Formal sciences

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Mathematics, logic, computer science (all our books and computer books on this page ), algebra or geometry are a particular part of science. These are, in fact, formal sciences or logical-formal sciences . The latter will explore axiomatic systems.

Science based on numbers

Particularity of the formal sciences , they are based on numbers and watches. It is therefore important to master these concepts if you want to understand the different formal sciences.

Another particularity of mathematics, logic, computer science, algebras or geometry, they are often used in other sciences. For example, physics often uses mathematics. This is also the case for economics, which cannot function without mathematical statistics.

Today, even more than a few decades ago, most people use these logical-formal sciences in their everyday life, sometimes even without realizing it. Indeed, when you do a simple calculation, you use mathematics, when you use a computer, a smartphone or a tablet you use (or your machine) computers without knowing it.

A large choice of documents on science

To better understand its different formal sciences , you will find on our site a wide choice of documents and publications on these disciplines. Do not hesitate to browse them online, download them or download them.

Among the publications that could be interesting, there are our courses on computer science or our documents on algorithmics .