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Constraints on foraging and their consequences for emperor penguins [Elektronische Ressource] = Einschränkungen bei der Nahrungssuche und deren Konsequenzen für Kaiserpinguine / Ilka Zimmer


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CONSTRAINTS ON FORAGING AND THEIR CONSEQUENCESFOR EMPEROR PENGUINSILKA ZIMMER2007ALFRED-WEGENER-INSTITUT FÜR POLAR- UND MEERESFORSCHUNGALFRED WEGENER INSTITUTE FOR POLAR AND MARINE RESEARCHD-27568 BREMERHAVENBUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND–F EDERAL REPUBLIK OF GERMANYCONSTRAINTS ON FORAGING AND THEIR CONSEQUENCESFOR EMPEROR PENGUINSEINSCHRÄNKUNGEN BEI DER NAHRUNGSSUCHE UND DEREN KONSEQUENZEN FÜR KAISERPINGUINEILKA ZIMMER 1. GutachterProf.Dr.W.Hagen 2. GutachterDr.J.PlötzVorgelegt an der Universität Bremen (Fachbereich 2 – Biologie/Chemie) als Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doktor der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.) Bremen 2007 SUMMARYSUMMARYEmperor penguins are the largest living penguin and the only bird species thatbreeds during the Antarctic winter, on sea-ice around the Antarctic continent. They are fundamentally adapted to the high Antarctic sea-ice environment, showing radical breeding and foraging behaviour. High latitude-breeding exposes emperor penguinsto extreme changes in sea-ice cover and light conditions over the course of the year, both factors that are likely to affect foraging success. This thesis examines some of the ecological and physiological constraints on emperor penguin foraging behaviour using birds from Pointe Géologie, Antarctica and considers how these birds modulatebehaviour to cope with their extraordinary environment.



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Published 01 January 2007
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