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Pathogenic micro-organisms in poultry and eggs: Prevention of contamination of poultry meat, eggs and egg products: Proceedings of a workshop held in Rome, Italy, 23 to 25 October 1996
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Pathogenic micro-organisms in poultry and eggs
Prevention of contamination
of poultry meat,
eggs and egg products
Edited by
A. Franchini, R.W.A.W. Mulder
'S-ita. to*·"
Rome, Italy, 23 to 25 October 1996
COST Action 97
Pathogenic micro-organisms in poultry and eggs
Prevention of contamination
of poultry meat,
eggs and egg products
Proceedings of a workshop
held ¡n Rome, Italy, 23 to 25 October 1996
Organised by
Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Edited by:
A. Franchini
Istituto di Zootecnica
Facoltà di Agraria
University of Bologna
R. W. A. W. Mulder
DLO Institute for Animal Science and Health
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Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1998
ISBN 92-828-1997-3
© European Communities, 1998
Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged.
Printed in Italy
W. F. Jacobs-Reitsma, N. M. Bolder and R.W. A. W. Mulder (NL)
The influence of pre-slaughter stresses on the incidence and extent of human
pathogens in poultry 3
G. Pezzotti, G. Migliorati, T. Toscani, P. Semprini and A. M. Conte (I)
Influence of transportation stress on Salmonella spp. contamination in broiler
carcasses 7
C D'Ascenzi, D. Gianfaldoni and P. Gaspari (I)
Significance of ante-mortem indicators on turkey meat inspection 11
P. Colombo (I)
Community provision in poultry processing: actual situation in Member States
(European Commission) 15
L. Ellerbroek, Th. Janssen, P. Krause and E. Weise (D)
Process control in poultry cutting plants7
S. Ferrarini, F. Mutinelli and A. Ricci (I)
Meat inspection methodology in a poultry processing plant 23
A. P. Salinetti, G. Fontanella, S. Bilei, A. I. Bozzano, M. Mari and S. Saccares (I)
Isolations of salmonella strains and hygienic and sanitary controls of poultry meat
on the market from 1990-95 29
K. Vareltzis, N. Soultos, P. Koidis, J. Ambrosiadis and C. Genigeorgis (EL)
Antimicrobial effects of sodiumtripolyphosphate against bacteria attached to the
surface of chicken carcasses 33
M. Sudbeck (D)
Influence of scalding time on microbiological quality of chicken 3
F. Mates and K. Kovarik (CZ)
Comparison of salmonella findings in slaughtered poultry under the systems of
cooling with water or air 43
A. Unanue, S. Ferrarini, N. Ferro-Milone, P. Caccin, A. Ponzoni and A. Ricci (I)
Salmonella contamination rates at different sites of a poultry processing plant 47
G. A. Alfredsson, J. Y. Xiang, H. M. Gudmundsson and F. Georgsson (IS)
Screening of foods for salmonella and E. coli 0157 by IMS 5H. Hupkes (NL)
Slaughtering equipment and poultry meat hygiene 55
T. J. Humprey (UK)
Hygiene in egg production 59
N. M. Bolder (NL)
Hygienic practices in egg industry 63
A. M. Prete, L. Vellucci and S. Squarcione (I)
Foodborne diseases' outbreaks: data from the national reporting system of
infectious diseases7
F. Sisak and M. Faldynova (CZ)
Effect of peracetic acid on salmonella devitalisation in egg shells 73
P. Braun, K. Fehlhaber, U. Mayer and A. Wicke (D)
Investigations on behaviour of Salmonella enteritidis in hens' eggs
D. De Medici, S. Di Pasquale, G. Ciccaglioni, G. Falzi and L. Orefici (I)
Comparison between two rapid methods and the conventional cultural methods for
the detection of salmonella in eggs 81
P. Colin (F)
Influence of processing technologies and storage conditions on contamination of
egg products5
M. E. Guerzoni, R. Lanciotti, A. De Cesare and C. Chaves Lopez (I)
High pressure homogenisation of egg products and its effects on the inactivation
of salmonella serotypes7
C. Solano, O. Bourgi, B. Sesma, M. Alvarez, R. Diaz, I. Dorronsorro and
C. Gamazo (E)
Release of an extracellular matrix from virulent strains of Salmonella enteritidis 9
List of participants 101 INTRODUCTION
COST Action 97 'Pathogenic micro-organisms in poultry and eggs' held its second
management committee meeting and workshop of 1996 in Rome, Italy.
The working group responsible for the organisation of the workshop was working group 2:
'Prevention of contamination of poultry meat, eggs and egg products'. After its first
workshop in 1995 (organised in cooperation with the XHth European Symposium on the
Quality of Poultry Meat and the Vlth European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and
Eggs Products in Saragossa, Spain), the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy, hosted
this second workshop. Participants from 18 European countries discussed their research
during the two-day meeting.
This third volume in the series of publications from COST Action 97 contains the papers
presented and it is expected that this publication will further contribute to knowledge
transfer throughout Europe.
We wish to use this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for the support
of this workshop to the European Commission, Directorate-General XII/BS.l
(Dr Ζ. Somogy), the Italian Poultry Federation, UNA (Mr R. Celadon) and the local
organisers at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Dr A. Macrì) and at the University of Bologna
(Prof. Dr A. Franchini).
A. Franchini
R. W. A. W. Mulder