Kingston city directory
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Kingston city directory


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:«-tIifiiiiiiinlllllilillllllllllllllllllUlillMiilJllllll^QUALIFYSBRVICEYARDSOFFICEANDStreetof JohnsonFootiiiiiiiiiiii^^EVERYTHINGELECTRICALAT THESupplyElectric DepartmentOF THEUTILITIESPUBLIC268 Princess Street, Kingston, Ont.9Lamps, 10SPECIAL QUALITY of High Grade TungstenWatt, 15 Watt, 25 Watt, 40 Watt, 60 Watt.CoffeeCOMPLETE LINE of Stoves, Toasters, Percola-tors, Heating Pads, Sewing Machine Motors, Tea Urns,Irons, Fans, Egg Boilers, Eureka Vacuum Cleaners, Dry-Hot and Cold Blast, Ringing Trans-ing Machine, BeUformers.SPECIAL GUARANTEE—Irons and Toasters sent out on 30Newdays' approval. Cost but ly^ cents per hour underRate of Domestic Lighting.For further information call or phone 844.E. HARTRICK, Representative.J.KINGSTONDirectopyCityFROM JULY, 1918, TO JULY, 1919INCLUDINGDIRECTORIES OF BARRIEFIELD, CATARAQUIAND PORTSMOUTH.THIRTEENTH EDITIONLeiiian A. Guild and George Hanson, PublishersKingston, Ontario.FOR INDEX SEE END OF BOOK.ABBREVIATIONSgrocer. prop, proprietor.acct. accountant. gro.prtr. printer.agt. agent. insp. med. proprietaryagrl. impts. agricultural gdnr. gardener.medicine.implements. genl. general.provs. provisions.In. Rev. Inland Revenueapprenticeappr.publr. publisher.jwlr. jeweller.association.assn.res. residence.lab. laborer.assistant.assc.ret. retail.Idg. wtr. landing waiter.attendant.attndt. Rev. Reverend.In. lane.av. avenue. rms. rooms.Indrs. laundress.bds. boards. sdlr. saddler ...


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: «-tI ifiiiiiiinlllllilillllllllllllllllllUlillMiilJllllll^ QUALIFY SBRVICE YARDSOFFICEAND Streetof JohnsonFoot iiiiiiiiiiii^^ EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL AT THE SupplyElectric Department OF THE UTILITIESPUBLIC 268 Princess Street, Kingston, Ont. 9 Lamps, 10SPECIAL QUALITY of High Grade Tungsten Watt, 15 Watt, 25 Watt, 40 Watt, 60 Watt. CoffeeCOMPLETE LINE of Stoves, Toasters, Percola- tors, Heating Pads, Sewing Machine Motors, Tea Urns, Irons, Fans, Egg Boilers, Eureka Vacuum Cleaners, Dry- Hot and Cold Blast, Ringing Trans-ing Machine, BeU formers. SPECIAL GUARANTEE—Irons and Toasters sent out on 30 Newdays' approval. Cost but ly^ cents per hour under Rate of Domestic Lighting. For further information call or phone 844. E. HARTRICK, Representative. J. KINGSTON DirectopyCity FROM JULY, 1918, TO JULY, 1919 INCLUDING DIRECTORIES OF BARRIEFIELD, CATARAQUI AND PORTSMOUTH. THIRTEENTH EDITION Leiiian A. Guild and George Hanson, Publishers Kingston, Ontario. FOR INDEX SEE END OF BOOK. ABBREVIATIONS grocer. prop, proprietor.acct. accountant. gro. prtr. printer.agt. agent. insp. inspector. pro. med. proprietaryagrl. impts. agricultural gdnr. gardener. medicine.implements. genl. general. provs. provisions.In. Rev. Inland Revenueapprenticeappr. publr. publisher.jwlr. jeweller.association.assn. res. residence. lab. laborer.assistant.assc. ret. retail. Idg. wtr. landing waiter.attendant.attndt. Rev. Reverend. In. lane. av. avenue. rms. rooms. Indrs. laundress.bds. boards. sdlr. saddler. Ltd. limitedbarr. barrister. slsldy. saleslady. lith. lithographer.bdg. hse. boarding house slsmn. salesman. Ivs. lives, used for thosebet. between. s. e. side entrance. living with parents orbkpr. book-keeper. s.-e. south east. other relatives,"Mg. building. s. s. side. mach. machinist,builder.Dldr. s.-w. south west. mkr. maker,btchr. butcher. sec. hd. gds. second hand messr. messenger,C.P.R. Canadian Pacific goods. mfg. manufacturing,Railway. sec. secretary. mlstr. maltster,carp, carpenter. sew. mach. sewing ma- mkt. gdnr. market garden-elk. clerk. chines. coll. collector. er, sq. square. com. mer. commission mlnr. milliner, stdt. student. merchant. mldr. moulder, stn. station. comp. compositor. mnfr. manufacturer, stenogr. stenographer. comr. commissioner. mngr. manager, supt. superintendent. cond. conductor. mus. tchr. tlr. teacher, confr. confectioner. n. north, tlrs. tailoress. confy. confectionery. n.-e. north east, tchr. teacher. contr. contractor. n. teamster.s. side, tmstr. cor. corner. n.-w. north west tel. telegraph or tele- CO. county. nr. near, phone. cres. crescent. opp. opposite, ter. terrace. C. H. Custom House. opr. operator, tinner tinsmith. dept. department. pntr. painter, tp., township. depy. deputy. pdlr. peddler, trans, transportation. dom. domestic. photo, photographer, treas. treasurer. Dom. Exp. Dominion Ex- phy. physician, uphol. upholsterer. press. pi. veterinary sur-place, vet. surg. drsmkr. pistr. geon.dressmaker. plasterer, east.e. plmbr. plumber. w. west. e. s. east side. P.O. Post Office, w. s. west side.' eng. engineer. pres. president, whol. wholesale. ft. foot of prin. principal. wid. widow. FOR LIFE INSURANCE SeeCLARKWRIGH 1 & SOTSTS Phone 1030 ABERDEEN STREET DIRECTORY ALBERT StreetKingston Directory fromABERDEEN STREET, north Earl to Johnson, first east of University Ave EAST SIDE WEST SIDE | Alex I 8 Grace, Frank1 Martin, J J (wid James) 10 Hall, Samuel3 Mills, Mary | Luke5 Whalen, Captain I Coyle, Anna (wid James)7 I Le Feave, David I9 11 Allen,W CJ I Martin S19 Grace, j MariaIS Woods, >Iiss William Street intersectsU. Connolly,31 Walsh, Lieut-Col F 30 Elizabeth (wid Thos) I 3233 Pigeon, John Reid, Thos I S 34 Fraser, Rebecca (wid Geo N)35 Otto, Geo I Granger, 36 Adams, Mary E (wid45 James Jas) I ADELAIDE STREET, west from Montreal to Alfred, first north of James NORTH SIDE SOUTH SIDE | Samuel Not opened DivisionConley, I to Lansdowne street intersects 3 HilHer, Adam I 5 Sammons, Isaac I 7 MacDonald, George I ALBERT STREET, north from King to Fair Grounds, fifth west of Barrie EAST SIDE WEST SIDE I endsStuart street | 96 MacGillivray, John, Ph.D. 138 Skelton, Prof Oscar D I 91 Taylor, Principal R. Bruce 142 Hutton, James O in Apartment A | 99 Meagher, FrederickW Drury. Prof Chas 105 Robertson, Prof K Hamilton, Capt C M in Apart CJ 113 Wheelock, Milton Bruce 144 Best, L T 148 Carr-Harris, Maj M C 152 Abernethy, Alfred I J Union street west intersects 203 Nicol, ProfWm 198 Greenlees, Robert F 209 Ellis, Louise (wid Wm) 200 Clarke, Professor Arthur L 213 Simpson, Eleanor (wid Chas D) 208 Wallace, Prof Herbert T 221 Mathews, Miss Angelique 212 Daly, Miss Annie M I 223 Carroll, Wm 1218 Forneri, Rev R P 227 Birley, Mary P (wid Frank) 220 Campbell, Samuel F V I 229 Chown, Harvey R Cooper Street begin? I 239 Ferris, Edward 234 Cornett, Rebecca (wid Wm) I J 253 Betts, Henry A 236 Graham, R S I 1238 Blomely, Jas 246 Abernethy, Bert I 252 Rea, Annie (wid David) I 258 Dobbs, John R C I Earl street intersects 275 James, Richard 266 Randall, Capt A G 281 Walsh, Mary E 270 Simpson, Dr. S H 297 Symons,, Sarah (wid John) 276 Geiger, A G 301 Chapman, Rosana (wid Hardy) 282 Inman,Wm F 303 Horne_, .S V 284 Tait, Alex. 309 Gillespie, James 290 Gorden, Geo S All Standard Railroad Watches IN STOCKWatch Repairing SMITH BROS. -- King St. SCIETIFICALLYEYES EXAMINED AT KINGSTON'S LEADING OPTICAL PARLORS STEWART, Opt. D., OPTOMETRIST. MFG. OPTICAN. OPPOSITE 6EKERAL OOST OFFICEJ. J. ECTORY ALBERTALBERT STREET DIR Carruthers, VictorBaker, Phillip Henry |298313 J 1300 Gordon, John 304 Pollitt, Wm 308 Cook, William W 312 Caughey, Robt A f 314 Spooner, Agnes (wid Wm Jr) I 1316 Raven, Annie (wid John) |318 Bryant, James, grocer street intersectsJohnson Lappen, B343 Anaerson, Wm G |320 J 340 Rutherford,347 Knapp, Dixon S James I 344 Filtz, RichardWilson, John A353 I Kelly, TMarrison, G E 1346 W355 350 Kennedy, Alexis I 1354 Montgomery, Robt 1356 Jemmett, D M 366 Nash, Dr C C I Brock street intersects I 368 Crawford,Victoria Park John J 374 Fournier, Joseph I 376 Craig, Rev Wm I 1380 Graham, Sarah (wid James) |382 Henry A |386 Coward, George B 388 Williams, Angus I 1390 Mcllquham, James, contractor 392 Robinson, Levi P I 398 Gallagher, W H I H404 Stewart. I J Mack street intersects D 408 Horsey, Edwin E415 Home, Chas ( 417 Will, D |412 Saunders, GarnetWJ 419 Shibley, Rev Samuel 414 Vince, Robert I 425 Tandy, Rechab 420 Bruce, I 427 Friendship, John 422 Maxwell, I Jas 431 Campbell, 440 Clow, Frederick M. I 437 Marshall, |442 Patterson Richard DJohn 441 Huycke, Fred Turner, Major Charles[444 445 Mulligan, William 1446 Bell, Rev G A 447 Bearance, Sherman |448 Marshall, Thos C 451 Alexander, Robert 464 Saunders, George H I 453 Home, Cliflford R 1466 Millard, Geo C 457 Sherbino, Robert 468 Henry, Robert I 461 Freeman, Francis C Spence, W H1470 465 Saunders, Mary (wid A) 472 Lambert, MarkJohn I Somerville, Francis I 474 Gray, D478 John I Princess churchStreet Methodist I Princess street intersects 505 Vernon, John 508 Angus, Jas 507 Garrison, Herbert 542 Smith, Edith (wid Leslie) 511 Clark, John 546 Darling, Sarah (wid Noble F) 515 Chamberlain, Geo 556 Jarrell, AJohn 515a Warwick, 558 Houghton,John S Chas D 517 Irwin, Robt Hunter,560 Johp 517a Cooke, Herbert H 519 Green, Edward andBondsK. Carroll AgencyJ. 36 DebenturesBR.OCK ST. If if thes Last WordLADIES' WEAR in Newest of Styles—Mendels We Have It. STREETALBERT DIRECTORY ALFRED 521 Law, Robert 525 Hamilton, Harold 527 Rea, Eliz (wid Thos) 531 Foster, L J 535 Creer, Charles 545 Silver, Emma (wid Wm) 557 Roddy, John from AliceALFRED STREET, north to Concession Rd, first west University Av EAST SIDE WEST SIDE I 55 Flammer, Dr E Bassam, William E65 67 Mooney, Isabella 73 Wilson, Joseph Russell75 Stuart, Jas Queen's College Cciapus n Goodman, Wm J 79 Corbett, John W 81 Holland, John 83 Cleland, Robt Union street west intersects grocer109 Stover, Herbert, Herbert M111 Victoria School I113 Wood, H W 136 Cruse, James G, caretaker K C 117 O'Brien, Mary (wid Patrick) Collegiate Institute 119 Farrar, Joseph 129 Bedford, John 131 Hamilton, Frank 133 Bawden, Evelyn (wid Jos) 135 Asselstine, Minerva (wid Isaac F) 137 Black, James 139 Weir, R 151 Mortimer, Joseph . 153 Torrance, Rev E F., D.D. 157 Hall, Chas H Hall.159 C H 161 Cousins, Robert 163 Nicol, Mary, bdg hse Earl street intersects Rev DouglasArniel, Wm grocer 1172 Laing,163J4 J, 165 Hopkinson, Wm 176 Hambrook, Fred C I 167 Robinson, Elizabeth W (wid Geo A) 178 Pound, George D 177 Dunn, R 180 Stewart, Thomas H 179 Gibson, 182 Young, DavidJohn J 181 Lemmon, Sarah (wid 184 Gilbert, Maggie (wid Albert)Jos) 200 Watts, H183 Spriggs, CaptW A John Sloan Richardson, W187 ,Richard 202 L 189 Hinton, David 204 Love, D 201 Wells, William 206 Hall, DavidJ 203 Paul, Mrs Elizabeth (wid Capt 208 Shanahan, JasJohn) 203a Snowden, Wm H 210 Owles, Edgar 205 McFarland. Marie E (wid 214 Gates, WilliamGeo) J 209 Taylor, Edward 216 Ryan, MalcolmJ 211 Moore, Ann 218 Lawler, Esther (wid(wid Daniel) Jas) 220 Asselstine, William H Johnson street intersects Franklin, Murray,229 Wm |234 AlfredJ J 231 Diack, Robt 1236 Wood, Daniel P 235 Redmond, John |240 Gordon, Geo D • 237 Harkness, Rebecca (wid Samuel) Allen Miss Sarahl242 WEDDING PRESENTS al SMITH MOSi in CIT GLASS, SILVERWARE, Etc. KING350 STREET For Well-Made Ready -to. Mendels wear at lowest prices ALFRED STREET DIRECTORY ALFRED 239 MacDonald, Geo A