Masso-kinésithérapie et traitement orthopédique des déformations congénitales isolées du pied au cours des six premiers mois de la vie - Congenital foot deformity - Guidelines


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Posted on Jan 01 2004 These guidelines concern rehabilitation of isolated congenital foot deformity during the first 6 months of life. They do not cover foot deformities with associated disease or malformation, isolated malpositioning of the toes or the rare instances of isolated congenital pes cavus. The topics of the guidelines are: Diagnosis and referral to specialist Management options: monitoring of spontaneous resolution of deformities or treatment of deformities Choosing rehabilitation techniques Informing and involving parents Posted on Jan 01 2004



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Clinical practice guidelines   
Physiotherapy and orthopaedic treatment for isolated congenital foot deformity during the first six months of life    January 2004       
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