Joan Martinez-Alier Past-President, Internacional Society for Ecological Economics ICTA, Universitat
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Joan Martinez-Alier Past-President, Internacional Society for Ecological Economics ICTA, Universitat


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Environmental LiabilitiesJoan Martinez-AlierPublic environmental International seminarBarcelona, 16 October 2009auditJoan Martinez-AlierEnvironmental LiabilitiesUniversitatAutonoma de BarcelonaPASIVOS AMBIENTALESBarcelona16 October 2009Two main questions for the Economic-Environmental Auditor would be:First, why should one or another concrete topic be audited? We cannot audit everything. Second, is the topic auditable? I shall remain within this framework.• GDP growth? How much still?• Pluralism of values. Multi-criteria Keywordsassessments• How to measure the socio-ecological transition (MEFA; HANPP)• Externalities as cost shifting: climate change, biodiversity loss…• Green Keynesianism vs. environmental damage from infrastructures• Cost-benefit analysis and the discount rate• Climate change and the Ecological debtEconomic accounting rests on really existing costs and prices. It does not take into account positive or negative externalities.This is true in business firms, public companies and administration, and in macro-economic accounting.Environmental liabilities are not included.Why is GDP growth still “good” (in economies with income per capita of 20 000 €/year)?When a region in Europe in 2009 experiences• a decrease in GDP, • increased unemployment (bad),• decreased emissions of greenhouse gases (good),• less soil sealing (good), … are we worse off or better off?This is a debate that President Sarkozy is now ...



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Environmental Liabilities
Joan Martinez-Alier
Public environmental audit
Internationals eminar
Barcelona, 16 October 2009
Environmenta Liabilities
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GDP growth? How much still?
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a decrease in GDP,
less soil sealing (good),
increased unemployment (bad),
… are we worse off or better off?
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Acknowledging the critiques against GDP from the 1960s 1970s is a matter of intellect honesty.
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Not so long ago wetlands and mangroves were described as “malarial swamps” that should drainedb(onificain Italy).
Now we have the Ramsar convention, and many conflicts around the world on the preservation of mangroves agai the shrimp industry, and the preservation of wetlands again public works, housing for touri or agriculture (as in Catalonia i Llobregat Delta, the Ebro Delta, Empordà (Costa Brava)).
El Pantanal, MGN
Not so long ago deforestati order to put fields into cultivation or pastures was as progress in European his
It is still subsidized in Brazil the form of road building in Amazon. Now we have RED discussed in Copenhagen in December 2009. This means payments for avoided deforestation. Better REDD dead, or suffocated by incre temperatures.