A novel 4-valued discrete network for the analysis of signalling events integrating protein interaction and gene expression data applied on hematopoietic differentiation [Elektronische Ressource] / presented by Sotirios Ziagos

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Dissertationsubmitted to theCombined Faculties for the Natural Sciences and for Mathematicsof the Ruperto-Carola University of Heidelberg, Germanyfor the degree ofDoctor of Natural Sciencespresented byDiplom-Physiker: Sotirios Ziagosborn in: Plettenberg, GermanyOral examination:A novel 4-valued discrete network for the analysis ofsignalling events integrating protein interaction and geneexpression data applied on hematopoietic differentiationReferees: Prof. Dr. Stefan W¨olflPD Dr. Reinhard GuthkeEnglish SummarySignaltransduction is an important process, that is crucial for the interplayof cells in multicellular organisms and controls among other things cellu-lar proliferation and cellular differentiation. The complexity of signallingnetworks and the absence of comprehensive and accurate quantitative datamake a precise mathematical description of such networks difficult. Thiswork deals with the questions, if and how predications about signalling pro-cesses for specific cellular models can be made with the aid of interactiondatabases and gene expression profiles.Startingfrommolecularinteraction-databasescomplexnetworksaregen-erated comprising all known cellular signalling paths. But, not all of themplay a role in a specific cellular model. The specific adaptation of the net-works to a specific cellular system is achieved by additional integration ofdata obtained from gene expression profiles. Thereby, 1.



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Published 01 January 2005
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