A new time-of-flight spectrometer for impact generated ions [Elektronische Ressource] / presented by Mikhail Rashev

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Dissertationsubmitted to theCombined Faculties of Natural Sciences and for Mathematicsof the Ruperto-Carola University of Heidelberg, Germanyfor the degree ofDoctor of Natural Sciencespresented by Master-diploma Physicist Mikhail Rashevborn in Vyborg, RussiaOral examination: 16.02.2005iiA new Time-of-flight Spectrometer for Impact Generated IonsReferees Prof. Dr. Eberhard Grun¨Prof. Dr. Karlheinz MeierivAbstractThis thesis deals with the development of a time-of-flight mass spectrometer (Large Area2Dust Mass Analyzer). This next generation instrument will have a large sensitive area(0:1m ) inmorder to achieve a higher number of dust impacts and a mass resolution 100 which allowsDmthe identification of the most abundant elements in a dust particle.In order to study the hypervelocity impact process as well as to apply new components formass analyzer the laboratory set-up was built. It has a reflectron in order to compensate initialion energies and a microchanel plate detector as an ion detector.The Large Area Mass Analyzer has been simulated. The sensitive area of the instrument2is about 0:1m . The mass resolution varies in the range 150-200. The design improvementsallow us to incorporate the trajectory sensor in order to determine the velocity and mass of thedust particles. A simulating software as well as analytical calculations were applied in order toobtain the geometrical configuration.



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Published 01 January 2005
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