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Routing optimization and capacity assignment in multi-service IP networks [Elektronische Ressource] / Anton Riedl


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Lehrstuhl für KommunikationsnetzeTechnische Universität MünchenRouting Optimization and Capacity Assignmentin Multi-Service IP NetworksAnton RiedlVollständiger Abdruck der von der Fakultät fürElektrotechnik und Informationstechnik der Technischen Universität Münchenzur Erlangung des akademischen Grades einesDoktor-Ingenieursgenehmigten Dissertation.Vorsitzende: Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. D. Schmitt-LandsiedelPrüfer der Dissertation: 1. Univ.-Prof.Dr.-Ing.J.Eberspächer2. Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Schehrer, Universität DortmundDie Dissertation wurde am 06.08.2003 bei der Technischen Universität Müncheneingereicht und durch die Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnikam 18.12.2003 angenommen.AcknowledgementThis dissertation was written during my time as doctorate candidate at the Institute of Com-munication Networks (LKN) at Munich University of Technology (TUM). Throughout theyearsatLKNIhavealwaysenjoyedtheveryencouraging,deeplyrewarding,andexceptionallycollegial atmosphere.To the greatest extent this is due to the enormous commitment of Prof. Dr.-Ing. JörgEberspächer, the institute’s head and my Ph.D. advisor. He has provided an environmentwhere it is a pleasure to conduct research and to take on scholarly responsibilities. Fur-thermore, he has given me the opportunity to participate in national and international con-ferences and committees where I have met many interesting people. I would like to thankProf.



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Published 01 January 2004
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