Exploring, Programming, and Prototyping MP-SoCs in 24 hours
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Exploring, Programming, and Prototyping MP-SoCs in 24 hours

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Benchmark Appli cations  
Todor S tefanov and E d Deprettere
Leiden Embedded Rese arch Cen ter,
Leid en Ins titute of Advanced Computer S cience
Le iden U niversity, The Nethe rlands
 Intr oduction to the c urrent benchmar k su ite
 Brief re porting on the experiences w ith the
benchmark appl ications
 Iuliana Bacivarov ( 10 m in)
 Todor Stef anov ( 10 min)
 Bastian Ristau (10 min)
 Discussion
Todor Stefanov – Map2M PSoC workshop 29.06.2009 2 Benchmark Suite
 Common se t of benchmark applications is mi ssing in
the MP SoC community
 The issue was d iscussed at the M ap2 MPS oC wor king
meeting on November 27-28, 200 8 in Dusseldor f
 Man y application s are available BUT
 They are in sequential form
 The M PSoC community ne eds parallel application specifications
 Decision made at the meet ing
 To in itiate th e cre ation o f an application benchmark s uit for
 To c reate a com mon re pository where interested parties
can u pload a pplications f or t he ben chmark suite
 To m ake the be nchmark su ite available on Int ernet
Todor Stefanov – Map2M PSoC workshop 29.06.2009 3 Current C ontent of B enchmark S uite
 The benc hmark s uit i s ava ilable o n Internet at
http://www.art ist- embedded.or g/art ist/Benchm arks.ht ml
 It cons ists of 8 appli cations contr ibuted by 3
 U Leiden (Todor S tefanov)
 Motio n JPEG encoder
 JPEG 2000 encoder
 Sobel
 TU Ei ndhoven (Marc Geilen)
 MP3
 H.263 en coder
 H.263 ...



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 Benchmark Applications  Todor Stefanov and Ed DeprettereLeiden Embedded Research Center, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer ScienceLeiden University, The Netherlands
AgendaIntroduction to the current benchmark suite Brief reporting on the experiences with the benchmark applicationsIuliana Bacivarov (10 min)Todor Stefanov (10 min)Bastian Ristau (10 min)Discussion oTod rtSfenavo  aM2pPMoS Cowkrhspo 92.60.02902
Benchmark SuiteCommon set of benchmark applications is missing in the MPSoC communityThe issue was discussed at the Map2MPSoC working meeting on November 27-28, 2008 in DusseldorfMany applications are available BUTThey are in sequential form The MPSoC community needs parallel application specificationsDecision made at the meetingTo initiate the creation of an application benchmark suit for CoSPMTo create a common repository where interested parties can upload applications for the benchmark suiteTo make the benchmark suite available on Internet oTod rtSfenavo  aM2pPMoS Cowkrhspo 92.60.02903
Current Content of Benchmark SuiteThe benchmark suit is available on Internet at http://www.artist-embedded.org/artist/Benchmarks.htmlIt consists of 8 applications contributed by 3 universitiesU Leiden (Todor Stefanov)Motion JPEG encoderJSPobEeGl  2000 encoderTU Eindhoven (Marc Geilen)  3PMHH..226633  edneccooddeerrETH Zurich (Iuliana Bacivarov)MMJPPEEGG-2  ddeeccooddeerr oTod rtSfenavo  aM2pPMoS Cowkrhspo 92.60.02904
seYseYseYseYseY seYeY sCCFeatures of the applicationsoSlebJPEG 2000 encoderApplicationMotion JPEG encoderformatCfully func.formatYes C++ for YAPIXML for DaedalusC++ YAPIXML for DaedalusC++ YAPIXML for DaedalusXML for SDF3XML for SDF3XML for SDF3XML and C for DOLXML and C for DOLSequential SpecParallel SpecLicensefully func.MoC Yes KPNCPLYesKPNCPLYes KPNCPLYesKPNCPLYes KPNCPLYesKPNCPLNoSDFGPLNoSDFGPLNoSDFGPLYesKPNETHZYesKPNETHZCCCCC3PMH.263 encoderH.263 decoderMPEG 2 decoderMJPEG decoderlanoitcnuf ylluf era sceps lellarap lla toNstamrof LMX tnereffid ni era sceps lellarap llA)CoM( noitatupmoc fo sledom wolf-atad nwonk llew esu sceps lellarap llAsnoitacilppa )wolf-atad( gnimaerts era snoitacilppa llA:snoitavresbo emoS59002.60.92 pohskrow CoSPM2paM  vonafetS rodoT 
boSleApplications contributed by U Leiden  Sobel (edge detection) only task-level parallelism  JPEG2000 (encoder) mainly task-level parallelism Motion JPEG (encoder)  task-level and data-level parallelism oTod rtSfenavo  aM2pPMoS CowkrsMGEPJoh p92.60.0290JPEG20006
CMEMMPmCCnPICCmMCMCPmCC1PICC1MEMMCMany alternative platform instances can be constructed fast and easily by instantiating different type/number of components and setting their parameters.   Programmable processors  Hardware IP Cores   Memory Components:  Program, Data (on-chip and external) Memory (MEM)   Communication Memory (CM)  Point-to-point network  Crossbar switch  Shared bus with Round-Robin, Fixed Priority, or TDMA arbitration Communication Components:MP-SoC platform considered  Processing Components:79002.60.92 pohskrow CoSPM2paM  vonafetS rodoT    ezinorhcnys dna tcennoc ot woh selur denifed llew + stnenopmoc fo yrarbil  mroftalPstnenopmoc noitacinummoc dna ,yromem ,gnissecorp neewteb ecafretni  )CC( rellortnoC noitacinummoC 
Parallel Specification in C++YAPI formatYAPI simulation environment is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/y-api/DE1_ND_0OP1ED_0IPI1P2ND_1OPO1P2ED_2IP1ND_212  /v/ opirdo cmeasisn (N )D {_134         f o fr(o ri(n ti n it = j2=; 2i;< j=<M=;N i;+ j++ +)  ) {5 if( j-2 == 0 ) 6 read( IP1, in_0 ); 7 if( j-3 >= 0 ) 8 read( IP2, in_0 );9 Transformer( in_0, out_0);10 if( -j+N-1 >= 0 ) 11 write( OP1, out_0 );12 if( j-N == 0 ) {13 write( OP2, out_0 );14 }// for j15}// main oTod rtSeCONTROLfEaXnERDACEUETIRWETvo  aM2pPMoS Cowkrhspo 92.60.02908
Parallel Spec in XML Daedalus format Daedalus design framework is available at http://daedalus.liacs.nlNetwork Topology Specification in XML oTod rtSfenavo  aM2pPMoS CowkrhsND_0OP1ED_0po 92.60.02901_DEIPI1P2ND_1OPO1P2ED_2IP1ND_29
Parallel Spec in XML Daedalus format Process Control Code Specification in XML (1) 019002.60.92 pohskrow CoSPM2paM  vonafetS rodoT i*1j*0i2##0*N#0*M-20,-1*i#0*j#0*N#1*M#00,0*i#1*j#0*N#0*M-2100j0N0Mc-o2nst100001-20sig1n1i1-1002£i£M,£i£M,-20,2£j£N,-i#M0,j-210j-210j-210CONTROLDAER_DE1IP2OP1ND_0OP1ED_0IP1ND_1OP2ED_2IP1ND_2EXECUTE9 Transformer( in_0, out_0);10 if( -j+N-1 >= 0 ) 11 write( OP1, out_0 );ETIRW12 if( j-N == 0 ) {13 write( OP2, out_0 );14 }// for j15}// main1  // process ND_12void main( ) {3 for( int i=2; i<=M; i++ ) 4 for( int j=2; j<=N; j++ ) {5 if( j-2 == 0 ) 6 read( IP1, in_0 ); 7 if( j-3 >= 0 ) 8 read( IP2, in_0 );
Parallel Spec in XML Daedalus format Process Control Code Specification in XML (2) oTod rtSfenavo  aM2pPMoS Cowkrhsosig1n1i1-100 p92.60.0290j001N000M010co--n2021s1t