Six lectures on light

Six lectures on light


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UC-NRLF QC bflOM 375B T9\8 f'HYS PUBLISHED SUBSCRIPTION PRICE MONTHLY ftl.76 PER YEAR '5 CENTS|Nov. 1882] Six LECTURES ON LIGHT BY TYNDALLJOHN ILLUSTRATED NEWYORK THEHUnBOLDTPUBLI5HiN(iCOnPANY ASNTBRKD AT THBNEW YORK POST OFFICE SECOND CLASSMATTER. tolwo SOLD.lOO.OOO Its and PresentHistory Development. FREDRIK M.By BJORNSTROM, D., Head of the Stockholm Professor of LatePhysician Hospital, Swed-Psychiatry, Royal ish Medical Counselor. Authorized Translation from the Second Swedish Edition. BY BARON NILES M.POSEE, G., Director of the Boston School of Gymnastics. -Cover of The Humboldt CentsPaper (No. 113 Library), 30 " " " -Cloth, Extra, 75 PRESS NOTICES. learnedThe Swedish Churchman.physician, Bjornstrom. is a andIt this The Sun.strange mysterious subject, hypnotism. as concise as work we have. S. Practitioner.Perhaps any California We have found this book Californiaexceedingly interesting. Homapath. A and scientific examination ofa little-understoodconcise, thorough, subject. Episco- Recorder.pal Few of the new books have more interest for scientist and alike.layman Sunday Times (Boston). ofThe is in fashion It is a andstudy hypnotism again. fascinating dangerous study. Toledo Bee. It is well which is a difficult to master in all translations..written, being concise, point BulletinMedical (Philadelphia). will beThe to and it receives a cautioussubject fascinating many, yet sympathetic intreatment this book. Evangelist. ofOne the most works of the hour.



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