MSHA - FedReg 2010-15271 - Proposed Information Collection Request  Submitted for Public Comment and
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MSHA - FedReg 2010-15271 - Proposed Information Collection Request Submitted for Public Comment and


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36122 Federal Register/Vol. 75, No. 121/Thursday, June 24, 2010/Notices Frequency: On Occasion. (2) Facsimile: (202) 693–9441. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT Affected Public: Business or other for- (3) Regular Mail: MSHA, Office of section of this notice, or viewed on the profit. Standards, Regulations, and Variances, Internet by selecting ‘‘Rules & Reg’’, and Cost to Federal Government: No cost 1100 Wilson Blvd., Room 2350, then selecting ‘‘FedReg.Docs’’. On the to Federal Government. Arlington, VA 22209–3939. next screen, select ‘‘Paperwork Total Burden Respondents: 21. (4) Hand Delivery or Courier: MSHA, Reduction Act Supporting Statement’’ to Total Number of Responses: 251. Office of Standards, Regulations, and view documents supporting the Federal Total Burden Hours: 4,255. Variances, 1100 Wilson Blvd., Room Register Notice. Total Hour Burden Cost (operating/ 2350, Arlington, VA 22209–3939. Sign III. Current Actions maintaining): $303,512. in at the receptionist’s desk on the 21st Comments submitted in response to This request for collection of floor. this notice will be summarized and/or information contains notification and FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: included in the request for Office of recordkeeping provisions for the Mario Distasio, Chief of the Economic Management and Budget approval of the Proposed Information Collection Analysis Division, Office of Standards, information collection request; they will Request Submitted for Public Comment ...



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Federal Register/ Vol. 75, No. 121 / Thursday, June 24, 2010 / Notices
Frequency:On Occasion. (2)Facsimile:(202) 693–9441.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT Affected Public: (3)Business or other for-Regular Mail: of this notice, or viewed on theMSHA, Office of section profit. s, R ations, and Vari Cost to Federal Government:ing tgeelhu tnSensaealdtdcrRo,   o2Nom Bond.lvb  0t0e1essl iyWesctnclao1 , snretnI 53,0eFedtRce gni‘‘Rus lseg.Doc& nO .Re g’’a dn  e,ht to Federal Government. in ton, VA 22209–3939. Total Burden Respondents:( g.A12lr )4Hand Delivery or Courier: n AAc,ctiopt SueRudnS,HeMecr st ecel stxenporepwraPro kmetentngtita S’’to Total Number of Responses:251. Office of Standar Total Burden Hours:,4,sdugeRitalons, and Varianvcs2e5 5,.1 100W lios n R.,vdBlm ooRieegwis tdeorc  erting thts supponemu e.icotNFederal Total Hour Burden Cost (operating/ maintaining):ed so ksnoittsi stthn 21e 3$5 0.22315,30gnilrA , AV ,not9392220Sign39. tat i  ncepeehr III. Current Actions Comments submitted in response to this notice will be summarized and/or floor. infTorhims arteioqnu ecsot nftoari cnos llneocttiifiocna toifo n and included in the request for Office ofFOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Management and Budget approval of the AMnarailoy sDisi stDaisviios,i oCnh, ieOff foifc te hoef  ESctaonndoamridcs , rPercooprodskeede Ipnifnogr pmraotviiosni oCnosl lfeocr ttihoen  information collection request; they will also become a matter of public record.dRiesgtausliaoti.omnasr,i Submitted for Public Comment Requestand Variances, MSHA, at Dated: June 18, 2010.693–9445 (voioc@edmoal.igl)o,v2 nd Rasn ;taoiemdncemoernd UnsioaterOpsniatrep( retaW r6gr2o0u9nd3 9  1t4o4 unde)M HSoclam ni )ilo t,e0n2nt2d oA  nesot (de-ma i Patricia W. Silvey,(facsimile). es . Director, Office of Standards, andublish the results of this information Regulations, and Variances.SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:olc lav oteekiot spprong aoi neltcsin nap d [FR Doc. 2010–15270 Filed 6–23–10; 8:45 am]I. Backgroundnot display the expiration date or OMB BILLING CODE 4510–43–PTitle 30 CFR 75.1716, 75.1716–1 and approval number for this collection of 75.17163 require operators of infTorhemraet iaorne .n o certification exceptions DEPARTMENT OF LABORrorgd undeunion icatre mbefo gnuninied rin malcopro  tesSM edivofiton AHsihtfni w de htienidfiti ormation Mine Safety and Health Administrationbodies of water and to obtain a permit collection and the collection of this to mine under a body of water if, in the imneftohromdast.i on does not employ statistical Proposed Information Collectionjudgment of the Secretary, it is Request Submitted for Publicsfurge Ayd laentlficilitno .hT eerssary to  is necetuti a ec ottsnomio rsnezaha trdATmgyiepnneicsoytf:r  aRtMeiivonine . ewS:a ytefah ltea Hndn. nsioExte Comment and Recommendations;gu a Operations Under Water (Pertains tohe as tch hfou dnredntaoi n the inupreventretaihw iw sw htl oanemiougr cndreFenOMB Nubmre : 2191020.0 Underground Coal Mines) potential of drowning miners. Sectionbd qPuu: cyffAetceOlinc : Osacc.noi sineBu rtosso of-reh r ACTION: of the Mine Act, 30 U.S.C. 813, profit.Notice. 103(h) SUMMARY:itsyouty in dutasyrceseacrrt  o authoriz ictornftima nonM se AHSc otellor, as o  faLobaptremtnThDee tot osClaredeF mnrevoG dnnest : Renpoesl tardBuoT:tne8 2068 ,. .54$ part of its continuing effort to reduce paperwork and respondent burden, pmrionteercst.i ng the safety and health of  of Respl NumberoTat s:urHon deur conducts a pre-clearance consultation program to provide the general publicII. Desired Focus of CommentsTotal Hour Burden Cost (operating/ and Federal agencies with an MSHA is particularly interested inmaCiontmaimneinntgs) :s i  nerpsnoest  oubmitted33$088, . opportunity to comment on proposed comments that: n r and/or continuing collections of d/o notice will be summarized a this osed roEvaluate whether t information in accordance with the collection of informatiohne i sp nepcessary iMnaclnuadgeedm ienn tt haen rde Bquuedsgte ft oar pOpfrfiocvea lo fo f the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 for the proper performance of the information collection request; they will  (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)]. This functions of the agency, including also become a matter of public record. program helps to ensure that requested whether the information will have data can be provided in the desired practical utility;PaDtraitceida: JWu.nSei l1v8e,y2,010. format, reporting burden (time and Evaluate the accuracy of theDirector, Office of Standards, and financial resources) is minimized, mate of the burden of the collection instruments are clearly agency’s esti proposed collection of information,[RFeRg uDloact.i2o0n1s0,a1n5d2 7V1aFrilieadn c6–es2.3 –10; 8:45 am] understood, and the impact of collection including the validity of theBILLING CODE 4510–43–P requirements on respondents can be used properly assessed. Currently, the Mine me,ytidna  he quality, util;Ehnnaect suasd ans ontimpht ygolodo Safety and Health Administration clarity of the information to beNATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS (MSHA) is soliciting comments collec and concerning the extension of then ofurdehe bze t t ehiminiM;detN IOISINATTRMDA information collection related to the 30 collection of information on those who CFR 75.1716, 75.1716–1 and 75.1716–3. are to respond, including through theenAgn ActiviollectioamitnoC ycI fnrooitcello ;nPr: esti Cedosop DATES:All comments must be received use of appropriate automated, by midnight Eastern Daylight Savings electronic, mechanical, or otherComment Request Time on August 23, 2010. technological collection techniques orAGENCY:National Archives and Records ADDRESSES: Administration (NARA). other forms of information technology,Comments must clearly be identified with the rule title and may bee.g.,permitting electronic submissionsACTION:Notice. submitted to MSHA by any of the of responses. following methods: A copy of the proposed informationSUMMARY:NARA is giving public notice (1)Electronic mail: zzMSHA-collection request can be obtained by the agency proposes to request use that two forms to obtain authorization. contacting of the employee listed in the
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