Wind energy

Wind energy


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Proceedings of the first contractors' meeting, Brussels, May 1986
Energy research
Renewable sources of energy



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Commission ot the European Communities* * *
ThirdThird Energy Development ProgrammeProgramme
Wind Energy - 1
Proceedings ofthe First
Contractors' Meeting, Brussels,
5-6 May 1986
harwood academic publishersΦWind Energy - 1Commission of the European Communities
Third Energy Development Programme
Wind Energy
Series Editor: W. Palz (Commission ofthe European Communities)
VOLUMEVOLUME 11 WindWind EnergyEnergy -1-1
Edited by E. Van der Voort and G. Grassi
Additional volumes in preparation
ISSNISSN 0895-1160
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publication. Please write for details.Wind Energy - 1
Proceedings of the First Contractors' Meeting,
Brussels,Brussels, 5-65-6 MayMay 1986
Edited by
E. Van der Voort and G. Grassi
Directorate-General Science, ResearchResearch andand Development,
Commission ofthe European Communities
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Wind energy.
(Wind energy; v. 1)
Includes bibliographies.
1.1. WindWind powerpower Congresses.Congresses. I.I. Voort, E.E. VanVan der.der.
II. Grassi, G., 1929- . III. Series: Wind energy
(Chur, Switzerland); v. 1.
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Printed in Great Britain by Bell and Bain Ltd, Glasgow.CONTENTS
Introduction to the Series ix
ForewordForeword xixi
Development of MW-Size Wind Turbines (WEGA) 1
B. Rasmussen 3
Esbjerg 1. A Danish 2 MW Windturbine. (EN3W/C2/110/DK)
P.P. Kristensen (ELSAM, Fredericia, Denmark) 77
Development of an Advanced Grid Connected WEC in the
1 MW Class (EN3W/C2/125/E)
A. Muñoz Torralbo (ASINEL, Madrid, Spain) 13
Development of an Advanced Low-Cost 1 MW Wind Turbine for
General Utility Application (EN3W/C2/196/GB)
D.J.D.J. MilborrowMilborrow (CEGB,(CEGB, London,London, UK)UK) 1919
Actions with a General Character 25
B. Rasmussen 27
WindWind AtlasAtlas forfor thethe ECEC (EN3W/0002/DK)
E.L.E.L. PetersenPetersen andand I.I. Troen (Rise(Rise Nat.Nat. Lab.,Lab., Denmark) 3333
Databank on Existing Wind Turbines and Wind Climates
in the Community (EN3W/0003/D)
J. Schmid (Fraunhofer Inst, Freiburg, FRG) 41
Penetration of Wind Energy in Utility Networks of the EC
C.C. Hilger (ELSAM, Fredericia,Fredericia, Denmark) 5151
Standards for Analysis of Wind Generators Performance
J.P. Molly (WISA, Leonberg, FRG) 53
-v--v-Concerted Action: HAWTSHAWTS Aerodynamics 5959
B. Rasmussen 61
An Experimental Investigation of Horizontal-Axis Wind
Turbine Aerodynamics in Natural Conditions
H.A.H.A. MadsenMadsen (Riso(Riso Nat.Nat. Lab.,Lab., Denmark) 6363
An Experimental Investigation of Horizontal-Axis Wind
Turbine Aerodynamics in Natural Conditions
R. L. Hales (Cranfield Inst, of Tech. , Bedford, UK) 69
Dynamic andand Aeroelastic Response ofof WEWE PlantsPlants toto
Aerodynamic LoadsLoads (EN3W/00040/D)(EN3W/00040/D)
K. Träder and S. Wagner (WIP, München, FRG) 75
Concerted Action: Wake Effects 81
P.E.J. VermeulenVermeulen (MT-TNO,(MT-TNO, Apeldoorn,Apeldoorn, TheThe Netherlands) 8383
Siting of Wind Turbines near Buildings and Obstacles
J.A. Leene (MT-TNO, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands) 89
Wind Turbine Wake Interference (EN3W/0008/DK)
S.A. Jensen (Dan. Maritime Inst., Lyngby, Denmark) 95
Supervising andand MeasuringMeasuring atat TaendpibeTaendpibe WindfarmWindfarm
E. Knudsen (Vestas R&D, Lem sd., Denmark) 99
Analysis of Wind Turbine Wakes (EN3W/0020/E)
A. Crespo (UPM, Madrid, Spain) 101
Wake and Cluster Effects of the "Zeebrugge Windfarm"
J. Van Leuven (Ruca, Antwerpen, Belgium) 107
Windfarms in Complex Terrain (EN3W/0030/NL)
L. Van der Snoek (MT-TNO, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands) 113
Wake Measurements on the Nibe Wind Turbines in Denmark
D.J.D.J. MilborrowMilborrow (CEGB,(CEGB, London,London, UK)UK) 119119
Concerted Action: Gust Measurements and Modelling 125
I. Troen and Ph. Duchene-Marullaz 127
Turbulence Modelling forfor WindWind Turbines:Turbines: FlatFlat OpenOpen
Country andand Complex Terrain (EN3W/0027/F)(EN3W/0027/F)
Ph. Duchene-Marullaz (CSTB, Nantes, France) 131