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 Knows that the stars are places and normally produce
results that can be duplicated. innumerable, unevenly Kindergarten Standard 3: Students will
dispersed and of unequal Benchmark b: Understand the nature of
understand the Physical scientific inquiry brightness.
 Uses the senses to make Sciences
observations about living Benchmark a: Understand the structure Standard 2: Students will
things, nonliving objects and and properties of matter understand the Life events.  Knows that different objects are
 Records information collected Sciences made up of many different
about the physical world. Benchmark a: Understand the types of materials and have
principals of heredity and related many different observable  Uses simple tools to gather
information. concepts properties.
Benchmark b: Understand the sources  Conducts simple investigations  Knows that plants and animals
closely resemble their parents. and properties of energy to solve a problem or answer a
question.  Knows that the sun supplies  Knows that differences exist
heat and light to Earth.  Asks questions about among individuals of the same
observations. Science kind of plant or animal.  Knows that sound is produced
Benchmark b: Understand the structure by vibrating objects.  Develops predictions and explanations based on previous and function of cells and organisms Benchmark c: Understand the forces of
Standard 1: Students will motion experience.  Knows the basic needs of ...



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