IOL Power Calculations Are Only As Good As the Data You Start With
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IOL Power Calculations Are Only As Good As the Data You Start With


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IOL Power Calculations
The Critical Results from Proper
When considering equipment for your office you must consider
the accuracy of measurements it provides. If your practice
specializes in intraocular lens surgery, then it becomes even
more critical. Accurate measurements are essential in getting
the proper IOL power calculations to determine the new lens
specifications and to prepare for the procedure.
Technology Is Constantly Improving Your Ability
Each year companies come out with exciting new advancements in ophthalmology equipment. Could
you even imagine 5 years ago of an optical biometer capable of 9 measurements in 30 seconds all in one
scan process? In just 30 seconds you can have all of these critical measurements:
Lens Thickness
Axial Length
Retinal Thickness
White to White
Eccentricity of the Visual Axis
What makes this exciting is not just the speed, but the increased accuracy provided by the new
technology. With these highly accurate measurements your IOL power calculations increase in
accuracy, too.
One of the most outstanding advancements in the optical biometer comes in the
area. The
latest technology can provide 32 markers based upon two concentric rings. This change increases
accuracy even with patients who are not fully compliant.
Increased Accuracy is Only Half the Picture You Must Consider
There is one simple fact often overlooked by many manufacturers of ophthalmology equipment. Speed
of operation is almost as important as accuracy. Speed is critical for two very important reasons:
Patient Comfort
Increased Profits
When you can finish a scan which provides you with 9 critical measurements in only 30 seconds your
patients do not become stressed. It overcomes the fears of even the most timid patients. They may
wonder what all the fuss has been with people visiting the eye
doctor when it all seemed simple to them.
The number of patients you can see in a day is highly dependent on
the speed and accuracy of your equipment. Imagine how fast you
can finish your testing, do the IOL power calculations, and prepare
to see the next patient with the latest technology. You can
increase the number of patients you treat on a daily basis which
quickly adds to the bottom line of your office.
Speed and Accuracy Pay-Off Not Only Today
Increased accuracy does not only improve your results today, but in the future. You will have a higher
success rate with the most accurate tests available. You will have fewer patients developing after
surgery problems which results in higher numbers of referrals from satisfied patients.
Each step in your practice plays an important role in overall patient satisfaction but the bottom line
comes down to comfort and results. If your patients feel comfortable with their Ophthalmologist and
his testing techniques they keep coming back. If the results are outstanding they tell everyone they
know about the wonderful Doctor they have found. Satisfied patients are your number one source for
new patients to create a growing practice. It all starts with equipment which provides you fast accurate
results allowing for exact
IOL power calculations