How to Cure Diabetes Without Medicine
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How to Cure Diabetes Without Medicine


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How to cure diabetes without medicine guide ebook helps you to find the way to finally cure your diabetes permanently


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Published 10 March 2017
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How To Cure Diabetes Without Medicine
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineDiabetes can be a scary medical condition to be diagnosed with. You may have a difficult time deciding what to do and what’s the best option for you. It’s always important to follow a professional’s medical advice when it comes to treating your diabetes but that does not mean that you have to be a slave to your medical condition. Everything is possible. You can have information about how to cure diabetes without medicine and see how it works onhttp://productsforabetter
There are and will be several different factors that will depend on what type of treatment you will receive when it comes to curing your diabetes. Despite this there are many things that are available to you that you can try and even enjoy.
The signs and risk factors of diabetes are becoming more and better known. Many doctors now do routine yearly blood and urine tests to test for diabetes and those who may be at risk for diabetes.
Because of this an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so if you are running the risk of becoming diabetic it is important to pay attention to the potential risk factors.
Obesity Poor diet Genetics Some viruses or infections Some cancers Aging Emotional stress Smoking
Some of these things such as genetics, viruses, cancers, and aging are beyond your control. Diabetes can often be carried through a genetic family line. If one of your parents or grandparents are diabetic you may be at a higher risk of being diagnosed with the condition.
However, if you do smoke, have a poor diet, or are obese it is a good idea to see a doctor about getting yourself back on track to reduce your risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.With your doctor’s help you will be able to turn things around and reduce your risk of that diagnosis of diabetes.
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineWhen wishing to start finding how to cure diabetes without medicine,it’s always important to seek out the medical advice of your doctor before beginning any sort of program. There are a lot of treatment options or promises made to you that can be dangerous to you. Many of these promised “cure all” supplementsthat can be offered on websites are not evaluated by the government and just about anything can be put into them. These things can be harmful to the human body or just junk in general. As they aren’t studied by the government it’s possible for them to put just about anything into their supplements. They only may get caught when enough people get sick or risk thEither way it’se chance of death. not worth risking your health and safety over!
Some of these remedies are meant to go along with and help the treatments prescribed by your doctor or in replacement of alternative treatment options. It is important what treatment option may work for another person may not work for you and vice versa. There are many factors including genetics, diet, and the state of your condition.With your doctor’s help and following these remedies you should be able to help halt or help cure your diabetes!
Physical treatment options
These physical treatment options for diabetes are not the only ones available to you but they are some of the most commonly used.
These physical treatment options are nonevasive and are not painful. Many of these procedures can be in and out options.
Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practice in which the acupuncture practitioner inserts very thin and long needles into designated parts on the skin. There are a wide variety of acupuncture theories and they may involve different philosophies. The techniques used do vary from country to country and possibly even from practitioner to practitioner.
Acupuncture has been used for a wide variety of things including weight loss, quitting smoking, and other things. The data is all over the map about how well acupuncture works but many people have reported positive results.
When done correctly acupuncture is quite safe and has very little to no negative side effects.
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineIt is believed that acupuncturehelps trigger the release of the body’s natural pain killers and has been shown to offer relief from chronic pain. If a person has nerve damage or pain from diabetes acupuncture has been known to greatly help them.
Simply put biofeedback is a process that helps a person become more aware of and how to deal with their body’s response to pain and other issues.Biofeedback is also gaining a greater awareness and people are learning how to manipulate issues and feelings at will. Some of the processes in biofeedback that can be controlled are brainwaves, muscle tones, heart rate, and even pain perception.
This treatment option can be used to improve your health and has been known for the treatment of headaches and migraines.
Best of all this treatment does not need a lot of extra equipment!
There are many different types of biofeedback treatments available to you that include but are not limited to electromyography, feedback thermometer, and photoplethysmograph.
What treatment option that is available to you via biofeedback will depend on what you and your treatment advisor come up with as no two people are the same no two treatments will be the same.
Guided imagery
Guided imagery is often used alongside biofeedback. It can also be used by itself if you choose to do so. When it comes to guided imagery it’s important to remember that it’s a relaxation technique that is meant to help you. You, as the patient, are trained to think of peaceful images and voluntarily imagine these images in your mind.
These images can be created from short term memories, long term memories, or from your imagination. Sometimes these images can be helped along via certain cues such as visual images, auditory images, and even certain smells.
A person may be able to use these images to help control their illnesses and it has been claimed that these positive images can ease their condition.
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineWhat about dietary supplements?
There are many different types of dietary supplements that are available to you to help control your diabetes. Because supplements are not always regulated by the government it’s very important for you to speak to your doctor before you begin a dietary supplement treatment.
Below are some of the most common types of dietary supplements that are used. These by far are not the only ones available to you and as more research is done there will be more supplement options available to you.
There are several different types of plants that are called “ginseng” so it can be easy to be confused. In studies of ginseng and diabetes the best type of ginseng to use is American ginseng.
American ginseng in studies have been shown some sugar lowering effects in fasting and after meal blood sugar levels. As an added benefit they can help with your average blood sugar levels which are known as A1c.
Magnesium and diabetes have been studied for decades but scientists don’t fully understand the link. A magnesium deficiency can aggravate or worsen blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes. Scientists believe that a magnesium deficiency may interrupt insulin secretion in the pancreas and increase insulin resistance in the body’s tissue. A lack of magnesium may also contribute to complications related to diabetes.
Healthy consumption of whole grains, nuts, and leafy greens have been shown to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Vanadium is a compound find in very small amounts in plants and animals. Early scientific studies have shown that vanadium helped normalize blood sugar levels in animals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A recent medical story found that when people who had diabetes were given vanadium they would develop a small increase in insulin sensitivity and they were able to greatly decrease their daily insulin requirements.
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineCurrently scientists are studying to understand how vanadium works on the human body, to learn about any potential side effects, and be able to recommend safe dosages for people.
Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10 is better known as CoQ10 and is a vitamin like substance. CoQ10 helps your body’s cells make energy and acts as an antioxidant in the body. Meats and certain seafood contain small amounts of CoQ10. Supplements can be made into tablets and capsules for consumption.
There are also plant foods that are available for diabetes treatments. These types of foods are often most effective for those who have type 2 diabetes.
Buckwheat Broccoli and other related greens Cloves Coffee Brewer's yeast Fenugreek seeds Okra Peas Sage Cinnamon
Foods you can use
Many of these foods you can find at your local grocery store or health food store.
Following a healthy raw diet that cuts out sugar and raw milk is a great jumping off point when trying these healthy foods that you can use. If you are worried it is important to tell you that there are many types of diabetic friendly substitutes that you can use as you work towards controlling and curing your diabetes.
These foods are some of the most common and best foods available to you for treating and curing diabetes. New research is constantly being developed and new food treatment options are being discovered. Many of these tasty items can be found in diabetic recipe books so you aren’t limited in options or tasty dishes!
Fig Leaves
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineThe fig leaves are best known for being able to treat diabetes but they also have other helpful and beneficial uses. If you suffer from any issues such as bronchitis, genital warts, high blood pressure, skin problems, or even ulcers you can use the fig leaves to help treat these conditions along with your diabetes. Having all of these benefits is wonderful, isn’t it?
When working with diabetes you will need less insulin when using a fig leaf extract. Take the extract with breakfast or as the first thing in the morning every day.
Most of these treatment options will use the fig tree sap or milk. If you do choose this option you should make fresh batches each day. Don’t let it sit as it can spoil and make you sick!
An additional thing you can do is boil the fig leaves in some filtered or bottled water and drink it as a tea.
Black Seed/Nigella Sativa
Black seed and Nigella Sativa are the same thing so if you see it in one name or the other you don’t need to worry. Black seed is considered a curefor all diseases save death. Even doctors have been using it as a treatment option for pancreatic cancers and have been praising the positive results. Would you believe this treatment option has been used for well over 2,000 years?
The treatment option for this is easy to follow. Mix the oil with fruit juice before consuming it.
For seven days take six teaspoons of the oil three times a day. If it’s easier to remember take one dose with breakfast, one dose with lunch, and one dose with dinner.
After seven days you will reduce the amount to two teaspoons in the morning and two teaspoons in the evening for the next four days.
After the four days have passed take two teaspoons of the oil for two days.
Be sure to drink lots of water and rub the oil all over your body for ten days.
A second option using the seeds is take one half cup of the seeds and heat them until good and warm. Add half a cup of water cress seeds (or mustard seeds if
How To Cure Diabetes Without Medicineyou don’t have water cress seeds) and add one fourth cup of ground pomegranate peel.
Place all of these ingredients in a blender and mix it until it is a fine powder.
Add one eighth cup of fumitory.
Each day take one teaspoon of the ground powder and one teaspoon of the oil one hour before you eat.
Continue this process each day for at least one month.
An important note about fenugreek: if you have any side effects such as difficulty breathing, chest tightness, rash, swollen and/or itchy skin stop taking this food immediately! Do not take this food treatment option if you are pregnant.
Do not take fenugreek at the same time as other medicines. Wait at least one to two hours before taking this item.
Two common but far less harmful side effects are diarrhea and gas.
Take five to thirty grams of fenugreek with each meal or up to ninety grams once a day. Do not take more than 100 grams as it can cause an upset stomach! It is far better to start small and work your way up when taking fenugreek.
This treatment option has been known to be effective and helpful but because of the potential risks it’s best to consult your doctor before trying this treatment option.
Cinnamon is well known for its curative properties and it is largely known as a good source for the treatment of diabetes. As there are many, many recipes out there you are in no way limited by how you can take this item.
There was a recent study where people took cinnamon to help control their diabetes. The end results were most impressive as glucose was down eighteen percent and their bad cholesterol was down!
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineTake at least one half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day which is critical to “soften” those cell membranes. Cinnamon will mimic insulin and therefore it reduces your need for insulin.
Grape seed extract
Grape seed extract is easy to get and it has been proven to help people who have diabetes. It is also very helpful in protecting your liver cells and helping prevent hyperglycemic conditions.
Grape seed extract comes in capsules from fifty to one hundred milligrams. An average rule to follow is to take fifty milligrams for every fifty pounds of weight but do not exceed three hundred milligrams per day.
Taking three capsules a day is enough to be able to help you. The time of day really doesn’t matter as long as you get it into your system.
Olive Oil
Olive oil has a great many amount of health benefits including preventing and helping cure diabetes by consuming olive oil. It also helps reduce any bad blood levels including LDL and triglycerides.
Diabetes can help be prevented and cured with weight management and a proper diet. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to be most helpful in the treatment of diabetes by using olive oil. If you enjoy Mediterranean food then you’re all set!
Before going to bed each night drink one fourth cup of olive oil. If you prefer the taste or to use lecithin mix one tablespoon of lecithin with one tablespoon of olive oil.
It is important to keep in mind that one cup of olive oil has 2,000 calories so be sure to remain on a healthy diet and watch your calorie intake when doing this treatment option.
Bitter Melon
Modern researchers have shown that bitter melon works wonderfully with the treatment of diabetes. Bitter melon contains insulin like properties which helps in lowering the blood sugar and urine levels.
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineThe bitter melon should be juiced and then taken on an empty stomach before eating first thing in the morning. If you don’t want to drink it you can grind the seeds up into a powder and eat them. A third option is to make a tea from the bitter melon.
It is a good idea to use this option once a day or frequently.
Vitamin C
Taking one hundred to six hundred milligrams of Vitamin C daily can help normalize your sugar levels in as little as one month!
You can take Vitamin C in drink form, through food, or in capsules. You can get Vitamin C vitamins at your local grocery store in the vitamins isle.
A diabetic person has a complication of too much sugar and sorbitol in their bodies. This can lead to eye and nerve damage so it’s a good idea to jump on it right away.
Homemade options
These are a few things people have tried and have had great success with. These treatment options don’t have guaranteed success or medical backing but they are things that people have testified to and have claimed that it helps them.
Take one avocado seed and grill it. After grilling slice the seed into several chunks. Add these chunks to a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Continue boiling the water until it turns brown. Once the water turns brown get your strainer and strain the water mixture and drink it when it is cool.
Do this every day for at least two weeks.
It doesn’t matter which type of apple you use for this treatment option. Whichever apple you like best will work wonderfully.
Take one apple and cut it into chunks. Place the apple chunks in a pan with four cups of water and bring the mixture to a boil and cook until half the water is gone.
How To Cure Diabetes Without MedicineStrain the mixture and drink this morning and at night. If you like the boiled apple you can eat the chunks.
This treatment option can take two months to show relief. Though slow it is a treatment option that people swear by.
These are just a few of the treatment options that are available to you. As more research becomes available there will be all the more treatment of how to cure diabetes without medicine.
There are many diabetes friendly cook books available online and at your local library. Many of these cook books will contain the ingredients listed above so you can experiment around to find foods that you like.
Many of these recipes are available online for free and you might even be able to use old cook books that your family may have. A lot of these recipes can be changed or have ingredients substituted for diabetic friendly foods and ingredients. The only limit in your foods is your imagination!
For more information about how to cure diabetes without medicine