cours en anglais 2010
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cours en anglais 2010


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Courses taught in English 2010-2011Bio-engineering, Agronomy and Environment FacultyIntroduction to systems analysisLBIR 1305 LBIR 1320 Laboratories, seminars and integrated practice of analytical chemistryLBIR 1321 Biochemistry II : metabolic pathways and their regulationGeneral geneticsLBIR 1322 MicrobiologyLBIR 1323 LBIR 1324 Animal physiologyLBIR 1335 Field excursions in pedology, agricultural ecology and forestryReport on the work experience trainingLBIR 1345 Law and criminology FacultyLegal EnglishLDROI 1282 Introduction to comparative lawLDROI 1502 LDROI 1510 Introduction to American LawLDROP 2031 Financial Markets RegulationsInternational Business AgreementsLDROP 2041 International Protection of Human RightsLDROP 2091 LDROP 2093 Leading cases of the European Court of Human RightsWorld Trade Organization LawLDROP 2181 International Organizations and World GovernanceLDROP 2182 LDROP 2183 International Protection of the EnvironmentLFIRM 2207 Antitrust Policies WorldwideLouvain School of EngineeringLELEC 2590 Seminars in electronics and communicationsLELEC 2620 Design of digital electronic systemsSecure electronic circuits and systemsLELEC 2760 LELEC 2796 Wireless communicationsLELEC 2870 Machine Learning : regression, dimensionality reduction and data visualizationImage processing and computer visionLELEC 2885 Signal processingLELEC 2900 LELEC 2920 Communication networksLGBIO 2050 Medical ImagingComputer networks: information ...



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Language English
Courses taught in English
Bio-engineering, Agronomy and Environment Faculty
LBIR 1305
LBIR 1320
LBIR 1321
LBIR 1322
LBIR 1323
LBIR 1324
LBIR 1335
LBIR 1345
Law and criminology Faculty
LDROI 1282
LDROI 1502
LDROI 1510
LDROP 2031
LDROP 2041
LDROP 2091
LDROP 2093
LDROP 2181
LDROP 2182
LDROP 2183
LFIRM 2207
Louvain School of Engineering
LELEC 2590
LELEC 2620
LELEC 2760
LELEC 2796
LELEC 2870
LELEC 2885
LELEC 2900
LELEC 2920
LGBIO 2050
LINGI 2141
LINGI 2142
LINGI 2143
Introduction to systems analysis
Laboratories, seminars and integrated practice of analytical chemistry
Biochemistry II : metabolic pathways and their regulation
General genetics
Animal physiology
Field excursions in pedology, agricultural ecology and forestry
Report on the work experience training
Legal English
Introduction to comparative law
Introduction to American Law
Financial Markets Regulations
International Business Agreements
International Protection of Human Rights
Leading cases of the European Court of Human Rights
World Trade Organization Law
International Organizations and World Governance
International Protection of the Environment
Antitrust Policies Worldwide
Seminars in electronics and communications
Design of digital electronic systems
Secure electronic circuits and systems
Wireless communications
Machine Learning : regression, dimensionality reduction and data visualization
Image processing and computer vision
Signal processing
Communication networks
Medical Imaging
Computer networks: information transfer
Computer networks: configuration and management
Concurrent systems : models and analysis
LINGI 2144
LINGI 2251
LINGI 2252
LINGI 2255
LINGI 2261
LINGI 2262
LINGI 2263
LINGI 2264
LINGI 2315
LINGI 2325
LINGI 2339
LINGI 2346
LINGI 2347
LINGI 2348
LINGI 2349
LINGI 2355
LINGI 2359
LINGI 2365
LINGI 2368
LINGI 2369
LINGI 2379
LINMA 2111
LINMA 2120
LINMA 2450
LINMA 2460
LINMA 2494
LINMA 2710
LMAPR 2010
LMAPR 2011
LMAPR 2013
LMAPR 2014
LMAPR 2015
LMAPR 2019
LMAPR 2320
LMAPR 2330
LMAPR 2380
LMAPR 2481
LMAPR 2642
Secured systems engineering
Software engineering: development methods
Software Engineering : Measures and Maintenance
Software engineering project
Artificial intelligence: representation and reasoning
Machine Learning :classification and evaluation
Computational Linguistics
Automated reasoning
Design of Embedded and real-time systems
Graphic systems and applications
Abstract interpretation
Distributed application design
Computer system security
Information theory and coding
Network and communication seminar
Software requirements & architecture
Software engineering seminar
Constraint programming
Computational biology
Artificial intelligence seminar
Machine learning seminar
Discrete mathematics II : Algorithms and complexity
System theory seminar.
Combinatorial optimization
Optimization : Nonlinear programming
Optimization and operations research seminar
Numerical algorithms
Polymer Materials
Methods of Physical and Chemical Analysis
Physical Chemistry for Metals and Ceramics
Physics of Functional Materials
Physics of Nanostructures
Polymer Science and Engineering
Process development in industrial organic chemistry
Reactor Design
Solid-fluid separation
Deformation and fracture of materials
Characterisation of Inorganic Materials
LMAPR 2643
LMAPR 2680
LMAPR 2690
LMECA 2170
LMECA 2300
LSINF 2172
LSINF 2224
LSINF 2255
LSINF 2275
LSINF 2335
LSINF 2345
LSINF 2356
LSINF 2381
LSINF 2382
Economical Social and Political Sciences Faculty
LECGE 1218
LECGE 1330
LECGE 1331
LECGE 1332
LECGE 1334
LECON 2011
LECON 2041
LECON 2065
LECON 2067
LECON 2069
LECON 2111
LECON 2112
LECON 2121
LECON 2122
LECON 2161
LECON 2350
LECON 2353
LECON 2370
LECON 2371
LECON 2372
LECON 2373
LECON 2374
Treatment of liquid effluents
Treatments of gaseous wastes
Valorisation and Treatment of Solid Wastes
Numerical Geometry in CAD
Advanced Numerical Methods
Database design
Programming methods
Software engineering project
Data mining & decision making
Programming paradigms : theory, practice and applications
Languages and algorithms for distributed applications
Human-computer interaction
Information systems seminar
Computer supported collaborative work
Financial analysis and Mathematics
Industrial organization
European Economy
Seminar International Economy : trade
Interdependencies and Strategic Behavior
International Trade
History of Economic Thought
Critical Analysis of Market Economies
Ethics and Social Choice
Advanced Microeconomics I: Decision and Game Theory
Advanced Microeconomics II: General Equilibrium and Mechanism Design
Advanced Macroeconomics I : Intertemporal Behavior and Business Cycles
Advanced Macroeconomics II : Growth, Dynamics and Policy
Research Seminar I: Macroeconomics
Public economy
Economic and Education Policies
Industrial Organization and Corporate Strategy
Economics of ICT'S: Impact and Regulation
Corporate Strategy and Anti-Trust
Special Topics in Law and Economics
Economics of information sector
LECON 2381
LECON 2382
LECON 2411
LECON 2476
LECON 2486
LECON 2500
LECON 2600
LECON 2601
LECON 2602
LECON 2603
LECON 2604
LECON 2605
LECON 2606
LECON 2607
LECON 2608
LECON 2609
LESPO 2212
LEUSL 2010
Political Theories and Regimes of the European Union
LEUSL 2011
Actors of the European political system
LEUSL 2030
LEUSL 2202
LINGE 1315
LINGE 1316
LPOLS 1328
LSPRI 2010
LSPRI 2055
LSPRI 2300
LSPRI 2600
LSPRI 2610
LSPRI 2620
Arts and Letters Faculty
LARKO 2240
LFLTR 1720
LGERM 1121
LGERM 1122
LGERM 1123
LGERM 1124
Trade and Tax Policy in Europe
European Monetary Policy
Strategies of Collective Decision Making
Seminar on the Economics of Strategy and Innovation
Seminar on Microeconomic Policy Issues in Europe
Mathematics and Statistics for Economics
Dynamical Methods in Economics
Advanced Econometrics II - Time Series Econometrics
Advanced Econometrics II - Microeconometrics
Econometrics Workshop
Advanced International Trade
Capital Markets Theory
Monetary Economics
Public Economics
Labour Economics
Game Theory
Social responsability in Economic life
Economic and social integration in Europe
Political philosophy and the European Union
Production and Operations management
Comparative politics
Current Issues of International Security
Compared Public Policies
International Negotiation
Comparative analysis of Korea and North-East Asia
Contemporary Korea
Geopolitical and strategical issues of Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia
Geoarchaeology and Paleoenvironment
English language
English language : listening and speaking skills
English language : reading and writing
English Grammar
English Literature : Introduction to a Critical Approach of Literary Texts
LGERM 1322
LGERM 1323
LGERM 1324
LGERM 1325
LGERM 1502
LGERM 1522
LGERM 1523
LGERM 1524
LGERM 1525
LGERM 2233
LGERM 2421
LGERM 2422
LGERM 2522
LGERM 2719
LGERM 2720
LGERM 2721
LGERM 2722
LGERM 2723
LGERM 2724
LGERM 2725
LGERM 2726
LGERM 2823
LGERM 2824
LGERM 2825
LGERM 2826
LGERM 2871
LGERM 2872
LGERM 2891
LGERM 2921
LHART 2240
Louvain School of Management
LLSMA 2001
LLSMA 2002
LLSMF 2011
LLSMF 2013
LLSMF 2019
LLSMF 2021
English advanced receptive skills I
Introduction to English linguistics : phonology and morphology
The History of English Literature I
Civilisation of the English-speaking countries : cultural aspects
English advanced productive skills II (contrastive analysis and translation)
English advanced receptive skills II (stylistics)
Introduction to English linguistics : syntax and stylistics
The History of English Literature II
Civilisation of the English-speaking countries :
The present
Reading comprehension and vocabulary extension: economic and commercial texts in English
Economic, legal, social and political issues in English-speaking countries
Oral business communication techniques in English
English as a foreign language (DFL) methodology
Comparative grammar and contrastive linguistics
Interactive Competence in English : English for academic purposes
English Linguistics: Varieties of English
In-depth study of a period of English literature
English linguistics : SOCIOLINGUISTICS
English literature: in-depth study of a theme
English linguistics: Second Language Acquisition
English literature: in-depth study of a literary movement
English Linguistics : Lexicology
English literature: in-depth study of a genre
English Linguistics : Corpus Linguistics
English literature: in-depth study of an author
Research seminar in English linguistics: Corpora and applied linguistics
Research seminar in English literature
Research seminar in foreign and second language methodology
Seminar : English Teaching Methodology
Visual Culture Studies and Art History
Epistemology of management
Quantitative Research Methods
Knowledge Management
Quantitative data analysis
Quantitative project
Project management
LLSMS 2003
LLSMS 2004
LLSMS 2006
LLSMS 2007
LLSMS 2013
LLSMS 2014
LLSMS 2016
LLSMS 2017
LLSMS 2018
LLSMS 2019
LLSMS 2020
LLSMS 2030
LLSMS 2031
LLSMS 2032
LLSMS 2033
LLSMS 2034
LLSMS 2035
LLSMS 2040
LLSMS 2041
LLSMS 2042
LLSMS 2060
LLSMS 2061
LLSMS 2062
LLSMS 2063
LLSMS 2064
LLSMS 2065
LLSMS 2080
LLSMS 2081
LLSMS 2090
LLSMS 2091
LLSMS 2092
LLSMS 2093
LLSMS 2099
LLSMS 2100
LLSMS 2101
LLSMS 2102
LLSMS 2103
LLSMS 2104
Brand Management
Business to Business marketing
Strategic Communication
Advanced Corporate Finance
Entrepreneurial finance
Active Portfolio Management
International Accounting Standards
European Corporate Governance
Bank management I
Bank Management II
Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Tools for Supply Chain Management decisions
Operations Management and Factory Physics
Transportation and Logistics
Supply Chain Planning
Supply Chain Coordination and Sourcing
Innovation Management
Economics of Innovation
Developing Innovative Venture
European Economic Policy
Corporate Strategy in Europe
Management of European Companies (Business Cases)
Industrial Relations in Europe
European Public Affairs
Seminar in Cross Cultural Competences and Management
International Entrepreneurship
Strategic Management of Start ups
E-Commerce Systems Modeling and Design
Web Mining
Business Workflows and Processes
Corporate Social Responsability
Advanced finance
Advanced Cost Management
Advanced Marketing
Advanced Strategic Management
Advanced Human Resource Management
LLSMS 2105
LLSMS 2107
LLSMS 2108
LLSMS 2109
LLSMS 2111
LLSMS 2112
LLSMS 2113
LLSMS 2114
LLSMS 2115
LLSMS 2116
Sciences Faculty
LACTU 2080
LACTU 2220
LACTU 2230
LACTU 2240
LACTU 2250
LBIO 1111
LBIO 1113
LBIO 1114
LBIO 1182
LCHM 1111
LCHM 1112
LCHM 1311
LCHM 2151
LCHM 2152
LCHM 2153
LCHM 2231
LCHM 2241
LCHM 2243
LCHM 2244
LCHM 2251
LCHM 2252
LCHM 2253
LCHM 2261
LCHM 2280
LCHM 2281
LCHM 2290
Advanced Logistics
International Management of Human Resources
International Financial Management
International Marketing Management
International Business
Supply Chain Modelling and Management
Legal Aspects of International Business Management
Innovation and Corporate Strategy
Asset and Liability Management
Health Insurance
Stochastic Finance in Insurance
Risk management in energy markets
A) Cell biology and introduction to prokaryotes, protists and fungi; B) Plant biology; C) Animal biology
General, functional and systematic anatomy
Introduction to biology
Interdisciplinary seminar : biological anthropology
General chemistry 1
General Chemistry
Environmental chemistry
Complements of spectroscopy
NMR Complements
Applied chemical kinetics
Chemistry and functionality of inorganic materials
Organic synthesis
Chemistry of natural products
Medicinal chemistry
Structural chemistry by diffraction methods
Selected topics in Physical Chemistry
Chemical kinetics in the gas phase
Polymer Chemistry and Physico-Chemistry
Industrial chemistry
Thesis tutorial
LGEO 1111
LGEO 1181
LGEO 1342
LGEO 2120
LGEO 2130
LGEO 2140
LGEO 2160
LGEO 2210
LGEO 2240
LGEO 2260
LMAFY 1181
LMAT 1111
LMAT 1121
LMAT 2910
LMAT 2920
LMAT 2930
LMAT 2997
LPHY 1222
LPHY 2232
LPHY 2998
LSTAT 3100
Probability and mathematical statistics
LSTAT 3120
LSTAT 3130
LSTAT 3140
LSTAT 3210
LSTAT 3220
LSTAT 3310
LSTAT 3320
LVETE 1300
LVETE 1342
LVETE 1373
General courses
LANG 1861
LANG 1862
LANGL 1370
LANGL 1531
LANGL 1810
English for Political Scientists (Advanced level)
English for Arts Students - An intermediate course
English: reading comprehension
English : reading and listening
comprehension of scientific texts
Reading and listening comprehension of scientific texts
General geography
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Experimental geomorphlogy
Geographic modelling
Monitoring of ecological changes by remote sensing
Integrated exercise in geography I
Advanced human geography
Tectonic geomorphology
Integrated exercise in geography II
Actualities in Mathematics and Physics
General Mathematics
Mathematical analysis 1
Advanced topics in mathematics I
Advanced topics in mathematics II
Thesis tutorial
Advanced nonparametric statistics
Special topics in mathematical statistics
Advanced topics in mathematics III
Thesis tutorial
Quantum mechanics
Nuclear physics II
Special topics in biostatistics
Resampling methods with applications
Statistical consulting
Statistics seminar
Applied statistics workshops
Integrated Seminars
Anatomy of Domestic Animals
Physiology of Domestic Animals
LANGL 1811
LANGL 1816
LANGL 1821
LANGL 1822
LANGL 1823
LANGL 1841
LANGL 1842
LANGL 1850
LANGL 1851
LANGL 1854
LANGL 1855
LANGL 1856
LANGL 1871
LANGL 1872
LANGL 1873
LANGL 1881
LANGL 1882
LANGL 2091
LANGL 2092
LANGL 2410
LANGL 2421
LANGL 2422
LANGL 2423
LANGL 2431
LANGL 2432
LANGL 2433
LANGL 2440
LANGL 2450
LANGL 2451
LANGL 2453
LANGL 2454
LANGL 2480
LANGL 2600
LANGL 2601
LANGL 2623
LANGL 2710
LANGL 2711
LANGL 3451
Listening comprehension and specialised (business) English oral exercises
Specialised English Writing Skills
English for industrial pharmacists
English Communication Skills for Bioengineers
English for Communication - Entry to Professional life
English for Communication - Entry to Professional life
Entry to Professional life in English for Criminologists
Interactive Communication in Medicine
English - communication skills
Interactive communication in English - intermediate level
English for biomedical students
Interactive English for Sociologists
English communication
English communication skills
Interactive English for Psychology
Interactive Communication
English interactive communication for lawyers / upper-intermediate level
English interactive communication for lawyers - Advanced level
English Communication Skills for Students in Criminology
English : reading and listening comprehension of texts in Bioengineering
English : reading and listening
comprehension of texts in Bioengineering
Seminar of Business English
Advanced English for CEMS
Medical English
English : reading comprehension
English: Listening Comprehension
English communication skills for Engineers
English Listening & Reading Comprehension
Medical English
Medical English
English - Reading and listening comprehension of texts in criminology
Anglais: remédiation
English - Reading and listening comprehension of texts in psychology
Medical English
English: Language and Culture
Intermediate English for Philosophers and Theologians
English -
Reading and Listening Comprehension of legally-oriented Texts. Intermediate level
English - reading and listening comprehension of texts in law -
upper-intermediate level