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Street 2 Winston Churchill was a leader that stood tall in the ...


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Street 2 Winston Churchill was a leader that stood tall in the ...



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Street 2
Winston Churchill was a leader that stood tall in the face of adversity. He was a leader
during World War II that led Britain through a tough time and led Britain to victory. He was a
man that would not wavier while facing the adversity of war. He learned how to stand tall in the
face of adversity during his first years as a Member of Parliament. Through this time period,
19011911, Churchill was concerned with helping the nation, but he was going to help Britain
his way. He was born to be a politician, and had grown up in the “Tory fold” but he had an
“adventurous mind, forever on the move,” and this party with “static bounds” could not hold
1 him. Churchill opened his career as a Conservative, but as he realized he was getting mistreated
he jumped to the Liberal side. Churchill was a radical member during his first years in
Parliament. He was not concerned with his party but he was concerned with getting his ideas
through and climbing the political ladder. Churchill showed leadership qualities early in his
Parliamentary career that he displayed later as Prime Minister of Britain. He may have been in a
different party and may have been much more radical, but he showed his ability to make political
friends, his ability to stand firm in his beliefs, and his ability to give great speeches. These
qualities were necessary for him to move quickly up the political ladder and to eventually lead
Britain through one of its toughest times in history.
Winston Churchill was a war hero before he became a famous politician in Britain.
Stephen Graubard said that Britain came to love Churchill after his escape from the Boers,
2 because his escape had propelled him into the hearts of Britain. This reputation along with the
Tory’s claimed military victory over the Boers, led him to winning what later became known as
3 the Khaki Election. This was “the first ‘khaki’ election in British history,” it was the first time
an election had been called as the Conservatives called the election to “exploit the success of the
4 Boer War. ” This was Churchill’s first election victory and this started the great career of
Street 3
Winston Churchill. It was a hard fought victory as he won by a narrow margin. Martin Gilbert
writes that he won even though he had 16 less votes than the Liberal candidate, andThe Times
5 even made a mistake and pronounced that Churchill had lost. The next dayThe Times
published that Churchill had won and acknowledged its mistake, meaning that Churchill and the
6 other Liberal candidate had been elected to Parliament. This was the election that sent Churchill
to Parliament and started his career as a Member of Parliament.
Once in Parliament Churchill made his presence known, starting with his first speech.
Richard Harding Davis wrote “It was a part of Churchill’s ‘luck’ that when he entered
7 Parliament the subject in debate was the conduct of the war. ” This was “luck” since Churchill
had just fought in the Boer War and had become famous for escaping from the Boers as a war
prisoner. Churchill’s first speech was important for him as it showed his ability to debate as he
8 was able to set traps within his speech, for Liberals, Conservatives, and Irish Radicals alike.
Churchill impressed those who listened and according to Gilbert this was one of few first
9 speeches that the media published so widely. Many Conservative newspapers complimented
Churchill on his first speech in Parliament, theDaily Expressnoted it was “spellbinding” and
theDaily Telegraphwrote that it “instantly caught the tone and the ear of a House crowed in
10 every part. ” He was able to win over his Conservative doubters but he also showed
Parliament and the British media that he was able to hold his own under pressure.
Winston Churchill’s first speech let Parliament know that he was not just in on the coat
tails of his late father Lord Randolph Churchill. Winston Churchill showed that he had the
ability to make his own name in British politics. According to Virginia Cowles, Winston
Churchill was ambitious in his political career and people knew of it from his first days in
11 Parliament. Winston’s son, Randolph Churchill writes that even in his first vote he was not just