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Comment 146


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COMMENTTHE COLLEGE NEWSLETTER ISSUE NO 146 | MARCH 2003Royal approval: HRH Princess Anneenjoys The Principal’s speech at theopening of the MRC Social, Geneticand Developmental Psychiatry Centre,Institute of PsychiatryStudy, one of the major researchprojects being carried out by the MRC SGDP Centre. It is ledby MRC Research ProfessorRobert Plomin, Deputy Directorof the Centre, and is the largesttwin study ever carried out in theUK. It focuses on childhooddevelopment of cognitive andlanguage disorders as well as providing a data set on whichseveral other major projects havebeen established.The Chancellor was presentedStudying the interplaybetween genes andenvironmentDOMINIC TURNERwith a posy by eight year-oldidentical twins, Jemma andJennnifer Abdul Malique Bello,Nature v Nurture who are part of the Twins Study,before unveiling a plaque com-memorating her visit to thisunique building.King’s leads the debate The MRC SGDP Centre isone of two Centres and eightdepartments that make up thenew state-of-the-art building bring together staff and res- the interplay between genes andInstitute of Psychiatry. for one of the world’s leading ources from their previous eight environment, and facilitate theProfessor Sir George Radda,Acentres researching the locations. investigation of abnormal devel-Chief Executive of the Medicalgenetic (nature) and environmental Professor Peter McGuffin, opment in the context of normalResearch Council said: ...



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Studying the interplay between genes and environment with a posy by eight year-old identical twins, Jemma and Jennnifer Abdul Malique Bello, who are part of the Twins Study, before unveiling a plaque com-memorating her visit to this unique building. The MRC SGDP Centre is one of two Centres and eight departments that make up the Institute of Psychiatry. Professor Sir George Radda,
Study , one of the major research projects being carried out by the MRC SGDP Centre. It is led by MRC Research Professor Robert Plomin, Deputy Director of the Centre, and is the largest twin study ever carried out in the UK. It focuses on childhood development of cognitive and language disorders as well as providing a data set on which several other major projects have been established. The Chancellor was presented
Research Council said: ‘Knowl-edge of why some mental health problems occur is little under-continued on page 2
DOMINIC TURNER Nature v Nurture King’s leads the debate A fnoerw  osntea toef- tohf-et hweo-raldrts  blueialddiinngg boruirncge s tforogemt hthere irs tparfef viaonusd  eirgehs-ttehnev iirnotnermpleanyt , beatnwd efeanc iglietantees  atnhed genetic (nature) and environmental Professor Peter McGuffin, opment in the context of normal (nurture) factors affecting mental Head of the MRC SGDP Centre development.’ health was opened by the Chancel-explains their work: ‘Studying the The three main areas of lor of the University of London, HRH developmental causes of mental research are: The Princess Royal on 13 February. disorders is crucial to finding mood disorders – especially The Medical Research Coun- ways to prevent their occurrence. anxiety and depression cil Social, Genetic and Develop- The goal of the Centre is to externalising disorders – mental Psychiatry (SGDP) Cen- bridge the gap between nature especially disruptive behaviour tre is based at the Institute of and nurture as they interact in and hyperactivity Psychiatry, Denmark Hill cam- the development of complex cognitive problems – especially pus and was set up in 1994. behavioural dimensions and language and cognition. The £15 million five-storey disorders. international mental health ‘The Centre focuses on com- On her tour of the building, research centre building with mon disorders that develop early the Chancellor also heard about purpose-built laboratories will in life, are amenable to studying The Twins’ Early Development
2 White Pape | r 3 Iraq discussio | n4 SRIF fundi | n  g 5 DNA at King | ’s 6 Departmental focus: Medical & Molecular | Genetics 8 UkeU & War Stud | i  e 1 s 1 Profile: Ben Bowli | n 1 g 3 Artist in Residen | c 1 e 8 Student ne | w  s 19 New books
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2 | COMMENT | March 2003
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