Standards, measurements & testing
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Standards, measurements & testing


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Industrial research and development
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Practical Information and Programmes
& Testing
Information Package
Cation 1994 Standards,
& Testing
Information Package
Edition 1994 A great deal of additional information on the European Union is available on the Internet.
It can be accessed through the Europa server (
Cataloguing data can be found at the end of this publication
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1996
ISBN 92-827-8295-6
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Printed in the United Kingdom E UROPEAN
Information Package
Edition 1994 Table of
INDICATIVE TIMETABLE Calls for proposals
INTRODUCTION The Framework Programme IV (1994-1998)
Rationale and Objectives A STANDARDS, MEASUREMENTS 9
w & TESTING Technical Areas/Research Topics 11
Implementation u
Q WHO CAN PARTICIPATE From Member States 18
From other countries 18
Full participation 18
19 Project by project participation
WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA General eligibillity criteria 20 Θ
Conformity with the scope and objectives FOR PROPOSALS ?
of the programme
Transnational collaboration
Balance of consortium
General evaluation criteria2
Scientific and technical excellence and novelty 2
Precompetitive character 2
Scientific, technical and economic benefits 2
European dimension
Quality of management3
Potential exploitation of results 2
Technical competence
Specific criteria for individual Calls for proposals 24
HOW TO PREPARE AND How to find partners 32 O
WRITE A PROPOSAL Types of partners 52
Content of proposals 32
Financial and administrative form 32
Scientific and technical contents 55
Β RTD proposals 33
Thematic Network proposals 36
Submission 37
Deadline 37 Θ HOW TO SUBMIT
38 ' A PROPOSAL Delivery
Acknowledgement of Receipt Form 38
Evaluation and selection of proposals 40 Θ EVALUATION AND SELECTION
41 General procedures O CONTRACTS —
41 Negotiation of Contracts PROCEDURES AND
Form of Contract 42 PRINCIPLES
The role of the "project coordinator" 42
Two types of contractor 43
Subcontractors 43
44 European Economic Interest Groupings
Participation by Organisations from
non-Member States 44
Affiliated Companies 45
Model RTD Contracts - main principles and
specific conditions 45
Procedures 45
Payments 46
Costs 47
Reports 48
Ownership and Exploitation of Results 49
Licences and User Rights 52
Databases and Services 56 Θ INFORMATION AND
Contact points 60 w ASSISTANCE
Annex I: Expressions of Interest 69
Annex Π: Proposal Description - RTD projects 75
Annex ΙΠ:ln -
Thematic Networks 81
Application Forms
3 Indicative
Theme I
Measurements for Quality,European • Publication of first call for proposals 15 December 1994
Products including Written Standards • Deadline for receipt ofs 19 April 1995 (1)
for Industry (22 MECU) • Results of evaluation communicated to
proposers August 1995
• First contract negotiations t 1995
• Probable earliest start of contracts November 1995
Themes II & III related to
European Measurement Infrastructure and (Publication of second call for proposals 15 June 1995C2)
Measurements related to the Needs > Deadline for receipt of proposals 15 November 1995(2)
of Society (24 MECU)
Theme I
Measurements for Quality European • Publication of third call for proposals 15 June 1996 (2)
Products including Written Standards for
Industry (20 MECU) • Deadline for receipt of proposals 15 November 1996(2)
Themes II & III related to
European Measurement Infrastructure • Publication of fourth call
and Measurements related to the Needs for proposals 15 June 1997 (2)
of Society (21 MECU) • Deadline for receipt of proposals 15 November 199721
(1) Proposals mtist arrive at the Commission by 12H00.
(2) These dates may be subject to change.
RTD PROJECTS IN SUPPORT OF • First call for specified topics 15 December 1994
COMMUNITY POLICY • Deadline for receipt of proposals 15 March 1995
(quarterly from (34 MECU) • (Additional calls)
March 1995 as
from THEMATIC NETWORKS (6 MECU) Continuously open call
15 December 1994
17 December 1997
Continuously open call from TECHNOLOGY STIMULATION
15 December 1994 IN FAVOUR OF SMEs (15 MECU)
(See separate information package) to
17 December 1997
FOR THE PROGRAMME The total indicative budget devoted
to the activities is :
• RTD projects 121 MECU
•Technology Stimulation in favour of SMEs 15 MECU
•Thematic networks 6 MECU
• Concerted actions 4 MECU
•Accompanying measures 8.5 MECU
»Programme administration 18.5 MECU Introduction
THE FRAMEWORK Following the ratification of the Treaty on the European
PROGRAMME IV (1994-1998) Union (EU) all Community activities in the field of
research, technological development and demonstration
are covered by the European Community (EC) Framework
Programme for Research and Technological Development
On 26 April 1994, Framework Programme IV was adopted.
It has a duration of 5 years (1994-1998) and a budget of
12.3 billion ECU (to which in 1996 an amount of 0.7
billion might be added if certain conditions are fulfilled).
SPECIFIC RTD PROGRAMMES Framework Programme IV contains 4 activities and a
number of specific RTD programmes which cover the
following areas:
Funding Field
in million ECU (MECU)
Activity 1
RTD and Demonstration Programmes 10 686
I. Information and communication technologies 3 405
1. Telematics 843
2. Communication technologies 630
3. Informations 1 932
II. Industrial technologies 1995
4. Industrial and materials technologies 1 707
5. Standardisation, measurements and testing 288*
1080 III. Environment
852 6. Environment and climate
228 7. Marine sciences and technologies
* including 115 MECU for the Joint Research Centre (JRC) direct activities.
D IV. life sciences and technologies 1572
8. Biotechnologies 552
9. Biomedicine and health 336
10. Agriculture and fisheries 684
(including agro-industry, food technologies,
forestry, aquaculture and rural development)
2 256 V. Energy
11. Non-nuclear energy 1 002
12. Nuclear fission safety 414
13- Controlled thermonuclear fusion 840
VI. Transport 240
14. Transport 240
VII. Targeted socio-economic research 138
15. Targeted socio-economic research 138
Activity 2
Cooperation with third countries and
international organisations 540
Activity 3
Dissemination and exploitation of results
Activity 4
Stimulation of the training and
mobility of researchers
12 300*
* including 1028 MECU for the Joint Research Centre (JRC) programmes.