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SELF-AUDIT ********** NAME : Example Report ID# : 000-00-0000 AGE : 34 SEX: Male CONFIDENTIAL REPORT ETHNICITY/RACE: Caucasian EDUCATION : 12 MARITAL STATUS: Married DATE OF BIRTH : 01/01/1973 DATE SCORED : 07/11/2010 Self-Audit results are confidential and are working hypotheses. No diagnosis or decision should be based solely upon these results. These test results are to be used in conjunction with experienced staff judgment and review of available records. MEASURES %ile SA PROFILE -------- ---- +---------------+-----------+-------+---+ - LOW RISK - MEDIUM -PROBLEM-MAX- - - - - - TRUTHFULNESS 39 ****************-...........-.......-...- RESISTANCE 13 ******..........-...........-.......-...- VIOLENCE 75 *******************************.....-...- ALCOHOL 28 ************....-...........-.......-...- - - - - - DRUGS 18 ********........-...........-.......-...- ...



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 SELFAUDIT  **********  NAME: Example Report  ID#: 000000000  AGE: 34SEX: MaleCONFIDENTIAL REPORT  ETHNICITY/RACE:Caucasian  EDUCATION: 12  MARITALSTATUS: Married  DATEOF BIRTH : 01/01/1973  DATESCORED :07/11/2010  SelfAuditresults areconfidential andare workinghypotheses. No  diagnosisor decision should be based solely upon these results.These  testresults areto beused inconjunction withexperienced staff  judgmentand review of available records.  MEASURES%ile SAPROFILE   +++++  LOW RISK MEDIUMPROBLEMMAX      TRUTHFULNESS39 ****************.....................      RESISTANCE13 ******...............................      VIOLENCE75 *******************************........      ALCOHOL28 ************.........................      DRUGS18 ********.............................  +++++  040 7090 100  PERCENTILE SCORES   SUMMARY    TheseSelfAudit (SA)results are accurate and valid. He is not  resistantor noncompliant and should becooperative. This client is  describedas peaceful andeasy going. Few, if any, indicators of  alcoholabuse are evident. Few, if any, indicators of illicit druguse  areevident.  ASelfAudit scale score at or above the 90th percentile isindicative  ofserious problems. Review the following scalescarefully: VIOLENCE,  SELFESTEEMscales. This individualmanifests many serious problems  andneeds help. A referral to alicensed mental health practitioner  fora psychological or psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis andtreatment  planappears warranted. Promptreferral or intervention is needed.  TheDistress, Morale, SelfEsteem andStress Coping AbilitiesScales  areprinted on the next page.
 NAME:Example Report2 SAREPORT  MEASURES%ile SAPROFILE   +++++  LOW RISK MEDIUMPROBLEMMAX      DISTRESS68 ****************************..........      MORALE58 ************************..............      SELFESTEEM96 ***************************************.      STRESSCOPING 87***********************************....  +++++  040 7090 100  PERCENTILE SCORES   SUMMARY    Thisindividual is concerned about physical ormental pain. Although  generallyselfconfident, some doubts exist. Veryserious selfesteem  problemsare evident (suicidal?). This person isnot coping  effectivelywith stress or pressure.  ** SUMMARY PARAGRAPHS EXPLAINING CLIENT'S ATTAINED SCALE SCORES * *    TRUTHFULNESSSCALE: LOW RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:39  Thisis an accurate SelfAudit profile.All scale score are accurate.  Thisindividual respondedto testitems ina nondefensive,coop  erativeand truthful manner. This client was truthful while completing  thetest and has adequate reading skills. The Truthfulness Scale iden  tifiesselfprotective, recalcitrant and guarded people who attempt to  minimizetheir problems or fake good. This is a low risk (zero to 39th  percentile)range score.  RESISTANCESCALE: LOW RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:13  Withregards to theResistance Scale this is a low risk score.This  individualis usuallynonresistant or cooperative.A positive orien  tationto accepting help, assistanceand guidance is indicated.Low  riskindividuals are described as friendly, accepting and cooperative.  Under"normal" conditionsthis clientcan beexpected tobe coop  erative.  VIOLENCESCALE: PROBLEM RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:75  Violenttendencies are evident.This person's score onthe Violence  Scaleis inthe Problem Risk (70 to 89th percentile) range.Problem  riskscorers commitvarying degrees of verbal, emotional and physical  abuse.They need to learnalternatives to anger and violence.Anger  managementclasses or group counselingcould help.Also, other Self  Auditscale scorescould exacerbateviolence when theyare elevated  (abovethe 70th percentile).  ALCOHOLSCALE: LOW RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:28  Few,if any, indicatorsof alcohol(beer, wine or liquor) abuseare  evident.Alcohol use, if present, may be historical or represent min  imalinvolvement. Onthe Alcohol Scale thisclient scored in the Low  Risk(zero to 39th percentile) range.A person who does not presently
 NAME:Example Report3 SAREPORT  drinkmay score higher than zero due to prior history, but still would  scorein the Low Risk range.  DRUGSSCALE: LOW RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:18  Few,if anysignificant indicatorsof illicit druguse or abuse are  evident.Drug involvement may be historical, experimental or minimal.  Aperson whodoes not usedrugs may score above zerodue to his/her  drughistory, but would still score in the low risk range.Drug abuse  riskis low. With regard to the Drugs Scale, this is a low risk score.  DISTRESSSCALE: MEDIUM RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:68  Thisindividual's Distress Scale score is in the Medium Risk (4069th  percentile)range. Mediumrisk scorersreflect growingunhappiness,  anxietyand discouragement. Thisclient's familyand interpersonal  relationshipsare likely contributing totheir experienced distress.  Iftalking to this person abouttheir experencialdistress does not  help,then consideration might be given to group counseling.  MORALESCALE: MEDIUM RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:58  Thisclient's Morale Scale score is in theMedium Risk (4069th per  centile)range. Although generallystable, situationspecific mood  swingscan be anticipated.During these mood swings, this client will  bemore pessimisticand manifesta negativistic attitude.Interper  sonalrelationships will also suffer.  SELFESTEEMSCALE: MAXIMUM RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:96  Thereare unusual qualities to this client's rejection and disapproval  ofself which may involveserious emotional problems.This score may  indicateconfusion, guilt, suicidal ideation, or an attempt to portray  selfnegatively (fake bad).Referral toa certified/licensed mental  healthprofessional for a diagnosis of treatment plan is warranted.  STRESSCOPING SCALE: PROBLEM RISK RANGERISK PERCENTILE:87  Thisis a Problem Risk (70 to 89th percentile) Stress Coping Abilities  Scalescore. Thisclient is notcoping effectively with stress, ten  sion,anxiety or pressure.Stress, or howthis person is coping with  stress,is problematicand thiscontributes to emotional and adjust  mentissues. This client would benefit from completing astress  managementprogram which would likely involve lifestyle adjustments.  ** * * *  SIGNIFICANTITEMS are either directadmissions or unusual responses  thatmay warrant clarification for better client understanding.  ALCOHOLDRUGS    10.Sometimes drinks too muchNo significant items were reported  forthis scale.
 NAME:Example Report4 SAREPORT  SIGNIFICANTITEMS (continued):  DISTRESSVIOLENCE    20.States nobody to talk to6. At times can't control self  69.Often feels nothing matters13. Usually tries to get even  29.When angereddangerous  38.Often angry or upset  91.Most people are irritating  RESISTANCEMORALE    Nosignificant items were reported51. Lacks desire to overcome  forthis scale.69. Often feels nothing matters  SECTION3 reflects the client's opinions with all their biases.These  answersallow comparison ofthe client'ssubjective opinionswith  theirmore objective and empirically based scale scores.  147.Serious relationship problems154. Accept help: some willingness  148.Not a "recovering" person155. Moderate morale problem  149.Not a 12step person156. Moderate selfesteem problem  150.Drinking: no problem157. Not suicidal or homicidal  151.No alcohol treatment programs158. Moderate stress problems  152.Drugs: no problem159. Not in a treatment program  153.No drug treatment programs160. Family and friends supportive  RESPONSECONSISTENCY/INCONSISTENCY  TheTruthfulness Scale scoreshows whetheror notSelfAudit scale  scoresare accurateor inaccurate. EachTruthCorrected scalescore  thendemonstrates the severity of the attitudes/behaviorsbeing  measured.Yet, even with these important measures its sometimes  informativeto review pattern ofresponding within a scale or measure.  However,it is important tounderstand thatreported inconsistencies  doesnot weaken or change a scales reported risk level score.  Severalscale consistency reviews follow.  ALCOHOL  AlcoholScale items refer to current drinking problems. Response  consistencywould involve three admissions or denials. This clientdid  notadmit to items #75, 81 or 150. Two AlcoholScale items (#54 and  148)relate to 'recovering' alcoholism. Agreement betweenthese  answersis expected. This client, denies being a"recovering" person.  Asimilar theme , i.e., alcohol treatment, is present in items #87and  151.The respondent denies having had alcoholrelated treatment.  DRUGS  DrugsScale items (#49, 90 and 152) referto current drug problems.  Responseconsistency would involve three admissionsor denials. This  clientadmitted to none of these items. Two items (#57 and148) apply  to"recovering" drug abuser. Agreement between these answers is  expected.This client denies being a"recovering" person. Items #77
 NAME:Example Report5 SAREPORT  and153 both pertain to drug treatment. This individualdenies having  haddrugrelated treatment.  DISTRESSSCALE  DistressScale Items #27and #159 refer to treatment and similar  answersare expected. This client denies having been in treatment.The  DistressScale incorporates a suicide/homicide (#157) item andseveral  relateditems. (e.g., 69, 76, 88, 97, 107 and 112).Of these similar  items,this individualanswered the following items ina problematic  (deviant)manner: #69, 88, 112. Theseanswers magnify this client's  growingdesperation.  RESISTANCE  Severalitems in the Resistance Scale reflectopposition (resistance)  tohelp. These items include #25, 32, 41, 53, 59, 67, 74, and89. The  client'sresponses to these items areset forth in the "SelfAudit  Responses"summary at the endof the report.A more generalized  "resistantattitude" or "oppositionaloutlook" is reflected in the  client'sanswers to items #44, 79, 104, 106,and 124(1 or 2). This  individualanswered items 53, 124 ina negativistic or noncompliant  manner.  VIOLENCE  Withregard to the Violence Scalethe client's answer to item 157  (suicidal/ homicidal) is important when assessinga persons  dangerousnessto self and/or others. When aperson responds to item  157by selecting 1 (suicidal), 2 (homicidal) or 3(suicidal/homicidal)  it'sinteresting to note how he answered similar orcompatible items,  i.e.,#29, 50, 70,and 105. This client answered items 29 in a  negativisticor deviant direction.  SELFAUDITRESPONSES    150 FFTTFTFTTTTTTFFFTTTT FTFTFFFFTF FFTTFFFTFF FTTFTTFFFF  51100FTT0TFFTTF TTTTFTFTTF TFTTFFFFFT FFFTTTFTFF TTF1231232  1011502313212212 3123231224 2342343343 2412332333 2213212444  1511604442224243 SelfAudit Copyright (c) 2001. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.