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This PDF is a selection from an out of print volume from the NationalBureau of Economic ResearchVolume Title: Output, Employment, and Productivity in the UnitedStates after 1800Volume Author/Editor: Dorothy S. Brady, ed.Volume Publisher: NBERVolume ISBN: 0 870 14186 4Volume URL: 1Publication Date: 1966Chapter Title: General CommentChapter Author: Brinley ThomasChapter URL: pages in book: (p. 205 212)General CommentBRINLEY THOMASUNIVERSITY COLLEGE, WALESLike its predecessor, this volume presents important additions to ourstock of statistical time series and throws new light on old problems in theinterpretation of nineteenth century development. This general commentdraws together the parts of the papers which bear on the comparativestudy of American and British economic growth and on the mechanismof long swings.I shall take first the interesting section of Lebergott's paper dealing withthe role of agriculture in the process of growth in the United States."Occupying nearly 75 per cent of our labor force in 1800, farmingoccupied over half the labor force until some time between 1880 and1890 .... The Kuznets and Galiman estimates of national income areconsistent with this conclusion." Lebergott goes on to say that "anindustry that used from 50 to 90 per cent of the nation's labor input overthe first century of our national existence was surely more likely to makegreater ...



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This PDF is a selection from an outofprint volume from the National Bureau of Economic Research
Volume Title: Output, Employment, and Productivity in the United States after 1800
Volume Author/Editor: Dorothy S. Brady, ed.
Volume Publisher: NBER
Volume ISBN: 0870141864
Volume URL:1
Publication Date: 1966
Chapter Title: General Comment
Chapter Author: Brinley Thomas
Chapter URL:
Chapter pages in book: (p. 205  212)