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Proceedings of the first European symposium on the effects of environmental UV-B radiation on health and ecosystems


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Nuclear energy and safety



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ISSN 1018-5593 European Commission
Directorate-General XII for Science,
Research and Development
Proceedings of the first European symposium on
The effects of environmental UV-B
radiation on health and ecosystems
Munich, 27 to 29 October 1993
H. Bauer and C. Nolan
EUR 15607 European Commission
Directorate-General XII for Science,
Research and Development
in collaboration with
GSF-Forschungszentrum für Umwelt
und Gesundheit
First European symposium on the effects
of environmental UV-B radiation
(Munich, 27 to 29 October 1993)
edited by
H. Bauer and C. Nolan
1995 EUR 15607 EN Published by the
Directorate-General XIII
Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research
L-2920 Luxembourg
The effects of environmental UV-B radiation on health and ecosystems (Proceedings of the
first European symposium, Munich, 27 to 29 October 1993)
Edited by:
Dr Canice Nolan
rue de la Loi, 200
Β-1049 Brussels
Dr H. Bauer
GSF - Forschungszentrum
Kühbachstrasse, 129
D-81543 Oberschleissheim
This is report EUR 15607 of the Environment research programme of DG XII of the
European Commission
Neither the European Commission nor any person acting
on behalf of the Commission is responsible for the use which might be made of
the following information
Cataloguing data can be found at the end of this publication
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1995
ISBN 92-826-4121-X
Brussels · Luxembourg, 1995 Foreword
One of the great unknowns in the current unplanned experiment of mankind on
stratospheric ozone depletion is the eventual impact of enhanced UV-B radiation on
health and the environment.
Good environmental policy requires a sound scientific basis and the European
Commission has been active at both policy andc levels in aiming to minimise
such impacts. Thus far, we have been remarkably successful in increasing our
understanding of the physical and chemical processes underlying ozone depletion and
now that we have a clearer idea of the possible extent of the damage it is time to
address the consequences ofthat damage.
I am confident that this, the First European Symposium on Environmental UV
Radiaiton will be effective in promoting the establishment of a strong European UV
research community not only through the sharing of ideas and information but also
through the development of new groups, new synergies, and new directions for
Community research. The European Commission will, wherever necessary, continue
to act in fostering research in this area in current and future programmes and I am sure
that the research priorities identified in the Symposium will be noted and acted upon in
the preparation of the new ENVIRONMENT and CLIMATE (1994-1998) research
programme of the Commission.
Finally, I wish to thank our hosts, the GSF Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und
Gesundheit, for their continued collaboration with the environmental research
programmes of the Commisison and I look forward to their active participation in the
Opening Session
Introduction to European research on environmental UV-B radiation
Session 1: UV-B fluxes, trends, dosimetry, modelling
Current aspects on measured trends in stratospheric ozone and UV-B
C. Zerefos 13
Dosimetry of UV radiation in outdoor experiments
G. Ronto, S. Gaspar, P. Grof and A. Berces 17
Geographical differences of UV irradiances
G. Seckmeyer, B. Mayer, R. Erb and G. Berhard 21
UV dosimetry - the importance of emission spectroscopy
N. Bech-Thomsen, H. Asko and H.C. Wulf9
Provision of UV irradiation f or experimental plant ecology
H.K. Seidlitz, T. Döhring, M. Köfferlein, H.D. Payer and S. Thiel........ 33
Variability of UV irradiance with actual Hohenpeißenberg ozone
data and other parameters
E. Thomalla, E. Tamm, P. Köpke, U. Köhler, and W. Vandersee 41
Posters in Session 1
An overview on environmental UV-B research in New Zealand
K.G Ryan and G.J. Smith 51 CONTENTS
Measurements of spectrally resolved actinic fluxes for the
determination of tropospheric ozone photolysis frequencies and
comparison with data from chemical actinometry
- M. Müller, A. Kraus, A. Hofzumahaus 55
Vertical distributions of solar UV radiation in the tropical
Chilenian Andes
H. Piazena 59
Monitoring UV radiation in the Netherlands: setup and
preliminary results
H. A. J. M. Reinen, E. Schlamann, J. A. Bordewijk and H. Slaper 63
Solar radiation measurements in the UK
CM. Driscoll, S.F. Dean, AI. Rawlinson and A.J. Pearson 67
Suntest: a chemical UV-B radiation dosimeter
I. Horkay, G. Bazsa, M. Beck, A. Ferenczi, Z. Nagy, J. Patko, 71
M. Rácz, T. Szalay and N. Wikonkal
An UV-B monitoring station in Brussels
D. Gillotay, D. Bolsee and P. C. Simon 73
A small-scale intercomparison of UV spectroradiometers
A. F. Bais, M. Blumthaler7
Variations in UV-B intensities in relation to altitude at different
sites in Austria, compared with UV-B intensities of sunlamps
R. Kartusch 85
Rapporteur's report for Session 1
A. Webb7
Session 2:UVPhotochemistry, action spectroscopy
UV photochemistry and action spectroscopy
R. M. Tyrrell 93
Solar UV-B radiation: the driving force of tropospheric trace gas
transformation and removal by OH radicals
A. Hofzumahaus7
Oxidative DNA modifications induced by endogeneous
photosensitizers in mammalian cells
B. Epe and M. Pflaum 103 CONTENTS
Poster in Session 2
UV-Measurements in India
P. Weihs, I. M. Czerwenka-Wenkstetten 109
Rapporteur's report for Session 2
R. M. Tyrell 113
Session 3: Materials
UV-B Effects on materials: an overview
A. Andrady 117
Degradation of coatings by UV radiation
G. Reusmann 125
The effect of UV-radiation on PMMA and PC-glazing materials
G Lehmann9
Session 4: Health effects
Health effects of environmental ultraviolet irradiation: an
C. Arlett 133
Detection of DNA damage in various epidermal cell types after
UV-B exposure of hairless mice
L. Roza, A.A. Vink, R.J. Berg, Y. Sontag,
J.B.A. Bergen Henegouwen, F.R. de Gruijl and RA. Baan 137
DNA repair mechanisms and the implication for mutagenesis
L.H.F. Mullenders 143
Immunological effects of ultraviolet radiation
J. Krutmann5
Ocular effects of ultraviolet radiation
UV-induced, toxic reaction to methenamine hippurate
E. Selvaag, P. Thune 159
Flow cytometricanalysisof micronuclei induced by UV-B
J. M. Wessels,M.Kofferlein, H,KSeidlitz and M. Nüsse 161
Sunscreen application
N. Bech-Thomsen and HC. Wulf 165
Alterations in skinandlymphocytesduring a sunbathing
N. Bech-Thomsen,Β.Munch-Petersen, Κ. Lundgren, Τ. Poulsen
and H.C. Wulf 169
Depletionofsuperoxidedismutase in skin cancers from renal
G.Gibson,A.O'Grady,M. Leader, G M. Murphy 173
Changesinextentoflipidperoxidation andtotalantioxidant
activityofhumanbloodafter UV-B + UV-Α irradiationofthe
body surface
A.V. Vologdina and K. A. Samoilova 177
Ozone depletion and skin cancer risks: a scenario study
H Slaper, M. G. J. den ElzenandH.J.vanderWoerd 179
Hypersensitivity of human peripheralbloodlymphocytestoUV-B
and UV-C irradiation: effect of deoxyribonucleosides.
C. F.Arlett, A. P. W. Waugh, J. E Lowe, S. A Harcourt, J. Cole,
P. Clingen and M. H L. Green. , 183
Correlation of UV-Btoxicitywithspecific DNA lesions through
the comparison of differentUVlightsources
P. Clingen, CF. Arlett,S.A.Harcourt, A. P. W. Waugh,
J. E. Lowe, N. Hermanova,J.Cole, M. H. L. Green,. L. Roza,
T. Mori and O. Nikaido 187
Ultraviolet radiationdosimetrywithuracil thin layer sensors
S. Gaspar, A.Berces,P.GrófandG. Rontó191
Rapporteur's reportforSession4
A. Sarasin195