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Standard 2: Students will Standard 5: Students will Kindergarten understand and apply understand and apply the
basic and advanced basic and advanced
properties of the concepts properties of the concepts
of numbers. of geometry.
Benchmark a: Understand and apply Benchmark a: Know basic geometric
the properties of the number system and vocabulary and symbols
its sub-properties Benchmark b: Use properties and
Benchmark b: Understand and apply relations among figures to solve
the relationships among number mathematical and real-world problems
Standard 6: Students will
Standard 3: Students will understand and apply the
use basic and advanced basic and advanced procedures while concepts of statistics and
performing the process of Mathematics data analysis
computation. Benchmark a: Collect, organize and
Benchmark a: Understand and apply interpret data to solve real-world
Standard 1: Students will number properties and operations problems
Benchmark b: Use and apply Benchmark b: Understand and apply use a variety of strategies
appropriate operations and method of appropriate concepts of statistics in the problem-solving calculations to solve and check Benchmark c: Read, use and interpret
process. reasonability of results tables, graphs and charts
Benchmark a: Represent problem
situations in a variety of forms
 Draws pictures to represent District Assessments:
problems Iowa Test of Basic Skills (K-11) Standard 4: ...



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