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188.308, 1.0h What is prefuse?Extensible software framework to create interactiveinformation visualization applicationsprefuse Tutorial Javabeta release 2006.07.15Open SourceWolfgang November 2006 UE Informationsvisualisierung 1 27. November 2006 UE Informationsvisualisierung 2Why prefuse? Download and BuildDownloadOS independent (pure Java) many built-in componentsHomepage: http://prefuse.orgI/O methodsavailable demos and examples Beta releaseCSV, (tab-)delimited text, GraphMLDownload link in the upper left corner(XML), TreeML (XML)good documentation Unzipdata structurestable, graph, treeactive community Buildprovides indexing, queriesSet "JAVA_HOME" environment variablecomponents for color, size, and shapeANT build script (build.xml)encodingsAnt = Java Build systemlayout componentshighly recommended in general!distortion techniquesStart Ant script via (Linux/Mac) or build.bat (Win)animation (e.g., smooth transitions)1) Build classes and jarsdynamic queries / interactive filteringOption "all"integrated text search2) Build API documentationphysical force simulation engineOption "api"SQL-like expression language forwriting queriesJAVA_HOME='/usr'; export JAVA_HOMEsh api27. November 2006 UE Informationsvisualisierung 3 27. November 2006 UE Informationsvisualisierung 4How to run demos InfoVis Reference Model10 Available demosAggregateDemo - ...



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