Flies in and Around the Home / Les Mouches a L
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Flies in and Around the Home / Les Mouches a L'interieur et a L'exterieur Des Habitations


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ENVIRONMENT1ENVIRONNEMEIMTEnvironmentWINTER 1992 EnvironnementHOMEFLIES INANDAROUNDTHEThe eggs hatch into larvae or maggots. Afterone toRies living around homes and other buildings are nottwoweeks, these larvaebecomepupae. Theyemergeonly a nuisance, some carry disease. Organismswhich produce as adult flies two orthree days later. Under idealdisease can be transferred bydomestic flies, especially the housefly, when bits of conditions, houseflies can complete their entire lifefecal matter, vomit, and bacteria on the fly are cycle in a week.deposited on food or food preparation areas.vomiting semi-The housefly feeds on liquid food bymeal onto the food itRies have only one pair of wings. A second pair of digested material from its lastwings are modified into two stem-like staictures intends to eat. This allows the mouth parts to tastewhich act as balancing organs and prevent the fly the food and soften it to a semi-liquid state. Thisfrom spiralling when in flight. habit of leaving its vomit on food is the major reasonthe housefly transmits more than 30 diseases.-Ries have three distinct body regions head, thoraxand abdomen. Ries undergo a complete physical Cluster Fly (3-6 mm) (Rg. 2)charge during process calledthe metamorphosisfly distinguished from houseflieswhere the changes from an egg, to a lan^a (or Cluster flies are easilyfinally yellow body hairs andmaggot), to a pupa and an adult. Ry lan/ae by their sluggish behaviour,breathe through ...



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