Mathematics in the high school
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Mathematics in the high school


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LB LO o EXCHANGE :x . 230-611-lm-4904 BULLETIN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Number 193 Pour Times a Month. OFFICIAL SERIES NO. 58 AUGUST 19111, Mathematics In the SchoolHigh PUBLISHED BY THE UNIVERSITY OP TEXAS TEXASAUSTIN, Entered as second-class mail matter at the atpostoffice TexasAustin, OF COURSE OF STUDY IN MATHEMATICSOUTLINE hasThe of this Bulletin been undertaken with apreparation view to the most economical of thesuggesting arrangement course of in the schools in order that whetherstudy high students, to continue their elsewhere or no suchhavethey expect stupes the benefit.intention, may get greatest bulletin withThe deals methods of instruction in algebra and will be followed a bulletin on the ofby teaching geometry and one on A of the coursetrigonometry. synoptic arrangement will found on lastbe theproposed pages. The transition from arithmetic toBeginning Algebra. algebra should be Letters should be introduced togradual. represent numbers the last half work in arithmetic where-during year's ever such introduction is The offormulasadvantageous. per- and discount thus become andmore the solu-centage compact tion of can be thus the use ofmany problems simplified by equa- tions. all arithmetics do use letters in the formulaPractically for but no calculations are made withinterest, etc., algebraic these letters and are used as mere aids to Thethey memory. is to them with theat once numbers.



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