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History is the favorite subject of the French. But what is history? Patrick Boucheron, historian and professor at the Collège de France gives a marvelous definition of what history is, an endless story: "So we must at the same time claim a never-ending story - because always open to what makes it overflows and transports it - and without purpose. A story that we could go right through, freely, cheerfully, visit in all its possible places, desire, like a body offered to the caresses, so to stay in motion ”.

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Passionate about the history of France? Rather modern history or prehistory? French Revolution or Hundred Years War? You will find in our collection several hundred books covering all historical periods and all the history of the world.

The history books selected for you come from all the publishing houses and the most serious collections (University Presses of France, Eyrolles, Cairn…).


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or presentations will find many books offering them revision sheets or from Que sais-je?

We offer history students unlimited access to a selection of reference books from the main university research on all historical periods (prehistory, medieval history, modern history, contemporary history) and the various historical schools, thus covering all fields of historiography.

History buffs are not to be outdone. Our books allow you to discover this fascinating discipline and to satisfy your curiosity. First World War, art history, crusade, Roman empire, old regime and monarchy, colonization, kings of France, biography of Marie-Antoinette, war in Algeria etc.

It is a real library that we make available to you!

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