Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - FedReg E8-534 - Proposed Information Collection Request
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Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - FedReg E8-534 - Proposed Information Collection Request


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2544 Federal Register/Vol. 73, No. 10/Tuesday, January 15, 2008/Notices Signed at Washington, DC, this 7th day of standards require that the agency sites. All impoundments and hazardous January, 2008. approve prudently engineered design refuse piles are required by the Elliott S. Kushner, plans for dams and their standards to be constructed and Certifying Officer, Division of Trade impoundments, as well as the plans for operated in an approved manner. In Adjustment Assistance. hazardous refuse piles that are routinely addition, coal mine operators frequently [FR Doc. E8–593 Filed 1–14–08; 8:45 am] constructed by coal mine operators. revise construction plans to Plan revisions are also required to be BILLING CODE 4510–FN–P accommodate mining conditions, cycles submitted for approval. In addition, the or markets. Since these revisions to the standards also require plans when one structures can adversely affect a great DEPARTMENT OF LABOR of these sites is to be abandoned. And number of people, such changes are plans are required when spontaneous required to be planned in a prudent Mine Safety and Health Administration fires erupt and need to be extinguished manner and approved by the agency. at the burning site. Records of weekly Fire extinguishing plans are only Proposed Information Collection inspections and instrument monitoring Request Submitted for Public required from an operator when a are also required to ensure that the sites Comment and ...



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Federal Register / Notices January 15, 2008/ Vol. / Tuesday, 73, No. 10
Signed at Washington, DC, this 7th day of All impoundments and hazardous sites.standards require that the agency January, 2008. piles are required by the refuseapprove prudently engineered design Elliott S. Kushner, standards to be constructed andplans for dams and their Certifying Officer, Division of Trade operated in an approved manner. Inimpoundments, as well as the plans for Adjustment Assistance. coal mine operators frequently addition,hazardous refuse piles that are routinely [FR Doc. E8593 Filed 11408; 8:45 am] revise construconstructed by coal mine operators. l n BILLING CODE 4510FNPev prticooiiso tana sn aa rse moosdlaucqceormidneirni teo tm tbied noc gyc ,snoi esclanPl submitted for approval. In addition, the or markets. Since these revisions to the standards also require plans when one DEPARTMENT OF LABOR can adversely affect a great structuresof these sites is to be abandoned. And la Mine Safety and Health Administrationp anser dhwneerr qeiueous fir spontaneen dna tpure seuingtiexe  btod  hsde of mbernuc ahushcel ,epporeuieq rre aesng dennalp eb ot ddent manin a pruparpvodeen rna denag. cyy  be th Proposed Information Collectionat the burning site. Records of weekly Request Submitted for Publicirqurey m ro fedsnalp gnlno era pont a sus caneoeparnao hwneot rrrcu, edubmooitsah nco sla era giuqer os mntmeruinoritonno sceitnitsna dinsptat ehs tise urgendi ithos ienesruirFtex teh Comment and Recommendations; Refuse Piles and Impoundingremain safe. Finally, the mine operators Structures, Recordkeeping andced ant orep rustats launna na tubmito sred equiosr  elarad ane thcted to  extinguipooir enthatrtoait r fsiicdietra a no snoitcepns Ie.ir fhe tsht asna tcoisnepor iis,  baseklynglo er Reporting Requirements weguarantees that the site is being  ACTION:e. oticctru iedcstonerugalitet rht eon rdcoacn it wcean eht htse ilba rofgnolerntl vaiNt( famiopnumd stable shed and approved plan, and the site has not been en s SUMMARY:r,boLaf s  aiticipp erveiDtaypahcTt iemtinco  steriesmqer eriu,)29era e uratthtod ns ees in 19changaear. erlt dedinurthg oc ertsnitcuy no part of its continuing effort to reduce paperwork and respondent burdenII.CDuersriernetdl yF,othceu sMoifnCeoSmafmeteyn tasn  na spahlraehp tr od e,Huctrnscon owknunno ,atteecand pay  ort ftion flaw, has ntoa vdreesyla ff conducts a preclearance consultation program to provide the general public cAodmmimneinsttrs actioonnc e(rMniSnHg At)h ie s psroolicitindg tahned  dcaermti fsiictea.t iTohn ee annsnurueasl  tshtaatt utsh re eport and Federal agencies with an tension f the information cpoollseect ion ineconfirm that the opportunity to comment on proposed ex o and/or containing collections of raenqdu Iirmepmoeunnt dremleatned to the Refuse Piles sciotem ips ainny aith the rdance wncocg sr edevornpep as information in accordance with the t Structures, Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 Recordkeeping and Reporting engineering plan. An abandonment pla (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)]. This Requirements. MSHA is particularly approved by the agency ensures that a program helps to ensure that requested interested in comments that: hazardous site is not left in place after data can be provided in the desired mining activity has ceased. allEvaluate whether the proposed format, reporting burden (time and fcoolltehcet iporno opfe ir npfeorrfmoratmioann cies  onfe cMesSsHarAysTneof Rype w: evieExtension. financial resources) is minimized, r collection instruments are clearly ifnufnocrtimoantis,o inn hclaus dpirnagc tiwchael tuhteirl itthye;  AdTAmtigilne:icsIty:rm ufes  yna deR ynafateenS iM althd He .noitaetaf Sngdiunpo understood, and the impact of collectionEvaluate the accuracy of MSHAs Piles, Reporting Requirements, requirements on respondents can be ti te of the burden of the proposed properly assessed. es ma DATES: ,noitamnidulcnie thg dili eem rfehtClogohtdod y anclolection of infor ebuS timmmoctsenn  o bororefOtiMfiBc aNtiuonmsbaern:e cRod9121dke e5.0r1. ping0 March 17, 2008. va ty o ADDRESSES:Send comments to Debbie asse the ncneaht  oohsdm tegestSugteid;o nsu mupsted Public: ecRpieedkor :gnffABuisensso  rtoeh rr foey 3 .sra Ferraro, Records Management Branch, 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Room 2141, iqnufaolritmya, tiuotinl ittoy , baen cdo lclleacrtiteyd ;o fa nthde  profite.c Arlington, VA 222093939. Commenters are encouraged to send their commentsAddress the use of appropriateCite etc:30 CFR on computer disk, or via e-mail to oatuhteorm taetcehdn, oelloegcitcraoln icco,l lmecetcihoan nical, or SecTtoito/an lRseR7fe7es.rp2eo1nn5c dea/enFndto s:r7m67./92. 61 .2 ferraro.debbie@dol.gov.  or other forms of information techniquesMs. Ferraro can be reached at (202) 6939821 (voice), or (202) 693 (9801 (facsimile). technology,e.g., permitting electronicTotal Responses:11,054. submissions of responses) to minimizeTotal Burden Hours:32,081. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:the burden of the collection ofTot l Burden Cost: .06,416,8$6 Contact the employee listed in the information on those who are toa ADDRESSESsection of this notice. submitted in response to respond. Comments SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: this notice will be summarized and/orA copy of the proposed information I. Backgroundattcni ght emelpoyee listed in teerh n seuqac teb nbt oneaibyd on ccctioollelcni fo  ehts eB utdogfe tr faOpipfreovcoal  ufdaeMda nieng tehmet nrae qdun The Coal Mine Health and Safety ActADDRESSESsection of this notice or information collection request; they will of 1969 was amended by the Federal viewed on the Internet Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 b:/y/  accessing the also become a matter of public record. after the Buffalo Creek dam failure inwMwSwH.Am shhoam.geopv/a)g na e(hdttspntgi ecel‘‘Rules002  .8nuJay,aray df  oih s01htigin,at ton, Virt Arling aedatD 1972 in West Virginia. The refuse pile‘‘ and impound standards, Title 30 CFR aDnodc s.R’’egs’’ Fed Reg, and then selectingDavid L. Meyer, sections 77.215 and 77.216 had beendministration and enacted earlier in 1975 and wereIII. Current Actions .tnemeganMafoA ci eO fftor,irecD incorporated into the Act. Additional There are approximately 646 coal[FR Doc. E8534 Filed 11408; 8:45 am] parts of these Sections were mine impounding structures and 46BILLING CODE 451043P promulgated and enacted in 1992. The hazardous refuse piles, for a total of 692
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