for that active window. ALT+SPACEBARDisplay the beginning menu. Control+ESCDisplay the related menu. ALT+Underlined letter inside a menu titlePerform corresponding command. Underlined letter inside a command title with an open menuActivate recption menus bar within the active program. F10Open the following menu right, or open a submenu. RIGHT ARROWOpen the following menu left, or close a submenu. LEFT ARROWRefresh the active window. F5See the folder one gain levels within my Computer or Home windows Explorer. BACKSPACECancel the present task. ESCChange whenever you place a Compact disc in to the Compact discROM drive Avoid the Compact disc from instantly playing.Begin using these keyboard cutting corners for dialog boxes:To PressMove ahead through tabs. Control+TABMove backward through tabs. Control+Change+TABMove ahead through options. TABMove backward through options. Change+TABPerform corresponding command or choose the related option. ALT+Underlined letterPerform command for that active option or button. ENTERChoose or obvious the check box when the active choice is a cheque box. SPACEBARChoose a control button when the active choice is several option buttons. Arrow secretsDisplay Help. F1Display the products within the active list. F4Open a folder one gain levels if your folder is chosen within the Save As or Open dialog box. BACKSPACEFor those who have a Microsoft Natural Keyboard, or other compatible keyboard which includes the Home windows logo design key and also the Application key , you should use these keyboard cutting corners:Display or hide the beginning menu. WIN KeyDisplay the machine Qualities dialog box. WIN Key+BREAKShow the desktop. WIN Key+DMinimize all home windows. WIN Key+MReinstates reduced home windows.
WIN Key+Change+MOpen My Computer. WIN Key+ELook for a file or folder. WIN Key+FLook for computer systems. Control+WIN Key+FDisplay Home windows Help. WIN Key+F1Lock your pc if you're linked to a network domain, or switch customers if you're not linked to a network domain. WIN Key+ LOpen the Run dialog box. WIN Key+ROpen Utility Manager. WIN Key+Uease of access keyboard cutting corners:Switch FilterKeys off and on. Right Change for eight secondsSwitch High Contrast off and on. Left ALT+left Change+PRINT SCREENSwitch MouseKeys off and on. Left ALT +left Change +NUM LOCKSwitch StickyKeys off and on. Change five occasionsSwitch ToggleKeys off and on. NUM LOCK for five secondsOpen Utility Manager. WIN Key+Ucutting corners you should use with Home windows Explorer:Display the foot of the active window. FinishDisplay the top active window. HOMEDisplay all subfolders underneath the selected folder. NUM LOCK+ASTERISK on number keyboard (*)Display the items in the chosen folder. NUM LOCK+PLUS Sign up number keyboard (+)Collapse the chosen folder. NUM LOCK+MINUS Sign up number keyboard ()Collapse current selection whether it's broadened, or choose parent folder. LEFT ARROWDisplay current selection whether it's flattened, or choose first subfolder. RIGHT ARROW windows 8 features