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There are many disciplines in science. For convenience, these have been grouped into several sets. One of the most important is undoubtedly that which has for object the natural world . The natural sciences , often wrongly called natural sciences, are in opposition to the human and social sciences which have a purely human origin.

This theme is entirely dedicated to the natural sciences and the different disciplines that compose it. So if you are interested in this area, do not hesitate to browse our documents and pages.

Natural sciences: many fields of study

While it is often thought that the natural sciences include only the life and earth sciences such as biology, botany, zoology or the earth sciences (geology, volcanology, etc.), you should know that the field of study in the natural sciences is much wider .

Indeed, we can divide this set into three main subsets which are:

  1. Life and environmental sciences : this part is interested in all that has to do with living things like biology, ecology, botany, zoology, virology, physiology, medicine…

  2. Earth and Universe Sciences : this part will study the Earth, how it works, but also space, the galaxy and the universe. Many disciplines make up the sciences of the Earth and the Universe with for example: astrophysics, astrochemistry, geology, volcanology, geophysics, meteorology, seismology…

  3. The sciences of matter : this part is composed of two fundamental sciences in technology development, these are chemistry and physics. They will study and try to understand physical principles of the (physical) world or to better understand matter, its composition, etc. (chemistry).

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