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Comment 147


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COMMENTTHE COLLEGE NEWSLETTER ISSUE NO 147 | MAY 2003TOM WHIPPSDNA pioneers: The surviving members ofthe King’s team, who worked on the discovery of the structure of DNA 50 yearsago, with James Watson, their Cambridge ‘rival’ at the time. From leftRay Gosling, Herbert Wilson, DNA at King’s: James Watson and Maurice Wilkinsthe continuing storyPrize for his contribution – andtheir teams, but also to subse-A day of celebrationsquent generations of scientists atKing’s. ver 600 guests attended a cant scientific discovery of theFour Nobel Laureates – Mau-unique day of events celeb-rat- 20th century,’ in the words ofrice Wilkins, James Watson, Sid-Oing King’s role in the 50th Principal Professor Arthur Lucas,ney Altman and Tim Hunt –anniversary of the discovery of the ‘and their research changed attended the event which was sodouble helix structure of DNA on the world’.oversubscribed that the proceed-22 April. The day paid tribute not only toings were relayed by video link toScientists at King’s played a King’s DNA pioneers Rosalindthe Chapel and lecture theatre 2C.fundamental role in this momen- Franklin and Maurice Wilkins –tous discovery – ‘the most signifi- who went onto win the Nobel continued on page 22 Funding news | 3 Peace Operations Review | 5 Widening participation | 8 25 years of Anglo-French law | 11 Margaret Atwood at King’s | 12 Susan Gibson winsRosalind Franklin Award | 15 Focus: School of Law | 16 Research news | 18 Books | 19 KCLSU ...



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DNA at Kings: the continuing story A day of celebrations tqPhureiezinre t  tfgeoear nmhesir,sa  tcbioounnt tsr aiolbfs ous tcitioeo nn stius tbass nead-t O ivuer 600 guests attended a c2a0ntth  scceientnutirfyi,c  idnis ctohvee rwy oorfd st hoefKiFngosu.r  Nobel Laureates  Mau-anniversary of the discovery of the ‘and their research changed attended the event which was so double helix structure of DNA on the world’. oversubscribed th h roceed-22 April. The day paid tribute not only toings were relayed baty  tvide epo link to Scientists at King’s played a King’s DNA pioneers Rosalind the Chapel and lecture theatre 2C. fundamental role in this momen- Franklin and Maurice Wilkins – tous discovery – ‘the most signifi- who went onto win the Nobel continued on page 2
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DNA pioneers T : he surviving members of the King’s team, who worked on the discovery of the structure of DNA 50 years ago, with J  ames Watson, their Cambridge ‘rival’ at the ti F m ro e. m left Ray Gosling, Herbert Wilson, James Watson and Maurice Wilkins
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2 | COMMENT | May 2003
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